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I am a sloth

There I've said it! Actually that's not strictly true. Every day I get up, shower, dress, put on full slap, do my hair and put together what I consider a half decent outfit. But come 7pm, well that's a different matter. It all comes off to be replaced by a bare face, hair scraped back, mismatching pjs and my well worn trusty old M&S dressing gown - it owes me nothing but has definitely seen better days. It's not a good look I can assure you. God forbid anyone knocking on the door.

In my head, I want to be Cameron Diaz in The Holiday wrapped up in the most delectably soft cashmere. In reality I look more like Vicky Pollard.

I have a very glamorous auntie who lived in Florida for many years and use to wear the most beautiful silk lounging pyjamas. This appeals to me but the look will be completely lost - I need warmth and I don't think a towelling dressing gown really works.

But enough! I am determined to sort this out once and for all. I'm in the market for some stylish but cosy night time wear. Here are my top picks....

Starting with Next, not strictly pyjama wear but I'm not sure that I'm actually looking for pjs. I love this slouchy look. The joggers appeal as although elasticated at the waist, there isn't too much bulky material. The shape is also a bit of a nod to the harem which I'm loving at the moment. The mock chiffon under top is a nice touch, again the slouch appeals to my inner sloth. Shame nearly all the heather ones have sold out. Next say purple, I say heather! Seems to be a good supply of charcoal still left.

Next Top & Bottoms

Staying with Next, this little combo really does appeal. I like the idea of whipping off the jacket and you have something that looks pretty comfortable to sleep in.

Next cami, bottoms and jacket

This cardigown (great name) from Hush does what it says on the tin. Snuggly for watching tv but no one would drop dead if you popped to the local shop for a pint of milk. Shame it only comes in one colour though.

Another cardigown, this time from Figleaves. This has Cameron Diaz written all over it. Think I'm in love

Figleaves cardigown

I would size up in this Figleaves top to give a slouchier feel and would pair with a darker bottoms to look less like pyjamas

Figleaves top

Again all Figleaves. How gorgeous is this. Love it all. It's part of the Seven Easy Pieces collection by DKNY and actually a reasonable price

DKNY at Figleaves

This pj set seems an excellent price at £12 for both from Tu at Sainsburys. Definitely more the sleepwear category than loungewear but add a 'cardigown' and I think it would work. I'd be interested to know how long the bottoms are - there's nothing worse than loose fit trousers flapping around the ankles

Sainsburys pyjamas

And we come to the queen of all that's loungewear, The White Company. I adore this little cashmere number but at £275 it ain't happening just for watching t.v. in. But, how utterly gorgeous it is. I could actually spit my dummy out and stamp my feet to get it

The White Company cashmere waterfall cardigan

And this top at a more reasonable £45

The White Company cuff sleeve top

And bottoms to go with the top, again a good price at £45 that will last ages

The White Company loungewear trousers

So there we have it, not a onesie in sight (perish the thought). What do you think? Is loungewear the way to go or should I stick with my worn out pjs?

8 comments on "I am a sloth"
  1. I love the first outfit from Next. I'm exactly the same .. perfectly made up from 7am onwards but a completely disgraceful sloth come evening! Nothing better than snuggling down in comfy 'loungewear' (or in my case a pair of very well worn trackie bottoms and fleece) Tis time to up my game and I think I will definitely be checking out those options from Next

    1. I also confess to being a complete and utter sloth when it's my turn to do the early morning doggy walk as it is today Helen. Jacket on over the pjs and good to go. Just finishing my cuppa then off I trot. No shame! x

  2. I am in desperate need of updating my slob wear too! In my dreams I would go for the last couple of bits of The White Company stuff......in reality I would end up buying the Next 1st outfit as I'm not sure I'd to invest too much in something only my hubby & daughter would ever see me in!! xx

  3. My problem is we seem to have a constant flow of 18 year olds coming and going. I've been caught out so many times. Actually I think they're probably use to seeing me in my slobs so I'm not sure it matters anymore. I am ashamed to say that I did once pick up my daughter from a very late netball session in my pjs and entered the building - can't actually believe I did that. Totally loved up with Hush this week, I could buy it all. Noticed Kat at DMBL40 has blogged about some lovely pieces this evening x

  4. I can mostly be found in Baukjen joggers with my hair tied back on most days that I'm just indoors or not expecting visitors. If you choose to turn up on an unexpected visit, be very afraid!

    1. Think I will buy a doormat that says sloth lives here x

  5. I'm so bad that I won't even answer the door bell if I'm not expecting anyone! Lol! Must try harder! Ax