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Michael Kors and Matalan

Michael Kors and Matalan....bet you didn't think you would hear that in the same sentence!

I'm thinking a lighter post is definitely needed before we launch into the science of colour master class (coming next week). Say hello to the strappy leopard print sandal.

I happen to chance upon these little beauties whilst surfing the web the other day. I was actually looking for a cheaper version of the Michael Kors Asbury Leopard Print ankle boots which I saw last week in the flesh and couldn't shake off the feeling that I really need them in my life, and these appeared!

As I missed out on the neon Zara sandals in the summer (I've kicked myself every day since) I had them in my shopping bag and checked out before you could say say biscuit to a Labrador.

An absolute steal at £15.00 from Matalan. I am so over spending huge amounts of money on shoes (a caveat: this statement does not apply to boots) when this happens.....

Breaks my heart it does. Yes I'm talking to you Mr Louboutin although a kindly assistant in Selfridges informs me that they can send them away to be painted (shock horror) or resoled with a thicker 'red' one (not sure which is the lesser of the two evils).

I digress.

In my hurry to bag a bargain, I hadn't even read the blurb about the sandals so imagine my delight when they arrived and I discovered the front strap is actually pony skin, well faux pony skin but hey what do you want for £15.

The heel is higher than I thought from the photo. Yes it does say 4 inch in the blurb, I see that now. Not having the built in platform that we have been use to over the last couple of years, 4 inch actually means a full 4 inch tilt of the foot. I'm not planning any hill walking so I think I can cope. The ankle strap is soft and delicate looking and the high heel back gives it an expensive look. I'm really rather pleased.

I can see me getting lots of wear out of them. I'm thinking black skinnies, cigarette pants, leather-look jeans (if I can ever find any to fit) and in the summer, my yellow chinos rolled up.

(Veiny feet optional)

A style tip for ladies who may be vertically challenged or short legged; ankle straps break up the line of the leg so they can appear shorter. Try an open fronted court shoe instead. That said if you plan on wearing them with trousers, throw caution to the wind and get the sandals - I mean you're not really going to see the straps are you and they really are rather elegant at the front.

And the Michael Kors Asburys? I'm thinking yes it has to be these. An imitation just won't do. The pony skin is gorgeous, very strokeable. The pattern is more understated than in the photo and the heel a very respectable 3 inches. Well done Mr Kors, a perfect ankle boot.

My dilemma now is do I buy this month and try to sneak them under the super sleuth of a nose of my husband or wait until next month when I can legitimately have them for my birthday? Note to husband, size 6 Daniel Footwear, Alderley Edge (he has an annual date with the girls there).

Until next time

Donna x

8 comments on "Michael Kors and Matalan"
  1. Those sandals are a serious bargain. But ooooh, those boots ... sigh! Off now to have a mooch online!

  2. I know Helen. I can't get them out of my head. They will be mine one way or the other x

  3. WOW!!! These are stunning heels, I.LOVE.THEM! £15 well spent!!

    I have the similar issue with my Louboutins...*sad face*


    1. They are aren't they Karen. Even nicer in the flesh! Think I've worn those CLs 5 or 6 times max. I insisted on being carried over a gravel driveway once and that was before I had a drink eeek!

  4. Love those Matalan beauties!! What a steal!! Such a great price if you are like me and don't get too many opportunities to dress right up! x

    1. I know talk about giddy Michelle. Love a bargain. Just hyperventilating in case I don't get the boots. I keep waving the iPad under hubby's nose. Think he's clocked it. Saw your stripey Mango jumper today on Ave 57. I've got that too - love it with the denim shirt which I will be stealing tomorrow x

  5. Gorgeous shoes - funny enough, I tend to walk past the shoes in my local Matalan. Not any more - great find! xx

  6. Amazing what you find with a Google search Avril. I've ordered a clutch bag from River Island Limited Edition range to go with the shoes (and boots when I get them). Can't wait to see it.