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To Ski Or Not To Ski, That Is The Question

The excitement usually starts at the beginning of November. The planning, the anticipation, the what shall I wear dilemmas - oh my head is just full of it. No I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about our annual ski trip. For a person adverse to anything remotely energetic, I do make an exception for all things snow.

Alas my planning has been well and truly scuppered this year as my 'supposed' sporty husband and kids have decided they want a hot weather winter holiday. Light weights! They are still searching for the perfect holiday whilst I keep my head down hoping and praying this silly idea of theirs runs it course.

So as there is still a slither of a chance, I find myself looking at ski-wear, not an unpleasant way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I love browsing in the resort shops - there are so many brands that we can't get at home. In fact I get really frustrated at the lack of choice and quality on offer over here and every year vow to wait until I get there but never do! Here is the best of what is on offer.

Now, I’m not in the market for a ski jacket at least not for a year or two as I had a new one recently. However, I positively drool over Moncler. This is my current favourite, the Melbreak jacket

But at £1,199 it’s not going to happen. I mean, yes I love the colour, the nipped in waist, the racoon fur trim (shoot me now, yes it’s real fur) but £1,199 just wow! I’ve tried on a few Moncler numbers - this particular one is an updated version of a style from last year that had a fur trim down the front but I can’t see what you’re paying for that justifies taking it over the thousand mark. What really annoys me is that the Moncler shop in Puerto Banus will no doubt be charging 1,199 euros. Doesn’t seem fair somehow. Anyway, hubby says it’s far too expensive and he’ll buy me one when it’s below £500 (he thinks it’s in my dreams but I spied a designer outlet shop at the opposite side of the marina so we shall be visiting next time we are over). Bit bizarre shopping for ski stuff in 80 degree heat but needs must.

I love this Bart’s beanie which has the added bonus of a little bling detailing. So cute and a reasonable £32.99. T’would make a nice stocking filler!

Or the Barts Fur Cable Bandhat again £32.99. It also comes in charcoal but cream would be my preference.

Being a sensible sort and not adverse to dive bombing into trees head first (my skis don’t seem to have brakes), I always wear a helmet. I saw a girl in this last year and it looked fab, faux fur husky ski helmet band. I will be investing in one to jazz up a boring white helmet.

Adding a little luxury to the slopes by way of a Hush Cashmere Ring Scarf. Slightly more of an investment piece at £65 (for cashmere, I think this is a good price) but would work well at home on those frosty days so not just a ski-piece.

Turning to apres ski, my favourite bit, I adore this Zara long sleeve sweater in a winter white. Zara calls it ecru, I call it winter white. How did I miss this before. I adore the long over-sized sleeves and the length is perfect.

And the Next Snowflake sweater in charcoal, red or cream. If I were to go skiing this year, I’m very much taken with a cream/charcoal theme.

And the dark grey marl Poncho from Hush. The longer line vest from Gemini Woman that I mentioned in the last post would work well with this.

Staying with Hush, I love these textured knit mittens They will be going on my Christmas list. Perfect for keeping the hands warm whilst still managing to hold on to the gluhwein.

And finally, this is how I want to look on the ski-slope

In reality, this is how I really look (I'm not that big by the way, it's just the layers)

We'll be looking at suggested patterns for body shapes next time.

Until then

Donna x

5 comments on "To Ski Or Not To Ski, That Is The Question"
  1. I love ski holidays and ski wear. Fab choices (well, except the real fur...) :)

  2. Ooohh, I love skiing (and the après ski!). Some fab finds here. Lynne x

  3. Glad I don't ski because I would want to look like that on the slopes too!

  4. Tee hee, I love the fantasy and reality. I too was a huge fan of the Moncler design, but then they opened in Bicester Village and so I had the chance to actually buy rather than dream. And did you know that they don't recommend any of their designs for ski-ing?!! They have a handful that they position as ski-wear, but the rest are more for school run on a cold day, which makes the (pre Bicester )£1000+ even more startling!
    Check out my post today and spread the word!!

  5. Well that's just down right silly isn't it. Ski wear that isn't ski wear.

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your blog post. I will never ever feature fur on my blog again. Really upsetting x