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Christmas Stockings??

Actually, more chunky monkeys!

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one to thank The Lord that coloured tights/stockings/hold ups are not a must have item this year. Oh dear, I can remember wearing bright orange ones with a black tube skirt, black top and orange plastic belt in the 80s (very early 80s) and boy did I think I looked cool. Errrr no.

These days I stick to just a few colours - black charcoal, brown, nude and beige. Boring yes, but nice and neutral just as I like them. Actually if I'm honest, I don't wear them that much as my preference is jeans and trousers. But sometimes, needs must and sometimes I just need to ring the changes.

The return of the brogue probably necessitates wearing chunkier hosiery with skirts as does the long boot. I thought these were suppose to be making a massive return this year but we still seem to be favouring the ankle boot.

Having legs bordering on skinny (this is not a good thing by the way - I break out in hives shopping for long boots), I would NEVER wear a denier less than 80 in black. I can't tell you how bad a sheer pair of dark tights look on my legs - think 'man' in hosiery and you can conjure up the image. It's not good is it. I can just about get away with a sheer nude.

Actually, ladies with skinny legs or tall, lean frames can, if they are clever use tights to their advantage. A good pair of ribbed or textured ones will break up the length and add a little thickness around the leg which balances out the body proportions. So for all you runner beans try it and be prepared to be surprised!

My very favourite winter tights are by Falke. They cost around £30 so don't break the bank, stay snug to the leg all day ie. no baggy knees and last for ages.

Tip: try TK Maxx at the beginning of the winter season. I've been lucky enough to pick up some great Falke tights for less than a tenner. They don't seem to do them online.

So let's see what the High Street and the internet have to offer this year (no brights please)

Love these from Luxury Legs. I can't think how I would style the Ecru with my current dresses but I really like the look. An excuse to buy a new dress or perhaps a leather skirt hmmmmmm. I think some careful styling is necessary - bandage legs aren't the most flattering. Or just stick to the black. These are actually quite clever as the thickness is good to help our skinny ladies but the tramlines are also good for adding height to smaller ladies frames too (working the verticals).

Moving swiftly over to Falke, these soft merino tights are beautiful. There will I'm sure be no bulk around the top which is just awful if wearing a tight dress. Maybe slightly too plain for me given what I said above but I think most ladies could wear these very easily.

From Next, a plait pattern but only in black. Shame they don't come in charcoal

But these do...a delicate herringbone pattern

Wearing a slightly different tone can also break up a long, lean column. So a totally black outfit can make you look even taller (great for petites). However replacing black tights with grey, breaks up the runner bean look!

Very few words needed for these Woolford ones - gorgeous! Can be dressed up with a little shift dress and heels. Perfecto!

Love the chocolate brown ones from Castaluna

Ok, not the most fashion forward picture but actually these Tesco leggings used as tights with boots would look great. Erm, do people really wear leggings like this? Tell me no.

And that's your lot.

Just received an ASOS delivery which I had to reorder yesterday to take advantage of the 25% flash sale that Joanna at Poppy's Style mentioned. Trouble is, the dresses are huge so I'm going to end up sending them all back. Another trip to the post office!

We had another busy weekend where my feet didn't touch the ground - I paid for it yesterday and today.

The gilet was bought from M&S a few weeks ago. I always feel huge in fur so both top and bottom have to be snug fitting. I don't actually look as big as this in real life - darned 2D pictures! Saturday night was party night at a fab little restaurant called The Yard in Alderley Edge. We took the whole place over for the evening. I felt distinctly under dressed in my Zara jumpsuit (most of the girls had their party dresses on and looked fab) but I was very comfortable. It's a tricky one to style as it's quite voluminous on top due to the bat wing sleeves so I kept it very simple with navy and black wedge ankle boots and dark accessories.

And Sunday we finally got to visit the Xmas markets in Manchester. They were even bigger and better this year. First stop was a glass of Prosecco of course followed by a simply delicious strawberry cider. I dressed for warmth and boy was it warm (14.5 degrees apparently).

And I'm still trying to work out if the family deliberately colour co-ordinated their outfits!!

Not sure I'll squeeze another post in before the big man comes next week so I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. See you on the other side.

Donna x
7 comments on "Christmas Stockings??"
  1. Love your outfits here. You look fantastic! Lynne x

    1. Thanks Lynne. Must inject some colour into my life soon though x

  2. You look fantastic in your Zara jumpsuit....absolutely love it! Very envious of your gilet too, I wouldn't have thought to look in M&S so off to peruse their website now! x

    1. Ahh thanks Michelle. I've given up with M&S website. I find it so stale. That said, they've had some great stuff in this year. This is actually a Per Una one - the brand has obviously had a big shake up x

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the first person I've seen who has actually managed to 'pull off' the Zara jumpsuit look. Hugely impressed. Respect *bowing slightly*!!!

  4. You're too kind Helen. I'm going to try dressing it down a little over Xmas. It's really comfy but the bloomin pockets drive me mad as you can see the outline of them. Detail, detail!!! My OCD coming out x

  5. LOVL @ man in hosiery! Bless you! I'm far too short to carry off chunky tights.....think Miss Marple & thats me! ;) I saw the M&S gilet in store recently & gave it a stroke! Gorgeous! The jumpsuit looks fantastic on you! I love the whole dressing down look & much prefer it to being over done! Its all about comfort these days! Ax