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Sales Swag

Well I hope everyone had a magical Christmas. It's been a busy one here in the Sludge household. Far too much food, even more alcohol and lots of fun resulting in me grinding to a halt at 8.30pm last night. Literally, I couldn't move. Safe to say, it's salad and water all day today ready for round 2 tomorrow evening.

So, I did very well on the present front. I must have been a very good girl this year! Perfume, clothes, wellies, the usual (well not the wellies but I did need them). My very favourite pressy though was the Hunter umbrella - absolutely love it.

The sales started very early which was particularly distracting as I was trying to plan the Xmas food and drinks shop at the same time. I'm not a great end of year sales shopper - the thought of having to share personal space with others who are invariably suffering from seasonal coughs and colds really doesn't do it for me. So, the majority of my haul has come via the more palatable internet.

First of all the ones that got away.

I bobbed a Massimo Dutti antique brown bag into my shopping bag on Boxing Day morning, went for a wee and when I got back someone had stolen it right from under my nose. I can't even show you a picture of the wretched thing but I shall be checking back everyday for the next month in case someone returns it. I remain hopeful.

My second sad failure happened at Hush on-line and is totally my fault. Hubby bought me the Freya Shirt Dress (a left over from my birthday list). He did good! Sadly it's huge so has to go back. Checking the website, I noticed that the drop waist jersey dress had come back into stock in my size! And even better, there was a 20% discount on Boxing Day. Whoop Whoop! Again, I popped it into my shopping bag but instead of checking out, I waited. Why, I don't know. Distress no. 2 ensued later that day when I came to check out and once more it had gone!!! I'm on the waiting list for the next delivery! I absolutely adore this dress and wouldn't style it any differently to the model - it has my name written all over.

The moral of this story is check out before you go for a wee or whatever else you need to do.

And so on to the successes.

Mango did good this year. I placed an order a few days before Xmas and it was delivered today.

Having identified 3 items and missing out on the H&M Isabel Marant collaboration, I am delighted to take ownership of this little number. It's not dissimilar to the IM one in style. I thought it might work in the summer too but perhaps at my age looks better with thick opaques and shoe boots. I'll try to make it work for our Easter hols so haven't ruled it out just yet.

It's sold out now but similar here.

This blazer is an absolute steal at £19.99, yes I said £19.99. It fits like a dream, finishing shorter than a conventional one. I ordered the black and the beige and will keep them both. The dip at the front is particularly flattering as it draws the eye down and away from the tummy (my tummy!). It's also nipped in at the waist, again very flattering. I will be semi-retiring my beloved Burberry black blazer for a while. I'm just a little fed up with it at the moment and I'll replace it with the Mango one.

The beige will be great to wear with jeans and a white shirt come spring.

Love this metallic polka-dot knit t-shirt. It really isn't a t-shirt more of a thinnish knit with a slightly wider neck which definitely suits my body shape. It will be a little hard worker in the wardrobe.

I did bob into Next this morning to return something, totally forgetting that they don't do returns over the sale period. It would have been rude to walk out without anything so I bagged these boots which I had my eye on last week, reduced from £70 to £35.

I need a new pair of boots like a thorn in the bum and haven't a clue when and where I'll wear them but hey, they're a neutral light grey colour (tick) and have a heel (tick) so they will do nicely thank you very much. Sorry no link but they had several pairs left in the branch I went into (Manchester, Arndale Centre)

Staying with Next, this is not a top I would normally choose but it's toasty warm without adding bulk. It's quite a relaxed fit and covers the bum so is ideal to wear with my brown pleather leggings. I may be needing warmth next week as a cheeky trip away is on the cards.

Ok a bit of a punt this one from Whistles. Forest green is suppose to be in my colour palette. I have only ever bought one thing in this colour, a shirt from Zara. I think it suits, it just doesn't do it for me. That said, I love this dress so it's on it's way to me. Can't promise I'll keep it.

Don't you just love how Whistles colour co-ordinate their sale stuff - this attention to detail appeals to my OCD tendencies (although the green dress was slightly out of sync, in with the navy but I can forgive that)!

The Mia Cashmere Boxy sweater is a great addition to the capsule wardrobe (whatever that means). I've gone for the burgundy although the camel would probably be more sensible looking towards spring.

I adore these Whistles boots, what's not to love. The colour, the heel, the suede detail. But A) I don't need boots and B) £20 off isn't really a bargain. Let's see if they are reduced again in January. Had they been in a stone colour I would not have hesitated after seeing those gorgeous ones over in Mint Velvet earlier in the season. I am in the market for stone boots, there's an exception to every rule - hohum back to the drawing board.

And that's it for now. I'm kind of bored of A/W 13 now and looking forward to seeing what is out there in the spring.

I am such a bad blogger, I keep forgetting the photos of my outfits so here is a selection from Christmas Day.

On the way over to the family. We saw snow....

It's probably the highest point in the Peak District - wild it is up there, I say wild.

Yes, I wore a dress for the first time ever on Christmas Day - only because I couldn't face wearing a tight waistband. Have a look below and you will see what I mean.

Dress is from ASOS (current season).

Me, daughter and mum-in-law

And our lunch (beef, two turkeys and pork)....my MIL doesn't do small portions. Mr Sludge is chief carver.

How have you all done with the sales shopping? Any bargains I need to know about? Do tell.

Until next time.

Donna x

10 comments on "Sales Swag"
  1. Mama Mia! Is that dinosaur rib?! Lol! I thought my Dad was bad with portions! I'm so gutted you lost out on some goodies! It so distressing & I totally sympathise! I managed to get my hands on a Zara bag after thinking all was lost yesterday! You have managed to get some lovely bits though Donna! I plan to wear a dress next Christmas as the whole button undoing thing is so un-ladylike! Ax

    1. Lots been sent back today though that didn't make the cut. I'm on first name terms with our local post office. I really love that bag Andrea and wow what a complete bargain that was x

  2. Love your Hunter brolly and you have bagged some seriously fab bargains already!!
    You did don a dress for the big day in the end then!! Bizarrely I ordered the same ASOS dress after thinking perhaps I should be wearing a dress on Christmas Day too!! Then I came to my senses! As much as I love, love, love the dress (you look gorgeous in yours) in reality I would never wear it again so it's gone back and I shall now make a more sensible sale purchase!! xx

    1. I just couldn't face a waist band Michelle. And, I know I'll wear this again over the winter with boots. Funny we were looking at the same dress. Hope you have had a good Xmas x

  3. Some great bargains here Donna! Went sales shopping yesterday but didn't manage to find a thing - think it's all been picked over now and just the dregs seem to be left instore - will probably go back next week for another go! I see what you mean about the food! We're having Indian tonight and then roast lamb tomorrow - bring it on - gym all next week! xx

  4. Funny, my daughter said the same thing. First time I have ever known her come back from the shops without a purchase. I definitely prefer shopping on the internet. I have a few cheeky purchases from Next on their way but can't for the life of me think what I ordered so it will be like Xmas all over again. Yep we're off out tonight for dinner so another big one. Good luck with the fitness regime next week. Mine will all be outdoors next week......more to follow on that x

  5. I'm lol'ing at Andrea's comment about the dino ribs!! Donna - thanks for a great post and for linking up to my post. Loving the Next boots and the Mango jumper & blazers. I'm off now to have a look at the Whistles sale...wonder if there have been more reductions for January? Ax

  6. Wow some great sales purchases Donna, I especially love the Mango dress & Next boots. Jane xx

  7. Me too Jane although the boots still have their tags on. Not sure if these were a wise purchase. We shall see x