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Black Out? Don't Be Silly

Well it appears yet again, black is to feature heavily in our wardrobes this spring, a colour that I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with. Yes black is slimming, we all know that by now surely. But it's not the most flattering colour on me. Indeed it isn't even in my colour palette so I have to wear with caution. But I do wear it!

When I was actively colour consulting I didn't buy one black item of clothing for 4 years - yes truly. It seems hard to believe now. How stupid was I? These days, I don't buy lots but if there's something out there that I love and, it's a good style for my body shape and it happens to be black then I would be silly not to buy it - yes?

If truth be known I started this blog post last weekend but couldn't summon up the energy or interest to finish it off. That is until I started looking at what the shops have to offer and ooooh there's some really nice stuff coming through at the moment.

First up to catch my eye is the Nomad Flock Silk Top from French Connection.

It would probably be more suited to a straight body shape due to the geometric pattern. The sleeves are a great length, I'm less inclined to show the tops of my arms these days and, it looks as if it would sit nicely over jeans. Speaking of bottoms, I love these half faux-leather leggings but I certainly couldn't wear them with a short top - eeewwww no one wants to see my bum hanging out. I do think it's a shame that the top is dry clean only but it's no surprise really given the flock detail.

Now this one is a little beauty, a sculptured top in a black-on-black leopard print with a zip at the back. It would look really fresh teamed with jeans and pumps. So where is it from?

Sainsburys! Yes I said Sainsburys. And it's £18! I'll be off to check this out tomorrow to see if it really is as good as it looks.

**update, major fail in trying to find it in store today, it seemed to be full of sportswear and fleeces at the moment, presumably to motivate us into kick starting our year - lost on me that one. I'm assuming that the new stock hasn't arrived yet. I think it will be worth checking out again though. I'll keep you posted on Twitter (@iwontwearsludge).

I love the idea of wearing an over-sized thick chunky knit over skinny jeans and the Funnel Seed Stitch Sweater from Next seems to fit the bill. It's one of those jumpers that you can throw in the boot of your car and pull out when the weather turns. Ideal now with jeans and just as good with white skinnies in the summer. Yes I am nesh.

Mint Velvet is on a roll at the moment and this cheeky little number caught my eye, the Black Stud Layer Knit.

Take note of the stud detail at the hem - these things matter! I'm a little confused as the sleeves are described as 3/4 length but they look over-sized to me and that's not a bad thing, I'm thinking luxury brands and all that. Oh and let's not even talk about the trousers. My MV want-list is growing by the minute.

I couldn't not feature the French Cuff Silk Shirt from Me+Em. This company is fantastic at producing simple, elegant, contemporary pieces. The double cuff and covered buttons lends itself more to evening wear but it's something that would be in your wardrobe for ever. Love it!

Let me introduce you to the Webster Shirt from All Saints. I could cry, I love this so much. The length, the high neck, the pleats all perfect. Alas, I can't do standy-off cap sleeves. Let me explain. I'm slightly bigger on top than bottom so if I wear clothes that stand off the body, it emphasises this body 'irregularity' even more. That said, if you are a pear shape, a cap sleeve is perfect because it builds up the shoulder line which is narrower than the hips so has a balancing effect. I digress, it is a lovely top.

Zara's new collection includes this biker jacket with faux leather sleeves. Ok so we've seen this combination numerous times over the last year or so but I'm still thinking it's ok. How about you? I haven't done the lingerie thingy as outerwear yet - I guffaw at the thought, where do you hide your rolls of flab. The model looks great though in the super cute dress - I'll leave it to the 19 year olds.

And another from Zara, the Jacket With Collar Detail (their name not mine)

A bit fancy dress but I can do that (hey I can go from being an Admiral one day in my navy short jacket to Popeye the next in a stripy Breton) and a really good price of £69.99. As with all things Zara, I would need to see the quality in the flesh first of all but I'm thinking this is a buy and stash piece for next winter.

And I'll throw a dress into the mix just to finish off. This is what I would call a little hard worker, the Twist & Tango Amy dress from Atterley Road. It's a perfect length, short but not mutton-short, great sleeves and the graphic print running down the centre is excellent for working those verticals to add inches to height and take inches off the tummy and hips (did I get that the right way round? Phew). This would be worn all seasons, with thick tights and ankle boots for an edgier look, black high-heel pumps for date night with hubby (ha, if only, I'm not needed to dress for the weekly curry take-away) and in summer, bare legs and sandals. Yes please.

Well that's my quick round up of black. As I've said before I have to be careful how I wear it and often opt for its little sisters, navy or grey but sometimes god damn it, you just need a bit of black in your life. Will I be buying black this year? I'll tell all next time. I have a plan.

So, I feel as if I've lost my mojo a little this week and everything I put on is wrong. Boring old pink boyfriend coat, damson coated skinnies except they're not coated anymore (see I told you everything is wrong) and pale pink t-shirt. I even changed into flats before my shopping trip. Get a grip woman!

Donna x
4 comments on "Black Out? Don't Be Silly"
  1. I think this outfit looks great on you - love the colours. I had my colours done about 7 years ago and I'm warm, soft, earthy tones (autumn). I can't wear black and haven't in all this time but just recently I've been considering it again... Thinking mainly for my bottom half. Should I go for it? Can I get away with it with my colours??? xx

    1. Thanks x

      Try a washed black, it's less harsh on the skin. You may also want to try tops that are lower in the neck line and then wear a great necklace. Also wear one of your colours with black by way of a scarf or top under a jacket. I know black will never be the best colour on me but I've missed out some brilliant styles over the years because 'it only comes in black'. These days I'm more relaxed, I just put a little more blusher and lipstick on and often wear my hair away from my face which helps minimise the shadows black casts under the chin.

      Good luck x

  2. Thanks, Donna. I've missed out on loads because they only ever come in black. Great advice. I might give it a whirl... Lynne x

  3. I love that Atterley Road dress! Its so versatile! There was a time many moon ago that black & denim were the main part of my wardrobe! Thank goodness those days have past! I have to wear it for work as my uniform & hate it now! I look forward to my days off when I can liven my outfits up! Ax