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Floral Print Stilettos

You know when something hits you, pow between the eyes, well that happened to me in the early hours of this morning.

I saw floral print arrive in A/W 2013 season and it seems to be here to stay for a while. I didn't buy anything resembling a blossom last season so have been toying with the idea of partaking in the floral trend by way of footwear. Always a sucker for a good shoe.

Many of the prints over winter were quite heavy which I struggle to wear and it appears that whilst we are seeing some lighter fabrics, strength and depth is still the name of the game as shown by BCBG at New York Fashion Week

And then, last night, I remembered I use to have a pair of Karen Millen floral print stilettos but couldn't for the life of me recall if I had sold them on Ebay. I managed to stay in bed until 6.30am (didn't think the husband would take too kindly me rummaging through the wardrobe at 3 o'clock) and to my delight I found them! I must have decided that no one would have wanted to bid so they never made Ebay.

They weren't quite as I remembered them, I thought they were plain at the front without the fancy cut-outs and what's the silly silver tag-thing doing across the front. Anyway, your opinion would be appreciated. I would only ever wear them with skinnies (or boyfriends).

Are they a yay or completely naff? Should I keep or get rid? Come on be honest, I need your help as I can't decide.


p.s. I had the matching bag too - it was vile! You will be relieved to know that this did make Ebay and sold! x
14 comments on "Floral Print Stilettos"
  1. Firstly, lol at rummaging through the wardrobes at 3am! Secondly, what a FIND! Love them - definitely keep. And if not, tell me you're a size 6.5 and sell them to me :) x

    1. Thanks Avril. Depending on how much I love a shoe, I can be a size 4 or a size 7. Beauty holds no pain in this house lol. They are a 5.5 by the way x

  2. I'm not much help I'm afraid Donna, I love the floral pattern but am a little unsure on the cut outs. Jane xx

  3. That's what I was worried about Jane, thought the cut outs made them look twee. To be fair, I've tried them on again for a friend today and she said that 'in real life' the cut outs blend in with the pattern so they're not as noticeable. I might try to pull of the silver bar as well!!!! x

  4. Hi, keep, look great with your jeans

    Sue, bestfriendstyle.com

  5. KEEP!!!! would be a sin to get rid xx

  6. Hi Donna,nice to find your lovely blog:) Well being honest if I had those shoes in my wardrobe I would keep them and give them a whirl as I hate parting with shoes or anything else for that matter! If you are not 100% sure you could try taking the silver tab off and see how they look.They have a good mix of colour though so it would be easy to pick up on these when choosing tops to wear with the skinnies or boyfriends:)

  7. I gave the little silver thing a wiggle, might just come off with a yank Anne. You're absolutely right about the colours, I do have lots of summer tops that would be perfect. Thanks for your advice xx

  8. I'd keep! Lovely shape shoe and gorgeous colours! I love it when you remember something in the back of the wardrobe that will really work well now! They look fab with the skinny's xx

  9. If you can manage to get the silver bit off without damaging the shoe, then I'd say keep!

  10. I can't believe you would have a forgotten pair of shoes in your wardrobe! But what a great find. I think keep - they are so different and will be great for s/s:)

  11. Keep! They look cool & are back in for SS14 & you will be the only chick wearing them! Would look great with a boxy top to add some edge! Ax