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Mixed Feelings, Mango

So Mango launched a new plus size clothing range, Violeta on Monday

Bravo I say, style doesn't stop at any size! And it looks oh so promising...

That is until you look a little closer and realise that not every piece will work on a larger lady. Take these jeans for instance

They doesn't appear to have had a lot of thought put into them. The pockets draw the eye right to the bottom. Do you really want everyone looking at your bum? Wouldn't it have been better to ditch the yellow contrast stitching in favour of a blue. Less obvious so it stands to reason that suddenly the pockets are less visible. A really quick fix without making the jeans frumpy.

And this outfit is so wrong on every level, I mean, come on who would tuck in a blouse like this! As it goes and from what I can see, the blouse is actually ok. The pattern is excellent for covering up those lumps and bumps. I'm not even going to mention the exposed waist band (oh dear).

Remembering my post from yesterday, how could the next model look slimmer, by wearing a column of colour underneath the jacket of course! I'm also not liking the turn-ups. They don't look on trend, they look frumpy and cut off her leg making them look stumpier than they really are.

I could go on!

There are a few nice pieces in the collection, this khaki tencel shirt dress

Normally I would say avoid anything with breast pockets but these are pretty innocuous. There seems to be just enough volume so that it's not clingy and providing you're happy to show your knees it's a pretty good length. Personally I would wear it with tan wedges to elongate the leg and I think they could have added a short sleeve without spoiling the look.

Nothing offensive about this colour block top Shame it only comes in beige though! A good wardrobe staple which covers the tops of the arms (excellent) that could be worn casual with jeans or smarter in the evening with trousers and heels.

And the navy blazer

We're not talking cutting edge fashion here but everyone needs a navy blazer in their wardrobe, yes? The fact that it is jersey is GOOD. It won't be as stiff as a traditional blazer so will follow the curves as oppose to standing off them.

I'm a little underwhelmed with this first collection. There are many 'boring' pieces and some items seem to have been churned out in larger sizes without thinking about the market they are catering for. That said, it's definitely a brand to watch as Mango have invested heavily into Violeta with a team of 40 working on it.

My biggest problem is that the plus-size starts at size 12. Really? What message is this sending out to young girls who are already inundated with images of tiny double zero models. A 12 in my opinion is a good, healthy size to be. It should never be included in a plus range. Indeed, it wasn't that long ago that the biggest style icon in the world, Princess Diana was envied for her stunning figure. She was a size 12. I'll leave you with that thought.

Have a look at the new range (sorry if I haven't included all the links). What do you think? Have Mango got it right? I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time

Donna x

9 comments on "Mixed Feelings, Mango"
  1. Interesting article Donna! I wonder how the plus size 12 measures up to the standard collection size 12?
    They have tried but I think a couple of the pictures do make it look a bit frrumpy, the blouse tucked into the elastic waist jeggings is pretty bad and the beige biker jacket ensemble looks awful....way too much going on. They will need to up their game if they want a slice of the plus size market! x

  2. Yes I totally agree Michelle. It will be interesting to see what they do over the next few seasons. It really surprised me that a young fashion brand could put out such a bland first collection without thinking about the target market. That said, there are a few promising pieces!

    Yes I too am very intrigued as to their interpretation of a size 12 x

  3. As a size 12, I'm just gobsmacked that this is considered plus size. Dear God, what were they thinking? Excellent points made ... that blouse tucked into those jeggings is beyond horrendous

    1. I could have gone on, 90% of the 'collection' was bad but I think there's still time to get it right. Let's hope they take on board customer commens x

  4. Not good, not good at all. And size 12 as plus size? A prime example of Idiotic, bad fashion that suggests that anyone with a boob or a bit of hip is obese.

    1. Spot on Emma. I'd be interested to know if any of the clothes were cut with curves in mind x

  5. Shame on you Mango! Some of this stuff looks like its from those magazine offers you see in the Sunday papers! As for that exposed elastic waistband I'm speechless! We have a plus range at work which is just mostly long baggy tunic tops which are hardly flattering either & customers are always asking why we don't do the same styles as you get in the core collection! When will they get it right for plus sizes?! Ax

    1. And it's so easy to adapt clothes to accommodate curves. Simple lines, lose breast pockets, watch where the sleeve ends (ie not in line with the boob), use of illusional lines, soft drapey fabrics, swirly patterns. Hey I want to design a plus size clothing range. I can't draw! Xx

  6. The exposed elastic waistband jeans just smacks of so called "Mum" jeans from the 80s. Definitely a no no!