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Shopping Woes

On dear I'm full of shopping woes at the moment. My 'Stan I've Got A Plan' plan really isn't progressing although not for want of trying.

First up was a new navy blazer. It's not so much I need a new one, I just want one! I fancied a pin stripe and Next had a perfect specimen which nipped in where it should nip and seemed an excellent length. Sadly it wasn't to be as it stood off my hips in a most peculiar way. I think it's a perfect cut for an hour glass though.

Next Navy Pinstripe Jacket £65

My search continues and I would be happy to pay investment prices for a good pinstripe blazer - it will be in my wardrobe for years.

I had high hopes for the M&S Limited Edition Boxy Shirt but ohhh how disappointing. The fabric is reminiscent of school uniform blouses with a slight silky feel. Far too thin (positively see through actually) to give it the structure it requires so it kind of just hangs! No no, not good. The arms also seem to be quite short, a nothing length really. So back it went.

Limited Edition No Peep Boxy Shirt £29.50

I had to order the corset no peep shirt in a larger size as it was too tight....across the bust! What's all that about? It's suppose to be cut for bustier ladies, and I'm no Katie Price. The larger size fitted much better but it was too big on the hips so I would always have to wear it tucked in or under a jacket. Shame really, it's a lovely shirt even though yet again the material is thin.

M&S Collection No Peep Corset Shirt For Fuller Bust £29.50

The beige skinnies are great so they are keepers. They won't set the world alight but as staples go, I really do like M&S skinnies. These were reduced to £9.50 - I'm not sure why as the new shade is barely any different.

M&S Collection 5 Pocket Denim Jeggings

Dreadful, dreadful picture I know. I promise you these aren't as bad in real life. Rolled up and teamed with toe post sandals and a floaty top in the summer, I think will make a nice outfit.

I'm also failing on the mustard front too. There's lots of it around at the moment but nothing is tickling my fancy. Next are doing more of an ochre colour, a little too dull for me and M&S mustard is too dressy. My search continues.

And now for the successes, I've at long last managed to replace my bobbly pale pink thin knit jumper. This one is from Phase Eight and is just the right thickness. It dips down a little more than I wanted at the back but I think it's ok.

Phase Eight Vivian V-Neck Knit Jumper £55

And a lovely light weight scarf from Mint Velvet which will go with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It's edged with ivory lace and believe it or not is a subtle animal print.

Mint Velvet Sami Print Scarf £39

A quick nip into Banana Republic saw me bag these little beauties (see below). They're not on line anymore in this country so here is the U.S. link. They had been reduced from £65.99 to £29.99 and then the till rang them up at £13.99!! Happy with that and still full price in the states at $75 - suckers! It's definitely worth revisiting the sales right at the very end. I was also tempted to buy a red blazer which was down from £110 to £20.99 bit it was completely the wrong shade for me so I walked away.

Finally, I bagged a shirt from Zara down to £12.99 (can't remember what the original price was). I thought this would be ideal in the warmer months with skinnies or shorts. It's a great illustration of how a Soft can wear checks - the colour is perfect and the pattern not too harsh.

There were other purchases too such as the soft biker jacket from Next which I really liked but think I tried it on on a 'fat' day so it went back. I may have to repurchase soon.

Next Biker Jacket £50

I failed miserably with regards to sticking to 'Stan' plan but I did try hard, really I did. Maybe it's a little early in the season as shops are hell-bent on getting out their 'headliners' at the moment.

I'll leave you with my new lust which I shared on Twitter last week. I'm not going to tell you where it's from at the moment. But it's not in stock just yet. Any ideas (no don't look at my Tweet). Stunningly gorgeous.

Me, over the last couple of days. Trumpets out, I wore a skirt, I never wear skirts. Ok you can't see it under the coat but it's there. Everything is VERY old. I'd love to be one of those uber-stylish bloggers that wear little vest tops under thin blazers but these days it's full thermals and sensible coats.

Donna x

12 comments on "Shopping Woes"
  1. OMG you have the most amazing legs EVER ... if you don't wear a skirt again soon then I will come and find you! WOW, you look amazing.
    Please pretty tell where that green dress is from, I love it!

  2. I had great success with a John Lewis Collection white blouse £39. It's beautifully structured, I too was really disappointed with the M&S one.

  3. Love those Banana Republic pumps and the M&S jeggings are great, I have a couple of pairs, wish mine had been that price though!

  4. Those Banana Republic pumps are gorgeous Donna & such as steal. I've also been eyeing up that Next biker jacket you will definitely have to give it another go, think it would look gorgeous on you. As for that green dress just stunning I LOVE that colour! Jane xx

  5. Loving the little pumps, but how disappointing with the boxy shirt. I had high hopes of that ... won't bother now! I'm laughing at Fiona's comment .. as I know where the dress is from! It's screams Cos ...( even though it's not) Really hope you get it as it would be gorgeous on you! Love your outfit in the second pic. Madly jealous of your Ash x

  6. You've grabbed some bargains there Donna, love those skinnies & pumps. Oh & gutted, did an online order for Zara friday & didn't even think to look at their shirts! x

  7. Another vote for the banana republic pumps - they look really nice - Also like the zara shirt - cool!!

  8. Of the things you have snapped up you have done superbly! Some really great wardrobe staples! There is plenty of time yet to find the other bits and bobs!

    The green dress is just stunning.....can't wait to see you wearing it! x

  9. Hi Donna....Pity about the blazer,hopefully you will find similar! That green dress is stunning and I have seen shots from the full S/S14 range press release People will be very surprised I think!! Have a great week:)
    ~Anne xx

  10. I am loving the pale pink top from Phase eight, it looks the most beautiful colour and cut and I adore those pumps...looks like you have shopped well, blazers are tricky to find the exact cut that suits, no doubt you will find a gorgeous one! X

  11. You will just have to go on another shopping trip! I love the green dress its gorgeous. I would love it in cream. Think the green is a bit to colouful for me. Would look great on you though x

  12. Those shoes were a total steal! I love it when you get a surprise at the till! I have the M&S jeggings in black & love them. I wouldn't hesitate in buying another pair You got some fab bits here & hopefully Stan will help you out yet! Ax