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Stan, I Have A Plan

Oh dear, I've seriously lost my mojo. It must be the wet and cold weather. All I want to do is wrap up warm which often means a major fail on the style front. I really do need to sort out my cold weather wear but that won't happen this season as in my mind I've already moved on....to bigger and better and warmer things!

Now I've never really got the capsule wardrobe thing. Oh believe me, I've tried but there are far too many distractions and I veer of course. But my New Years Resolution is to buy less. Take my hubby, he does a massive shop in January, jeans, jackets, shirts, Ts, jumpers, the lot and coupled with his socks and pants he gets for Xmas (lol), well he's just about cracked his casual wardrobe for the year. Simples! Err no! Not for us women when shops are dangling lush garments in front of us and sending discount codes every bloomin day. But I will conquer.

You may recall in a previous post here that I won £200 of shopping vouchers and a few items were chosen with next season in mind. So the first part of my plan, well I'm going to work at sticking to a colour palette of

white (soft white preferably)
and mustard yellow

That's not to say I won't wear other colours, that would be silly when I have a wardrobe full of clothes but when I'm buying new items, I'm going to stick to the palette (she says confidently). Ok that would be really boring so here's where the second part of my plan kicks into gear. As summer approaches, I'm going to exchange the mustard and camel for pastels

pale blue
pink although I'll probably opt for a nude shade instead of full on pink

So over time I should have a very workable wardrobe. Hmmmm!

I can't even think about pastels just yet, we'll save that for a different post. But if you can't wait, you might want to have a nosey at School Run Style's recent blog post here

Let's look at part 1 of the plan.

This is what I have in my wardrobe that fits in with the theme at the moment (nb. I do have more than 2 pairs of jeans but you get the picture)

Not a bad start actually. I was really rather pleased with what I have already got. Surprisingly very little mustard even though it's in my colour palette. I found this a really useful exercise and one that I will repeat in future. So, this is my shopping list which may or may not happen

navy or beige mac
lighter weight white shirt
updated plain single breast blazer (I shouldn't really need another jacket but current ones are either too formal or too casual
couple of decent soft white & navy looser fit tops
mustard top
mustard jumper
replacement v tops for layering in navy and white
beige chinos or skinnies
dark wash or navy skinnies
tan ankle boots
navy bag
navy/tan scarves x2

I was really disappointed with my scarf collection - none cut the mustard (ha see what I did there, cut the mustard!). All my navy scarves have other colours in them. I need to address this problem soon.

So armed with my shopping list, And with a quick hour to spare, I popped over to John Lewis for a whizz around. Nothing really took my eye. And then I called in to M&S in the search of the white No Peep Corset Shirt but they didn't have my size.

Unbelievably I had to size up as it pulled across the....bust. It's on order as I write. For more white shirts have a look at Avril's recent post at School Gate Style here

I've also ordered this Limited Edition No Peep Boxy Shirt which is far more contemporary. It sits much shorter so not a tucking-in shirt but would fill the gap in my wardrobe of a looser fitting top, not what I had in mind but I kind of like it!

Oh look she has yellow trews on!

I also spied these 5 Pocket Jeggings in biscuit. I know they aren't the cutting edge of the fashion world but to be honest M&S jeggings fit like a glove. I really can't do low rise anymore, these just feel a little more secure! Again they didn't have my size. I wasn't sure whether to be a little peeved or jump with glee when I got home to order them and found they had been reduced to £9.

As I'm sitting writing this, my attention has turned to the lack of suitable scarves in my wardrobe. I have zillions of the things but none that are suitable for my current quest.

I love this Cashmere Scarf in camel from H&M - great price too for cashmere, £34.99

The Maggie Scarf from Baukjen is exactly what I am looking for. A light navy (perfect for Softs) and a much more summer weight. Consider it ordered!

Great value in the sale now, reduced from £59 to £25 is the Mariana Scarf from Jigsaw

The colour is called make-up. I get that!

A slightly cheaper one now from River Island at £18, the Navy Heart Print Snood. It seems that hearts are here to stay for a while.

There's quite a bit more that I have my eye on but I think I'll save myself for a few more weeks.

Although I didn't get anything on my list from M&S yesterday, I did make a couple of purchases...

So what did I buy??? TWO BRIGHT CHECKED SHIRTS in red and coral. Totally off plan.

There's really no hope is there!

I'll be back to report on progress!

Donna x
15 comments on "Stan, I Have A Plan"
  1. Can you come around to my house and sort my wardrobe?? Your list is amazing!! I need help!!

    Great ideas Donna....I need to follow in your footsteps and put a proper plan into practice!! xx

    1. I can't tell you how useful I found it Michelle. Now whether I stick to the plan is another story lol x

  2. I love this idea, Donna. It's fab! I seriously need to do this (and stick to it!). I buy fad too much on a whim and need to have some order and a plan in place
    , Lynne x

    1. I've always made rough plans in my head Lynne and then when I came to putting it in action, there was always something wrong....this top looks wrong with that jacket, those jeans don't work with the shoes. Actually being able to see what I had got really, really helped. Like you, I'm determined not to buy lots of unnecessary stuff this year too. x

  3. It's such a good idea to get everything out. I always have a colour palette in mind at the start of each season but it's soooo hard to stick to! love Liz xxx

    1. I agree, I am a fickle soul and will be side tracked I'm sure x

  4. Loving the plan Donna & like you I'm totally loving all things navy & mustard & can never resist anything in tan. I think it's going to be a gorgeous colour palette for spring Jane xx

    1. I think tan is really city chic and I need to buy more in this colour as I know it will be in my wardrobe for years. x

  5. I'm going to get my wardrobe sorted in a few months- will just have to deal with the chaos until then. I love the colour pallet you have chosen, I tend to drift towards navy and tan a lot. Not sure if I even suit them but I like them none the less. I have that cashmere scarf from H&M and it's great. Hold out for a discount code though, there's bound to be one coming along soon!!

    1. Can't wait to see your new wardrobe/room/walk-in - very jealous. We were fortunate enough to have his and hers walk-ins in our last house....I almost refused to move!! Yes I'll wait for the discount code, good idea. In the meantime, I've ordered the navy from Baujken x

  6. So ... it's probably ridiculous to say that actually I want everything that you've pictured on your rail ... what a stunning collection of clothes, bags and shoes? Drool! And as someone on a strict 'no tucking in' regime, the Limited Edition boxy white shirt is ticking all the boxes for me. That's now gone straight to the top of my 'must have' list. Thanks for the tip off!

    1. I didn't realise quite how much I had in the colours. I was almost tempted to leave it all out on the rail, it would make planning a outfit so much easier. Can't wait for the boxy shirt to arrive x

  7. The M&S shirt looks great - is it brilliant or soft white? I can only wear a soft white and trying to track a shirt thats not too stark white is a nightmare! Any suggestions please?

    1. Hi Deb I only tried on the corset style as I didn't see the boxy one in the store. The corset one is quite a bright white but it's thin so you can see your skin underneath which tones down the white (I would wear a flesh coloured v-top underneath). It's definitely worth a try. I'm with you re soft white - definitely my shade of choice but can't always get x

  8. Lol at your rule breaking again! I do love a fellow rebel! ;) This is such a great post & you've inspired me to do the same next week when the kids are at school & I'll have time to play around! Love the brown bag with the chain handle you've hidden at the back of your photo! Gorgeous! Ax