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6 Days In...

Yes 6 days in to the Frugal February(ish) challenge and I have yet to make a purchase. Oh yes I've been tempted, several times. I'm talking to you, The White Company offering me a 20% discount code. I would have ordered these...

White Skinny Jeans £85

And definitely thought about these deliciously gorgeous silk joggers

Silk Joggers in Limestone £120

And then H&M decide to post a catalogue through my letter box and I swear it was put together with me in mind. They are messing with my head!

I adore this jacket for wearing right now, great for layering and it's a good way for a Soft palette to wear black as it's more gentle on the skin.

Jacket in wool blend £34.99

Because of course I will not look like the model in this blouse, I need it!

Satin Blouse in Dusty Pink £14.99

But resist I did, no orders placed! I do believe I will make it to Week 2.

And so I come to the second part of my challenge. Picking a random item from my wardrobe and working an outfit around it. Today it was the white shirt. That's usually easy enough to style but I'm at home all day and it wouldn't have been my normal choice, stiff material, double cuff blah blah blah. In the spirit of the challenge I've put it on. Worn with a pair of M&S Limited Edition jeans from last year. I reckon 75% of my jeans are from M&S, they just work for me. That said, these are particularly rubbish and come lunchtime, I'll have to put a belt on. They go really baggy so I don't tend to wear them that much. I'm really not loving this outfit at all. I can't cuff the jeans because they have an embroidered strip running down the outside edges which makes the material too bulky to turn over. I can't roll the sleeves as they look bulky too so I feel really stiff and formal. Not promising this outfit will last all day. On the upside I'm wearing leopard print ballet pumps for the first time in ages yippee!

I will do better tomorrow.

Have you bought anything, please do tantalise me.

Donna x

14 comments on "6 Days In..."
  1. You might feel stiff and awkward but your outfit looks great. I know what you mean though, I couldn't wear it at home for the day, I'd be Baukjen joggers all the way! x

  2. I like your outfit too Donna. Of course anything with leopard print is a winner with me & your necklace is gorgeous too! Well done on the non purchases front, I'm impressed...I on the other hand haven't been as good...oops! Jane xx

  3. Oh I couldn't do this, I would have to buy a hair clip or something you are doing really well! Good luck xx

  4. I think it looks fab, Donna! Love the leopard print pumps too. Can't wait to get mine out. Lynne x

  5. I have not fared so well during Frugal Feb.....but well done to you Donna!! Love the crisp white shirt.....styled so perfectly! x

  6. Love your outfit I love anything leopard skin and I really must get a white shirt they are so versatile.

  7. You look gorgeous! I hate when you don't feel right but it so suits you! Totally love those joggers!! You've done well to resist! Ax

  8. Oh cute - I love the shirt khaki combo - I have just been inspired and I shall copy this for tomorrow - THANK YOU!

  9. I so wanted to say I have bought half a dozen things, but alas...
    Nice outfit - I bought those skinnies for my wife last year :0) so they have to get my vote!! Nice necklace too

  10. Love your outfit; especially the necklace and ballet pumps! I have also been eyeing up that jacket from H&M! Surprisingly, I haven't made any fashion purchases this month... yet! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  11. Your doing great, I know I'd have caved at 20% off code. I had been good for so long but am making up for it recently. Love the khaki/white shirt/leopard print combo, it looks great on you, but I know what you mean when your just not feeling it yourself, you have to feel comfortable in an outfit no matter how good it looks on.

  12. Your outfit looks great - a white shirt is so handy to wear in anyway:) And dreaming of ballet pumps...

  13. Pumps?? Seriously? You were able to wear pumps (love them, by the way!) ... where do you live???? It's been Welly Central here for the past few weeks! Well done on Frugal Feb ... I've been trying *coughs*

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