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Accessories CAN Make You Look Slimmer

Oh yes they can! It's just a matter of learning a few new tricks.

First of all, apologies for radio silence this week. I have been like the crooked old lady who lives in a shoe. Back problems and all that! I don't live in a shoe. So in between doing the necessary school runs, dodging falling trees on Wednesday night (it was horrid) and moaning (oh yes I'm an expert at moaning), I have been laid flat out most days. But I'm back with a few slimming tips.

I'm a massive fan of accessories and often use them to help draw attention away from my bad bits! Yes I have many. But that's the beauty of scarves, necklaces and so on, they can work their magic and help us feel slimmer and more confident. I know not to judge how I look first thing in a morning when I've dragged on a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. These are just the foundations. It's the bits I put on afterwards that actually make the outfit complete.


Probably the most important piece of jewellery to help you feel slimmer is the necklace. If you remember what I have said in previous posts, something of interest automatically draws the eye to it. Therefore it follows that a statement necklace will automatically draw the eye upwards ie. away from tummies, upper arms etc. One thing to possibly avoid is wearing an overly long, dangly necklace if you are big busted - remember, it's a piece of jewellery not a boob catcher. Yes you know what I mean when you look down and find that somehow one of those beasties seems to have been lassoed. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I know that Zara came in for a bit of a bashing on the blog recently but I won't criticise the jewellery. I've had many pieces, all brilliantly priced and never had a problem with any of them.

I absolutely adore this one. The soft tones are ideal to wear with this years pastels. Even wearing something pretty plain such as a pale blue jumper, the eye is immediately drawn to the necklace and away from muffin tums. Result.

Multi-Stone Necklace £29.99

The fact that it drops down in the middle too helps lengthen the upper body as it is kind of working the verticals. Ok I'm stretching a point a little but it is far better than wearing a totally round necklace which will emphasise one's roundness!?!?

And this one too will do the same.

Multi-shape necklace £29.99

How gorgeous??? Shame about the uninspirational name that Zara has chosen for such a thing of beauty.

New Look never fails on the jewellery front. I love the colours in this and again would work really well with current trends.

Limited Edition Pink Stone Rope Necklace £19.99

Moving on to River Island, this would be perfect for summer. Boyfriend jeans, white linen t-shirt, sandals and this delicious necklace

Multicoloured Statement Gem Stone Necklace £35.00

It's a little pricier than the others but think of all the colours you could wear it with!


Ohhhh one of my favourite subjects. I am that sad. I love scarves, not because they keep me warm in this atrocious weather but the fact that they can make a drab outfit suddenly look special. You may recall my post about choosing the right fabrics for your body shapes here. This also applies to scarves too. So a curvy shape will really struggle with a stiff taffeta scarf. It will end up making her look much bigger than she really is as the fabric will not follow her curves, rather it will stand off them. No-no!

The best use of a scarf for a slimming effect is to drape it around the neck and allow it to fall down the front, again working the verticals. I'm a little disappointed with the variety on the High Street at the moment so here is the best I can find.

New Look Blue Camouflage Long Line Scarf £7.99

What a great price, a perfect pick me up. I bet if I looked in the bottom of my handbag now, I'd find £7.99 in change so that makes it free yes?

Next Mono Floral Sequin Scarf £15

It appears embellished scarves are making an appearance this season, edged in lace, sequins etc.

This is a great price for a Becksondergaard scarf from John Lewis

Becksöndergaard Fine Cotton Petit Amour Print Scarf £33

It also comes in blue.

I'm not normally a fan of Lola Rose but I really like the busy but subtle print on this,

Rose Leopard Print Wool Scarf £55

Ok so this next one isn't a favourite of mine but I wanted to show you what I mean by working the verticals to achieve a slimming look (yeah because this girl really needs to look slimmer - right). It's actually a Cath Kidston scarf, bang on trend as heavy florals are still coming through this season. I think it's the way it's been styled that I'm not really taken with if I'm honest.

Cath Kidston Aubrey Rose Scarf £35 from ASOS

As oppose to wearing a scarf that rests on the bust

Maison Scotch Cotton Silk Scarf with Checks £70 from ASOS

If you lucky enough to be well endowed 'up top' or carry your weight around your tummy, wearing a scarf like this can result in you looking top heavy. Fabulous scarf though. I am in love.


Anyone with a waist should be flaunting this EVERY day you lucky ladies. Wearing baggy clothes will trick the eye into thinking that there's no waist and could add pounds to your frame. So it figures that a belt is your best friend. Softer materials are better than stiff leather. Soft body shapes = soft materials.

Something like this from ASOS would work really well as the suede-esque material is much more accommodating over curves

Wide 2 Prong Waist Belt £14

This would work well with jeans and seems to sit very flat - perfect.

Or this one from Once Upon A Belt

American Tan Brown Obi Belt £39.99

Baujken have a similar one, the blue is gorgeous

The Wrap Leather Belt £69

The sand one styled with their Rosamund Dress (I have this in navy still unworn and it's now in the sale, sob).

If like me you were born without a waist, wearing a belt around your middle can accentuate this fact. Basically you're drawing the eye down to your worse area. Now if I were to write this 10 years ago, I would be saying, try wearing it on your hips but ewweee that's pants. We're really not embracing the whole gypsy skirt look at the moment are we. There is an exception to this though. I have a couple of summer maxi-dresses that are slightly too long so I hoik them up with a belt that I wear on my hips. This really does work. And the best image I can find on Pinterest..

Blousing over the top of the dress hides a multitude of sins. I wear a narrow tan one with mine. And if you were wondering, my dresses aren't see-through!

Another trick if you are waistless is to wear a belt underneath a jacket. I think I've mentioned this before. It tricks the eye into believing you have a waist...eye sees belt, eye thinks waist. Brain thinks slim!

A great example of breaking all the rules here but boy does it work. Look how the belt is worn, no one knows that you don't go in at the waist. This jacket is brill too. An illustration of how horizontal stripes can be worn successfully. The dipped front helps to elongate the frame.

Next Stripe Blazer £34 (bargain)

There's so much more to show and tell but I think I'll leave it there for now.

And a quick update on my 2 challenges. Firstly Frugal February, I'm becoming very creative in using vouchers and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Let's just say for now, I'm fairing ok. I'm still picking out an item of clothing from my wardrobe at random. It's amazing how this challenge has made me wear more of my clothes although I quickly exchanged a dress for something more practical the other day. On Friday when I was feeling a tad better, I randomly picked my leopard print scarf (I decided to go for the scarf pile). It was a bargain from Ebay last year. Teamed with black cashmere polo neck from John Lewis, black short Mango blazer (similar here) and Noisy May jeans (similar here, if you sign up to receive emails, you will get 15% off). Hair courtesy of rain and wind.

And for a night out with hubby, the pink Primark had yet another outing. Worn with black leather panel jeans (sorry I can't find any similar) and black wraparound top from H&M here, pastel pink necklace from a local boutique (similar above) and black courts from Kurt Geiger here.

Have a good week

Donna x

14 comments on "Accessories CAN Make You Look Slimmer"
  1. Loved reading that Donna, and wanted it to carry on, and on. Some really good tips in here.thank you!

  2. Thanks Paul. I could have gone on and on but feared I would bore everyone x

  3. Some fab tips Donna! Hands up.....I really need to up my game as far as accessories are concerned!! xx

  4. I love accessories but never thought of using them to look slimmer. Really great post again Donna. You are so clever! Love Liz xxx

  5. I love accessories and I always wear a scarf or necklace - I feel naked without!
    You have cracking legs - so long and slim.

  6. Fab post Donna & you know me I love an accessory or two!! Hope the back is still feeling a lot better.
    Jane xx

  7. Lovely accessories Donna and you look fab in that pink coat! Hope your back gets better:)
    ~Anne xx

  8. Great tips - I usually think of accessories to complement an outfit, great idea to use them as a diversion tactic!! Hope you are feeling better:)

  9. I do love a good scarf Donna and have recently started wearing belts again and it does give me some shape! Like the 2 prong Asos belt. You look great in both your outfits - I just can't seem to make the effort to get out of jumpers and jeans these days - longing for Spring! Hope the back is better xx

  10. Great tips. Love this post. More please :)

  11. Love the beige suede belt with the buckle.......that is really nice.

  12. So sorry to hear you've been laid up or down as the case may be! Hope you're feeling better now Donna! I love all of those necklaces & have been pants at wearing any jewellery recently as its all hidden under big scarves! Love both of your outfits & hope you had a fab time out with Hubby! <3 Ax

  13. I'm a self confessed scarf-a-holic so totally understand you! Atterley road often have a good selection of scarves as do Hush. You are right about New Look and their jewellery I've had several of their necklaces which look so much more expensive than they are. Hope your back is improving - sitting hunched up over a laptop does me no good so I sympathise.