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Arm Candy - Should Be Harmless Enough Yes?

Have you ever considered the size of your bag other than of a practical nature? Probably not. Me neither, even though I know the rules. Yes there are apparently rules and they kind of make sense. I choose a bag for it's colour and style and of course what it will be used for. My goodness Gabrielle Chanel would turn in her grave if she could hear me.

A size of a bag should balance with your scale so it figures that a larger lady carrying a tiny bag will look out of proportion. I get that! Similarly a tiny frame would kind of look over-whelmed with an over-sized clutch.

The rules get worse! Ladies with curves (eg. hourglass) should try to carry bags that mirror their shape so soft and round. Ladies with straight up and down figures (eg. rectangles) are better with straighter lines.

And of course lets not forget the bits of our body we would rather not show off. I'm talking big boobs (forget the shoulder bag with the short strap - it will just sit there on the bust line - so not a good look). And pear shaped ladies perhaps should avoid the longer strap - the bag will bounce off the hips.

With me so far? Let's put all this into practice.

One of my favourite mid-priced designers, Modalu has a stunning selection of bags this season, actually that's a lie, they manage a great collection every season. The Marlow Grab Shark and Black Grab is quite angular so would suit a straighter body shape. It's on the larger size so if we were to follow the rules, it's probably less suited to petites. It doesn't really sit anywhere when you hold it so anyone could carry it without fear of hilighting their bad bits.

Ok, so how about this one from Zara, The mini messenger bag with metallic fastening. Mini kind of gives it away doesn't it, great for petites. It's rigid and structured so ideal for straighter bodyshapes and it's going to sit on the hip so not one for pear shapes.

And this one, from House of Fraser, the Linea Weekend Brown Olive Hobo Bag. It's huge, so one for the larger framed lady. Potentially it can be carried under the arm - a no-no for bigger busts and it's soft and relaxed ideal for a curvier body shape.

Finally this one from Massimo Dutti, the Leather Bowling Bag. Another one to avoid if you are big busted and intend to carry it on the shoulder. It's a lovely soft design again and perfect for curvy ladies. I can't actually work out how big it is, I suspect mid-sized so unless you are teeny-weeny, it will suit most ladies.

Well, what do you think? Is it all twaddle? It makes sense to me but to be honest being a shallow sort, if something tickles my fancy then all rules go right out of the window and I buy it anyway. Food for thought though, isn't it!!!

Donna x

15 comments on "Arm Candy - Should Be Harmless Enough Yes?"
  1. I kind of get the rules but tend to go with heart over head. If I went with my head all the time, it would be a very boring place and I would have super functional not very pretty bags. But I have walked away from bags which I love which in effect I could sit in so yep - the rules do work.

    And having bought my little Toast bag - I kind of obeyed the rules there - small bag for a shortie :o)

    1. It was your blog post that got me thinking Sue. Such a perfect size and shape for you so thanks for the inspiration. I know the rules make send but if I see a beautiful bag, I'm going to have it no matter what x

  2. It's all making sense, but still doesn't stop me from buying bags that I like! I love big, slouchy bags ... probaby shouldn't wear them but hey! I follow so many other rules, I figure I can break this one :)

  3. You definitely have to know the rules in order to break them but break them you should! Style is about way more than what your colouring and body shape are so if you love it - have it!

  4. Oooooh! Love them all! Great taste lady! xxx

    Secret little Stars

  5. You know I have never, ever, though of proportions when it comes to bags. I guess it makes sense. I love bags and spend ages 'trying them on' so far I have never made a huge mistake although I wish my little red bag (Russell and Bromley) was a tad bigger. I love cross body bags for convenience, when out and about, so probably my favourite at the moment. H xx

  6. I love and own bags in all shapes and sizes but I can see that the proportion in relation to our body specifics makes sense though....sort of! Lol! It wouldn't stop me purchasing something that I love though xx

  7. The rules make do sense, but I choose bags first and foremost because I love them. If they are then practical enough to "work" then I purchase. I just adore handbags to be honest! xxx

  8. Yep think we're all in agreement, sod the rules x

  9. well I never knew there were rules for body shapes and bags, you learn something everyday!!! I tend to go with what I love and would it be practical for a day bag. To be honest I had heard one rule in the past ; the bigger the bag the smaller and skinner you should look - was that Rachel Zoe?? xx