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Blazers And Building A Capsule Wardrobe (boring title but it gets better!)

I do love a good blazer. Indeed I have several many. They are just so darn versatile and for me, always money well spent because I know I will wear. I can put on a pair of skinnies and a t-shirt in the morning and feel, well it has to be said....plain! But, as if by magic, adding a blazer (and a few accessories) into the mix, suddenly the outfit is elevated to a whole new level. I feel smart, put together and dare I say stylish (well more stylish than hacking on my old cardi that's for sure).

Last week, I talked about a couple of really great neutral colours, navy and charcoal here. Now, think how a neutral blazer (let's go for charcoal) could really work hard in your wardrobe.

I would wear it with

- skinnies, a white t-shirt and pumps
- skinnies, a nude shirt and heels
- boyfriend jeans (oh yes I am with BFs didn't you know), a navy Breton top and Adidas Gazelles
- boyfriend jeans, a pink shell top and ankle boots
- pale grey harem pants, denim shirt and Ash wedges
- grey animal print day dress
- charcoal blue dress

And the list could go on....and on....and on.

See what I mean, a blazer really is versatile. Every look that I have listed is completely different. I could wear each outfit and I bet you no one would notice that it's the same jacket. Having items like this in my wardrobe makes it so easy to get dressed in a morning. That to me is a capsule wardrobe. I'm so not interested when I'm told I should have 4 jackets, 5 blouses, 2 pairs of smart trousers blah blah blah. How do the people who write these things know what I do in my life? Why would I need suit trousers when I live in jeans? I prefer to collect good basics and mix them with current trends.

I honestly believe that if you have several items that work with each other, it makes it so easy to put an outfit together. And of course the blazer is key, regardless of your style personality.

And now the fun bit, for research purposes only you understand, I get to have a look at what's around at the moment.

Let's take a trip to Zara first of all. I know that I have moaned about overall quality but I must say that I've never had a problem with their jackets and I love the idea of this black blazer featuring zips and part-leather arms. I've chosen this picture as it looks soooo much better on than off.

Combined Faux Leather Blazer £69.99

A total classic next, the navy blazer with gold buttons. This would be a great 'starter' jacket. I really love the idea of wearing a longer length shirt or a dipped hem. Heels, flats, your choice

Blazer with gold buttons £49.99

Staying with Zara and this jacket is gorgeous. I love the slightly textured fabric (mainly polyester but obviously very cleverly woven). I reckon everyone can wear this colour too. Ladies with a stronger look need to wear a stronger colour underneath eg. navy or black. Again it looks much better on than off.

Raffia Blazer £59.99

Oasis are carrying a classic little number which I can guarantee will be in your wardrobe for many seasons, that is if you can wear black.

Cotton Blazer £52

This one from Top Shop would work really well in the summer with cuffed jeans and a simple white t-shirt. I really love the simplicity and cut of the neckline. It would also look great in the evening with a pair of black cigarette pants and a black silk top.

Skinny Tailored Blazer £48

And if you want to be bang on trend, this Mango oversized blazer will do just the job although I have to say in a couple of seasons it will probably end up in the charity bag. Just enjoy wearing it now!

Oversized Pique Blazer £59.99

Something that will take you right through the summer season and beyond is his jacket from Mango. I have it on good authority from my pal Helen over at The Flaky Fashionista that after being crumpled in a suitcase for a trip to Milan, there wasn't a single crease. Now that's what I call a super jacket.

Crepe Blazer £39.99

A really easy wear jacket from Whistles is the Julia Ponte Blazer. The material is very fluid so is really comfortable. Apologies for the minuscule photo, you can barely see it!

Julia Ponte Blazer £135

Of course there are other shapes of jackets too. I chose the blazer purely because in one guise or another, it never goes out of fashion. I'm still partial to a bit of boucle or leather but I have my basics to fall back on when I can't decide what to wear.

And so, as if by magic here is my before and after shots showing how a plain, boring outfit can be made to look slightly more glamorous by adding just a blazer (oh yes and jewellery and heels, I was hoping you wouldn't mention those).

The blazer is from Mango similar here and here and the jeans are the ones I blogged about last time here.

Must dash, more spring cleaning to do (I am so rock and roll).

Donna x

11 comments on "Blazers And Building A Capsule Wardrobe (boring title but it gets better!)"
  1. I have a really nice cream blazer from Zara (years old) ... I love you in the dreamy cream colours!

  2. I'm with you Donna & so love a good blazer.....I daren't count how many I have in my wardrobe :-0 Love your choices too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. I think you are spot on, Donna, and I have more Jackets than anyone needs. My only problem is I am still reaching for my coats (I am uber nesh) I love your' choices here. I am perplexed, at Zara, I had difficulty finding anything I liked today and when I did try a jacket on (Medium my normal sizing) it was way too small. I am pretty sure I haven't put that much weight on? H x

  4. I've always had a love of jackets but blazers have just started to creep into my wardrobe in the last year! I would love a charcoal grey one & am still on the hunt for a nice black one too! You're so right.....look how they can transform an outfit in an instant! You look gorgeous my dear! Ax

  5. Nothing can beat a good blazer....love how versatile they are! Perfect for dressing up or down! The Zara navy single breasted with gold buttons is gorgeous but have banned myself from buying anymore jackets!! I should in fact be banning myself from buying anything at all as I have way too much of everything!!
    Your Mango one is gorgeous.....my black version is one of the best purchases I have ever made! xx

  6. I love a good blazer, I didn't mention in my recent post is that I like them also as I find them slimming ...... Nice choices, I am going to check out that Next navy one you posted. X

  7. I couldn't agree more about the versatility of blazers. I love them! Thanks for the mention ... it even survived the journey back without a crease, so it's fast becoming my favourite jacket!

  8. Love your outfit Donna, those necklaces are gorgeous and agree I couldn't live without a blazer or tailored jacket at spring time x

  9. I've purchased, worn & parted with quite a few jackets & blazers over the years of working in offices. They are great for me for in betweeny weather when a cardi isn't quite enough. Sort end of winter, early spring. Of course, none of them do up at the moment!

  10. I definitely fall into the plain and boring category of outfit planning! I do want a blazer this Spring though - charcoal grey sounds perfect as it could be dressed up or down for home and work xx

  11. Great selection Donna - for some reason, I feel too corporate in a blazer so I tend to opt for collarless style jackets instead. But I do like the blazer style with the boyfriends as the jeans help to dress it down. Will be trying that now! LOVING the new look - sorry if I'm late to the game on your refresh. I'm so behind with everyone's blogs atm...a weekend of reading lies ahead! Ax