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Marks & Spencer Jeans Or The Story Of How One Pair Became Four

When I get an idea in my head, it just won't go away. So when I woke the other morning thinking "I need new jeans" I felt it best to address this issue sooner rather than later. One pair I told myself, one pair.

I'm a bit of an oddity when it comes to jeans shopping, the sheer thought brings me out in a rash. Long ago have I given up trying different brands expensive, cheap, on trend, frumplicious. The only ones that seem to work for me these days are Marks and Spencer skinnies. I promise I'm not an undercover M&S employee as they have had more than their fair share of mentions on this blog of late.

So off to M&S I trot yet again and immediately picked out my usual staple, the Indigo Skinnies. Size 10L, a perfect fit. I don't even need to try them on. Great colour, they sit ever so slightly below the waist (I promise you they do) and the length is just long enough to allow me to cuff them if I so wish. And they didn't disappoint when I tried them on at home. Excellent!

Indigo Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

Do you remember the jeans post (click here) where I talked about avoiding contrasting stitching if you want to minimise your bum and hips well, have a look at this pair that I've just clocked online...

Indigo Skinny Fit Jeggings

They sit higher on the waist which isn't always a bad thing and are void of contrast stitching, pocket flaps and anything else that draws attention to one's bad bits! Well done M&S.

Anyway back to me!

Limited Edition/Collection, whatever they're called now always come up trumps with jeans but I often find these less comfortable probably because they are a fashion fit and sit quite a bit lower than the natural waistline (well they do on me). However, the supersoft skinny in grey really appealed, the denim really is soft and I love the colour which would work well in my wardrobe (it's actually lighter than it looks online - great for spring). So I had a quiet word with myself and said that if I bought them, one pair must go back. It was after all Frugal February at the time. I tried them on at home but alas I had already fallen in love even though a) they were more uncomfortable than the Indigo pair around the waist and b) a slight camel toe was evident (ooh-err). They should have gone back but didn't. Tags have been cut off and I've worn them once. Big mistake. Don't let me put you off, they really are very nice.

Limited Edition Supersoft Skinny Jeans

I also picked up a pair of white jeggings. I've had several pairs of these in the past and decided to take them home just in case the two pairs above weren't suitable. Lol, lol, lol, the sub-conscious devil in me knew exactly what it was doing. The fit is quite good, slightly loose across the front but that's a good thing given they are summer jeans. I hope they don't stretch too much. As you've probably guessed, these now reside in my wardrobe. Well, I was worried in case they sold out of my size!

Collection 5 Pocket Denim Jeggings White

Lying next to the white jeggings was a pile of black ones so I whipped a pair of these as well but in a medium length. My idea being that I could achieve a 7/8th length which would work really well with ankle boots now but also with sandals in the summer. Boy oh boy, they were so tight around the waist and I wondered if this was due to the fact that the medium had a shorter body length. Out came the tape measure but nope they were exactly the same from waist to crotch as the white ones. I loved the length though so off I trotted back to M&S and took 5 pairs of 10M into the changing room. I think the assistant thought I was up to no good. Persistence paid off as the 4th pair were a perfect fit. I seem to recall reading that there are acceptable seam tolerance limits in the industry so it's always worth trying on another pair. I actually love them so much so that I wore them to London last weekend (blog post here). I think the shorter length works really well.

Collection 5 Pocket Denim Jeggings Black
(the link appears to be playing up but it takes you to the correct style, maybe not the correct colour)

I scratched the jeans itch well and truly with 4 pairs didn't I. Have you had any luck with M&S jeans, do you love them or loath them? Where is your go-to place for denim? I need to know in case I'm missing out.

And so I leave you with a treat. As I was surfing the M&S website, he popped up and took my breath away.

Donna x

16 comments on "Marks & Spencer Jeans Or The Story Of How One Pair Became Four"
  1. I have the black jeggings Donna & they are fantastic! They have been worn to death & I really need to get a new pair & wouldn't hesitate in buying the same again! I really don't know what the fuss is all about with the guy in the bad pale blue slacks?! ;) Ax

    1. I wasn't actually looking at his pale blue slacks Andrea!! The jeggings are great aren't they. I've got a few colours and they are so comfortable. Wish they wouldn't call them jeggings though x

  2. This post made me laugh out loud!!! I think my favourite line was 'Anyway, back to me' LOVE IT!!!! I've heard great things about M&S jeggings, so I'm definitely going to try them this year. I've found that it's the simple Next jeans that always fit me like a glove. And ooh, thank you for the little treat at the end ... sweet dreams to me :)

  3. I love your way of thinking…good to know I am not alone!! I am a fan of Topshop jeans, Baxter and Kirsten ones fit best.
    Thank you for the eye candy ending :)

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  5. M&S jeans (and jeggings) work brilliantly for me too. I'm after some cream jeans this year... Mmmmm lovely! Apart from the blue slacks that is! Lynne x

  6. The treat at the end made me forget everything I've just read...... Oh yes, Next jeans fit me a treat too at the moment, although I'm sure they will change the fit/rise or whatever soon and they won't for much longer! Buying jeans is about as much fun as buying bras. Great post xx

  7. Firstly thanks for posting the white jeggings one - I need some new ones and I like the fact that these have a proper waistband. I can't do the elasticated waisted ones, they don't suit my tummy.

    Jeans buying is in the same camp as boot shopping for me! I have learnt that if I like something then buy 2 pairs at least. I found some amazing skinny jeggings/jeans from TK Maxx and promptly bought 3 pairs (that was 2 years ago and I'm so pleased I did)

    Now on to the eye candy ... gorgeous BUT .. HIS TROUSERS??????

  8. Lol Donna I'm so with you on this once you've found a store that does jeans to fit you it would be rude not to stock up surely?!!!
    Jane xx

  9. I had to laugh, 4 pairs OMG! I've never worn M&S, tried a pair of jeggings on a couple of years ago and found them tight for my normal size, refused to go up one, so put them back. x

  10. Isn't he a hunk?? In fact I've been trying to persuade the Husband to buy those pale blue pants - I LOVE them!! M&S may just have turned it around with him alone lolxxx

  11. Dont like M&S jeans at all.
    The skinnies are always far too baggy on the legs
    I always need to have them taken in!

  12. I've just discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading. I haven't really thought of looking in M&S for jeans but I love the look of the dark indigo skinnies and will go and have a look. Thank you! X

  13. Wow, what a "jeanathon" you had at M&S!! I don't have much luck with them, but my friend absolutely swears by them!........all down to your proportions I guess?! xx

  14. You little devil you Donna! I don't blame you actually - if you know they fit then why not, you may as well stock up while the goings good! I used to live in Gap jeans but now Primark skinnies fit me like a glove, I have a few pairs and am aiming for more! xx

  15. Lol.....4 pairs Donna??!! Loving your justification though....just brilliant! I shall have to try some on after that kind recommendation....just hope I don' t end up coming home with 4 pairs, I fear there would be a divorce on the cards!! xx