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Quick! There's 25% off dresses at ASOS

Ok let's not hang around, this offer might not be on for much longer. And then we'll be kicking ourselves won't we!

First up is this skater dress - ideal for anyone with a waist so that rules me out. Now this could either be a fantastic little purchase or absolutely ghastly. What I mean is the colour. It looks divine on the photo doesn't it and would suit any warm-skinned person. I adore the coral-pink and taupe combination. On the other hand, it really could be as the title suggest, fluoro (aka fluorescent???). You won't know unless you order it! I love the back detail, not sure how to disguise the old brassiere but I'm sure M&S have a solution with one of their 97 way bras.

ASOS Fluro Jacquard Skater Dress Now £48.50

I thought window pane checks may have had their day but nope, I keep seeing them around. This dress looks so crisp and fresh, it's a great length too and the loose fit will hide a multitude of sins. Perfect for dressing up in the evening with heels (cobalt blue would look great) or down in the day with a pair of flat sandals or the new block heel that's all the rage.

Checked Shift Dress With Punch Out Leather Look Sleeve Now £33.50

Staying with ASOS for a suggested shoe as I'm all for continuity but I have seen better which actually means higher in my book (I love a sky scraper heel)

Dune Appoint Blue Pointe Heeled Court Shoe Sadly not in the offer so still £69

I absolutely adore this next dress and had I got a day at the races planned, I might give it a shot although I fear the neckline may be a tad too high for my liking. The colour is of course for a warm tones, no one could doubt that there's yellow in this colour (ASOS call it chartreuse - it's yellow). I avoided pencil dresses like the plague until a couple of years ago when in sheer desperation I tried one on and loved it. A good structured fabric helps suck in all the bits that you don't want hanging out and I suspect this one could do that job perfectly

Pencil Dress With Wrap Front Now £31.50

One of my favourite styles next, the tunic dress. It's an easy wear cut for many body shapes and the colour would work on most skin tones. At this price, it's not going to last forever (I spend more on my Sunday joint for goodness sake) but it's a nice little easy wear day dress.

Turn Back Cuff Tunic Dress Now £14.50

And turning our thoughts to holidays, how about this little number. It would work brilliantly during the day to pop over the bikini swimsuit and super comfy for travelling with a denim jacket and converse.

Pepe Jeans Striped T-Shirt Dress Now £33.50

One for the curvier lady now, this is a really clever pattern which will disguise the lumps and bumps that we don't want others to see. It's probably going to be longer on most people as the model is obviously descendant from the giraffe family at 5ft 11. None of the colours in the dress look as if they would offend any coloured skin tone. Softs may find the pattern a little busy - just put stronger lipstick on (trust me on this).

Curve Shift Dress In Animal Print Now £30

Buy and stash this one for winter. Actually no, tanned legs and a pair of killer heels - fab for those barmy summer nights that we are going to have come July - don't laugh!

Shift In Chain Print Now £28.50

Couldn't resist including a black one and this ticks all the boxes for me except perhaps the summer one, it may be a tad too heavy. Actually I don't care, it's a classic and I love it. The neck sits well, not too high and the bracelet length sleeves are a little bit different to the norm. Gold jewellery for warm skins, silver for cool skins, a pair of killer heels and you've got yourself a dress for life. Remember, a black dress is for life, not just for Christmas!

Ganni Dress With Frilled Hem Now £97.50

The "oh we're going out for dinner, give me 5 seconds to get changed dress" otherwise known as the easiest ever dress to wear. It looks like you've made tons of effort, in reality, you've stuck on your 'hide it all' dress, redone the eyeliner and lipgloss and slung on a pair of shoes. Tardy but who cares.

Esprit Salt and Pepper Knit Front Dress Now £33.50

And finally, here's one for Easter. What? You don't actually buy an Easter bunny dress??? Well, I like it anyway, a nod to the almost holy lady herself, Isabel Marant

Paul & Joe Sister Shirt Dress In Bunny Print Now £116

I could go on and on and on. In fact there were still several hundred dresses I didn't even see. Obviously many of them are ruled out at first glance unless you are under the age of 19, a tall lanky bean and beautiful in which case I suggest you book out the next 3 weeks to peruse the many thousands of dresses that ASOS seem to have. Speaking of which, it was 12 degrees here yesterday and I saw girls in maxi dresses, hard up North we are, hard.

Are there any that tickle your fancy here? I for one love the black one, the bunny one and the yellow pencil dress.

Another day of marvellous weather, ankles were out and not a bit cold. My Stan I Have A Plan plan is padding out nicely. I'm wearing lots of navy and white and I'm now able to add a little beige into the mix by way of the Marks and Spencer jeggings which you can find here. Mind you, I spoilt it by pulling down my sleeves. It was pretty chilly first thing.

It's a good job it's all going to plan because I have had to part with £500 today for 2 new tyres and brake pads. It hurt, it really did as I passed my credit card over thinking, that's a nice pair of shoes!

Until next time

Donna x

9 comments on "Quick! There's 25% off dresses at ASOS"
  1. Oh don't talk to me about cars! I could of had a Chanel handbag for the cost of the gearbox! Lol! I love the printed shift & blue tunic! Some great picks Donna! You look lovely Stan & I'm glad your plan is working! The shoes look great with the outfit! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea, yes the plan is fully operational and working...at the moment x

  2. Wish I could get excited about dresses.....but it's still too darn cold!! Love the chain print shift!! x

    1. It's been really lovely here the last couple of days 15.5 degrees today!! Definitely put me in the mood for a dress or two x

  3. I must attempt a dress purchase this year. I come out in hives just thinking about them as they are out of my comfort zone. x

    1. Dresses are ok for me, it's jeans that stress me out hence my one stop shop at. M&S x

  4. I adore the striped tshirt dress! I might have to check it out. :)

  5. Me too. There's a cheaper one on the Next website at the moment which looks worth a try also x

    1. I ordered the striped tshirt dress for Asos... I'll keep you posted on how it turns out :)