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Two Girls, One Joe Browns Jacket

Let me introduce you to my new little friend, the Quirky Quilted Jacket from Joe Browns' spring collection. I haven't ventured into patterned jacket territory for ooooh more years than I can remember until last summer when I bought a delightful little blue and white number. I'll introduce you to that one another time. So when the nice people from Joe Browns asked me to choose something, I didn't hesitate for a second. It had to be this quilted jacket, not dissimilar to the Zara one that everyone raved about last year.

The Quirky Quilted Jacket £39.95

It's 100% cotton and is machine washable (that's a big yeay from me on both counts). The quilting obviously makes it much warmer than it looks and is perfect for those fresher spring days. And the length is perfect, sitting just above the hips meaning you can team it with shorter and longer tops.

I chose a size 12. If you're in between sizes I think you could comfortably size down as there is definitely room in this jacket.

Coincidentally my pal Andrea over at Cous Cous and Cork Wedges chose the same jacket. We had a chuckle about that and decided to link together. We both kept our styling of the jacket secret from one another and exchanged photos afterwards.

Oh how we laughed. Similar but different I think you will agree. Both choosing a navy loose fitting t-shirt and cuffed jeans. I went with ankle strap flats and Andrea chose a fabulous pair of killer heels. Funny, I decided half way through that I didn't like the blue necklace with this jacket and swapped to a gold one - we are virtual twins! You can see Andrea's review here.

Joe Browns offers something a little bit different to the run-of-the-mill High Street, for the lady and gent who want to be more of an individual. Sheep they're certainly not!

And here are a few of my favourite pieces.

Joe Browns Spring Collection 2014

Next on the blog, some colours to suit EVERYONE!

Donna x
17 comments on "Two Girls, One Joe Browns Jacket"
  1. It was great fun linking up with you on this post Donna! I can't believe we styled it almost identically! LOL! You look great! <3 Ax

  2. Fab jacket and I love how you have both styled it - I was just admiring both of your shoes on Andrea's blog!

    I got a similar one from Monsoon last spring and I'm sure I'll get more wear out of it this year.

    Love your choice of the pretty floral top and green pastel skinnies too.

  3. This is briliiant - still chuckling at the photo where you look like you're say 'Oi - that's my jacket you're wearing!'. Love how you've both styled it - where are your pointed flats from? Love them, Avril x

  4. I just left a comment at Andrea's saying how utterly gorgeous you both look Donna xx The pictures are great xx

  5. Oh you two look AMAZING! Hilarious that you both chose the same thing
    I have the dress bottom right and am yet to take photos - I didn't think about jackets!!!!!

  6. Gorgeous - you both look fab and you know what the jacket looks so different on both of you!! Is it the hair coloring that makes it look different?

  7. Great little jacket....love how you've both styled it!! Looks fab with the blue shoes!! xx

  8. LOVE this jacket and laughing that you both chose the same thing. Really like the styling, and call me perverse, but I actually prefer it with the blue necklace rather than the gold!

  9. that photo side by side is fab. I got the Monsoon Camilla jacket last year which is very similar and proved to be a great little jacket - I like! x

  10. Lovely jacket- though it was Zara straight away. I could imagine it will be very versatile too, and would work really well for casual, for work and for nights out!

  11. Love the first photograph, and love the jacket and the way you and Andrea have styled it. Its a great expression "similar but different" and you two have proved that great minds do think alike !
    Mrs Fashmr has used JBs a bit and their clothes are certainly different. Always good service too!

  12. It is a great little jacket and I think you have both styled it perfectly. I love the side by side photo. H x

  13. Love the jacket Donna - you both look fantastic - great minds and all! Love the pic of you both! I feel inspired to make more of an effort with the glad rags! xx

  14. Fab jacket Donna, love how you've styled it & the cobalt blue shoes look lovely with it.
    Jane xx

  15. Lovely little jacket and believe it or not, I actually really like the coloured necklace with the jacket. It makes it in fashion speak "pop".

    Both of you look great in it and I don't think I would wear it much different myself. It just begs to be worn with jeans doesn't it?

  16. what is the difference between a jacket and parka?
    ladies quilted jacket