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Marks & Spencer...Back On Top?

Well, well, well I knew it was going to be a good summer season for M&S when I saw this magazine spread way back in November last year. Very Victoria Beckham-esque me thinks!

And I haven't been left disappointed!

Last week, I popped into M&S for a bag of carrots, yes carrots. I promised myself not to dilly-dally and go straight to the food hall. So a bag of carrots, 2 tubs of fruit, 4 ready meals (laziness personified) and 3 bottles of champagne (they were half price) later, I was faced with a dilemma. Do I go straight back to my car, do not pass go, do not collect £200 or do I take the long route around the shop? Turning right would have meant passing through the mens suits and kids section, turning left meant walking past shoes and underwear and lots and lots of other nice things. I turned left as I have the willpower of a gnat.

Probably not the brightest thing to do as I have been lusting after the black Autograph cage sandals for weeks. As you probably know from the previous post, they went into the trolly before you could say Jimmy Choo.

Autograph Leather Cage Sandal £55

Of course I couldn't resist looking at some of the other beauties in stock.

I adore these patterned sandals and now realise I need these as well! Well, not actually need but want very, very much. How fab would they look with distressed boyfriend jeans and a plain t-shirt. I really like the idea of keeping everything else simple and letting the feet do the talking.

Limited Edition High Block Heel Platform Shoe £35

Should I be stocking up on Autumn footwear now because the colour of these peep toes is utterly delicious. M&S call it grey. I'd say that's pretty spot on! Black 7/8th skinnies and a black silk shirt (yo me doing double black).

Limited Edition Peeptoe Buckle Shoe £35

Enough! I can't take anymore shoes in my life. It's too emotional deciding which pair of gorgeousness to wear each day.

Determined not to be swayed by anything else, I rejoined the main walkway with blinkers at the ready. But oh dear, look what caught my eye.

Indigo Embroidered Cover-Up Cardigan £55

I'm not normally an Indigo fan but I love this although I think £55 is a little on the steep side for what really is an accessory - I mean, it's not going to keep me warm is it! Hate the knee length jeans but the nude vest looks great. Here it is online....

Am I missing a new trend here? In my mind nothing goes together and I would not have looked twice at this online. It's great in real life though.

And of course the sleeveless jacket that M&S have done so well this season

M&S Collection Longline jacket £49.50

Which was teamed with the cuffed hem jogger. Genius! A pair of statement heels and you've got
easy wear sports luxe.

M&S Collection Cuffed Hem Jogger £29.50

Going back to the jacket, I noticed this one online. I haven't seen it in the flesh but it looks fantastic with the mint top and white jeans.

Limited Collection Long Line Waistcoat £59

I didn't  dare to wander into the Limited section, just viewed from the sidelines as I could have bought so much.

Limited Edition Floral Shell Top £35

Limited Edition Tribal Print Shell Top £25

Limited Edition Organza Geometric Shell Top £35

Limited Edition No-Peep Floral Cropped Blouse £35

Enough! I can't take anymore. I feel quite faint. 

Well Marks & Spencer has come in for more than it's fair share of criticism over the last few years but looking at the last couple of seasons, I think it's back where it belongs. Bravo M&S. Long may your reign continue.

What's your view of this High Street institution. Do you love or hate? 

Donna x


Once Upon A Smile Grand Ball And Outfit Dilemmas

"We're going to a ball" said my husband last Monday. "Oh when?" I replied. "Saturday" he said. Shhhhhiiiiittt! 

What am I going to wear? I don't really do ball gowns these days, in fact the only long ones I own are of the maxi variety - strictly for sunshine destinations! Turns out that this isn't the usual stuffy corporate affair, it's the Once Upon A Smile ball which attracts a much younger crowd which means of course a less rigid dress code. Well thank the Lord for small mercies.

And so off I trotted to John Lewis for a quick scoot around - determined not to venture any further afield. I spotted this black jumpsuit in Phase Eight and it fitted like a glove. Perfect! It was purchased.

That was until I got home and darling husband said he didn't like it! Back to the drawing board. So, the daughter and I went through my wardrobe and surprisingly we found options (lots of options actually). I eventually settled on this Baukjen dress that I purchased last year and had never worn. Ok yes it's safe but it's also extremely comfy. The ruching from the waist down is very flattering and provides an optical illusion of the greatest degree ie. covers the belly! 

It was teamed with an old pair of Karen Millen dove grey patent leather stilettos and bag, Zara crystal necklace and Tiffany bracelet. I didn't have time to even go to the hairdresser so had to make-do with my trusty Babyliss Big Hair. 

The event itself was unbelievable, a fundraising ball for the Once Upon A Smile Charity. This was set up in 2011 by actors, Daniel Jillings and Danny Miller and provides financial support, respite breaks and bereavement counselling for parents, children and siblings who have lost loved ones. 

Daniel told us about a chap who had lost his wife 3 years ago, leaving behind a son. Daniel and Danny visited him at home to find out if there was anything they could help with. The chap said he wanted his wife home for Christmas. Heartbreakingly impossible! But they discovered that due to financial hardship, the chap had been unable to pay off the funeral debt and so his wife's ashes remained at the undertakers. Within half an hour, the trustees had paid off the debt and he did indeed have his wife home for Christmas. Touching stuff hey? You can find out more about the fantastic work that these fellas do here.

They pulled out all the stops on the night at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester. The venue was peppered with soap stars from Emmerdale to Hollyoakes and Corrie, all very beautiful and very young! As we arrived, there was rather a large number of 'paps' waiting. I chickened the red carpet walk and entered  via the side door! There were some stunning dresses, long and short, a visual extravaganza.  And the entertainment was, shall we say, jam-packed, the hi-light for me being  Katrina And The Waves. She was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Well two consecutive nights of mixing with 'young people' and I felt drained yesterday. So after the son's football match it was a date with the sofa and my slippers (rock and roll).

You can follow Once Upon A Star here on Facebook or Twitter. The guys do an amazing job and have come so far in 3 years. 

Oh and the jumpsuit? It's safely tucked away in the back of my wardrobe. The hubby might not like it but he'll have to lump it next time. 

Donna x


Old Kid On The Block

A very dear friend of my daughter turned 18 and guess what, we were invited to her party. Camilla is shall we say, a chilled, indie sort of girl who actually didn't mind us oldies being there (rewind back to my own daughter's 18th in September and adults were banned from the marquee, we had to make do with peering through the kitchen window).
First up, what does one wear to a teenager's house party? I mean I'd hate to embarrass my own daughter. So I settled for Next distressed, slim boy fit jeans (here), black cross over Zara top (old), H&M cream blazer (here) and M&S cage shoes (here). Yes I caved in and bought them. I was originally going to wait until I received my quarterly vouchers but kept hyper-ventilating in case they sold out. I may also have to get them in the nude (here) as they are lush . M&S call them grey. I stand by nude.

Apologies for the bathroom shot, the lighting was awful last night at home.

We arrived before the majority of the partygoers. For those of you who are not familiar with 18 year olds, it's the norm to do pre-drinks elsewhere. God forbid anyone arriving before 10pm! But oh at 10pm, arrive they did, in their droves. There were a hundred or so of them. I would have been freaking out, they were like little ants invading every room, upstairs and down (and there are lots of rooms to invade). 

And here is Camilla. She received a stunning ring from her parents, I'm sure it will be treasured for many, many years.

The girls of course didn't let the side down, a mixture of little dresses, jumpsuits and trousers. Having watched them grow up over the years, it's great to see their own style developing rather than being sheep! You may recognise my daughter, Ash from this post. She's in the yellow skirt in this photo. 

Gorgeous girls! Mind you, I'll never get my head around the great big clod-hoppers that the girls wear. There are far too many gorgeous shoes to waste one's life on fugly ones! 

I know it isn't the best quality but I love this photo. Some of the party girls with Linda, the hostess with the mostess.

I love how all the guys actually dress up these days, many sporting blazers and 'proper' grown-up shoes. Silly billy, they are grown up! Here is Will looking very swish with Ashleigh.

And even the husband scrubbed up (apologies for the shocking quality of photos - iPhones and no light - not a great combination).  Hmmm that yellow skirt seems to be appearing on rather a lot of these photos. My 13 year old made a brief appearance in front of the camera too.

And so at a very respectable hour, we left the hardened party goers to it and headed home. It would appear that another 18th celebration is on the agenda tonight. A Levels? What A Levels. 

I'm off to bed for some kip as we're going to the Once Upon A Smile Grand Ball tonight in Manchester. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Donna x

Your Feet Have A Personality Too

Do you remember my post about discovering your style personality some time ago (here)? Well, your personality really does shine through your feet. Yes really!

Now I have a reasonable vast shoe collection from the down right practical wellies to the to sky scraping, topple-over-after-a-few-vodkas, strappy stilettos. So you could say I'm a mixed bag when it comes to style personality. But here me out. Yes I do have all bases covered when it comes to footwear. Shoes are never a problem in my wardrobe, I have a pair for any occasion you can throw at me. Indeed I have several choices for any occasion that you can throw at me. But, when faced with a choice, I gravitate towards a certain style.

Take for example the other morning. I'd popped on a pair of jeans, breton top and blazer (my usual attire for a day of errands). Now I had a footwear choice to make.

  1. Bright blue ankle strap pointed shoe
  2. Snakeskin skate shoes: bang on trend. Need I say more
  3. White Converse: still in were in  pristine condition after 12 months of wear (see footnote below) much to the daughter's annoyance, big turn-up on the jeans and I could pass as a reasonably hip mamma(??)
  4. Grey Gazelles: comfortable, trendy, would work really well with the outfit
Here's where my personality really took over. I went for number 1. I prefer more lady-like shoes, detail, colour, sexy....

All would have worked equally well but I chose the blue shoes because I felt more 'me' in them. This is why I didn't want to pay oodles of money for the skate shoes as deep down I knew I was following a trend rather than my own style. I will always choose something else in my wardrobe over and above them.

You know the phrase being comfortable in your own skin. Well that's style personality, being comfortable in what you're wearing. I don't mean from a dodgy elastic waistband point of view either, more feeling happy about what you're wearing  and being totally at ease.

Am I making sense?

For research purposes I planned on doing a little shopping to illustrate the different style personalities according to shoes. But for some reason the husband didn't think that this was a good idea at all. Indeed, he said something along the lines of, 'use your own bloody shoes, you've obviously got enough because I keep tripping over them'.

And so I did. Let me introduce to you style personalities according to Donna's shoes.

Left: Romantic, Middle: Classic, Right: Creative

First up, we have the lovely Romantic. Pretty, delicate detail, she loves bows and butterflies and touchy-feely fabrics. I'm not adverse to these but I prefer the shape more than the pattern.

Next is our Classic, always smart and understated. Prefers a proper court shoe with a mid heel in classic colours such as navy, black, taupe. I think I was having a Catherine moment when I bought these (never worn!).

And then we have our Creative. Someone who is not afraid to be different. Vintage shoes may be mixed with High Street finds and different colours and textures. I'm totally flummoxed when and why I bought these and I really don't remember wearing them but the state of the heel says otherwise. I had to blow the dust off of them but I guess that adds to the vintage feel.

Left: Dramatic, Middle: Natural, Right: City-Chic

Moving on to our total fashionista now, the Dramatic. Twelve months ago, I would have been showing you a leopard print platform shoe as these were selling like hot cakes. This year the hot trend is block heel, less fussy and bright colours i.e. yellow. She has to have whatever is current regardless of comfort and practicality.

Ooooh our Natural she's not going to stand for digging and pinching. Comfort is the name of the game and there are oodles of fantastic shoes out at the moment ideal for the Natural girl. Shoe heaven this year with all the fugly ones out there. She won't look forward to wearing heels, preferring flats but will wear them if the occasion requires. Mind you, she'll be the one walking bare-footed at the end of the evening.

And finally, we have the City Chic, elegance and timeless is what she craves. Her clothes will be immaculate and co-ordinate easily. Think lady on the French Riviera. Her shoes will be simple and often expensive as she saves up for the very best. But they will serve her well for years to come.

Interesting hey? I guess I fall between a City Chic and Dramatic if you're wondering. Have you spotted yourself? Do you fall into more than one category? That's ok, ladies often do. More than 2 and I think you might have a pretty full and chaotic wardrobe. Oh and you'll be the one who shouts out, I have absolutely nothing to wear.

Footnote 1: my converse were pristine when I started writing this blog post earlier today. Unfortunately I suffered a flat tyre on a very busy road during rush hour (the A34 at Cheadle for anyone who knows the area). The Green Flag man made me stand in some bushes for 'safety' reasons. I was more worried about the shoes getting dirty than the ruddy flat tyre!

Footnote 2: I hope you appreciate the trials and tribulations I go to to bring these blog posts. Here is the result of this experiment. My bedroom is trashed!

And now I'm off to tidy up. Enjoy your evening.

Donna x

p.s if you look to the right hand side of this blog, you will see my current lusts. How gorgeous are the blue perspex block heel sandals. Have a guess where they are from (click on the picture to find out).


Cocktails And White Blazers

I'm back from my very mini mini-break and so thought I would update you on whether my capsule wardrobe (mentioned here) worked. It did! But more about that later. Let's rewind a little to the middle of last week.

I'd already decided that I would take just one jacket, a white blazer as I really didn't have enough room in my case for another. Outfits were therefore planned around this, that is, travelling there and back plus two evenings. All was going swimmingly well until the daughter mentioned that she would be taking her white blazer too. At which point, I had a full on strop. I think looking like ice-cream men was mentioned at one point. We ended up compromising. She could take hers but not travel in it. Phew.

And then my mum-in-law (who was coming along too) rang and asked if she would be warm enough in her white blazer. What is this? White blazer-gate? I ever so gently suggested it might be much more suitable to wear her leather jacket. I needn't have worried, she rocked up in the most fantastic pink floral blazer which I now realise I need too.

The weather was mixed - it always is in April. We had a hot and sunny day, a warm and cloudy day and a chucking-it-down-miserable-Manchester-kind-of-a-day. I am pleased to report that my careful planning paid off and I had sufficient clothes to meet all occasions although I was slightly concerned about the Gazelles getting wet.

I think these pictures tell the story better than I ever could.

Indoors and out, the spa is a welcome relief from the rain.

Lunch on the beach at Tramps Bar. Husband had a sense of humour failure when he got the bill for 100 euros for a dish of paella. Whoops!

The blazer

Cocktails and shenanigans at Astral Cocktail Bar. It seems strange to be drinking alcohol with your daughter but she is nearly 19. Still seems wrong! Our table looked like a garden centre at one point with all the greenery.

You will be pleased to know that the white blazer came back from its travels as clean as it left. Not sure how, but it did.

Here are a selection of similar blazers that I have found online at the moment.

Hope everyone has had a brilliant Easter. I'm off to eat an egg. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Donna x

A Day At The Races Kaleidoscope Style

I'm often asked to put a look together for certain events by various retail outlets but this latest one definitely floats my boat.

Kaleidoscope who you may remember from my blog post here recently got in touch to ask if I would be interested in putting a look together for a day at the races. Yes sireee. I love the races. All the anticipation of what to wear, the glamour, the champagne, sunshine and sheer exhilaration when the horses and riders thunder past just yards from where you're standing. What is there not to love? Ok, so I'm the first to admit that I never really win anything. I tend to pick my horses by the jockey's shirt colour. What? I like the colours. Last year at Epsom I tried to act clever and bet on what I thought were the odds. Turned out it was the jockeys' weights. I'll stick to shirt colours.

Anyway, back to the challenge. The brief was pretty simple. Create an outfit for a glamorous day at the races. Now this was easy as Kaleidoscope has an excellent range of formal wear.

A Day At The Races With Kaleidoscope

The dress I chose is from their own collection and is £59, a great price. It certainly is a statement dress but can be worn over and over again with different accessories; on holiday, to a wedding, even a  Christmas event. I always look for dresses that are versatile. It nips in at the waist but without too much excess material and is knee length so would allow you into any royal enclosure.

Block Stripe Dress

For me, a day at the races is all about colour so the shoes have to be bright. I chose these because although high, they are on a slight platform so should be fairly comfortable. Yes I know that I will no doubt sink into the grass and a wedge would be better but I don't do practical on posh occasions. 

Heine Suede Court Shoes

I don't tend to do matchy-matchy in my normal day to day life but this is NOT normal so I can bend the rules with this little bolero can't I. It's also somewhat practical if indeed it's a tad cold on the day. I certainly won't be one of those women gracing the pages of the tabloids with barely any clothes on pretending they are so not fazed by the freezing temperatures. 

Alexon Sateen Jacket

Now I could have moved off plan with the hat but I was on such a roll with Kaleidoscope that I chose this one which is a Jacques Vert. I really love that there is a spot in the material which is in complete contrast to the stripe in the dress. Little things but they matter!

Jacques Vert Spot Brim Hat

The handbag is fairly plain, it doesn't need to be a statement bag. The dress and shoes are doing the talking.

Heine Clutch Bag

Sunglasses are of course essential. I mean no fashion blogger would be seen without them (lol). And check these out, I didn't even know Kaleidoscope stocked designer brands.

Just Cavalli Sunglasses

And to finish it off,  a nail colour that I'm totally in love with at the moment and have featured on the blog before here, the OPI Gwen Stefani range

OPI Nail Polish

So that's the outfit sorted. Now for the race course. Well it would have to be Ascot, Ladies Day of course. Lots of champagne, beautiful canap├ęs, fabulous meal and a stunning view from the balcony (I wouldn't have to worry about the shoes getting dirty would I). Oh and the company? The husband of course! We always have an amazing time at the races. Here I am at Epsom last year. 

Well that was a different post from me,  sorry to be indulgent but I loved doing it.

Donna x


Packing For A Mini Break - Easier Said Than Done

A cheeky few days away in Spain are on the cards for us shortly, it could have been longer but for some reason the 13 year old seems to want to go with his school buddies to the Sporting Lisbon Academy for 4 days. I really don't understand why he would prefer to play football instead of spending time with his family!!! It means that our little break has been reduced from 4 nights to 3 (sad face) otherwise he would be finding his own way back from the airport.

It's always a dilemma knowing what to pack for the Costa del Sol in April as the weather is so unpredictable. One day it can be sunny and warm, the next raining and windy. I have been known to  categorically throw a strop and say that I am never ever going back at Easter. We always do!

Given the fact that we only ever take hand luggage and, I have to be prepared for every eventuality, this can be difficult in a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm suitcase. Suitcase? Pah? You would be hard pressed to get a suit in it. Last time our daughter was slapped with a 50 euros fine, the husband was not happy. But I think I've cracked it - just. 

Puerto Banus is much more casual out of season and so I can get a way with wearing jeans and flat-ish shoes in the evening. Come the height of summer and we are talking full on glamour, well that's if you want to be in with the crowd. I'm getting a little too old and jaded for all that.

Here is what I plan to take:

3 pairs of jeans (1 for travelling)
3 tops (1 for travelling)
2 pairs of shorts
2 day time tops
2 bikinis (there will be no pictures to follow)
1 belt (the shorts look better with a belt!)
sweatpants and light sweatshirt (for colder days - it won't be cold she says confidently)
white blazer (for travelling and evening wear)
1 bag (sob - yes, just one)
1 pair of block heel sandals
1 pair of flat sandals
1 pair of trainers (for travelling)

Normally I sneak a few bits into my son's bag but sadly I won't be able to do that this time. 

I'm really, really not feeling the love for my shorts anymore, they are far too short for anything other than the beach. But longer shorts just make me look like a frump. I happened to mention it on Twitter  and thanks to fellow Twitter-ers (is that a word?),  I now have several options that I need to explore but sadly for this holiday I won't have time. 

We have a twin-city/beach holiday coming up in the summer and I would like  to find an alternative to shorts. Something that will be acceptable for both sightseeing and beachwear. I'm therefore looking to replace my dresses. I've done the whole swanning around in a maxi dress thing but I end up getting hot and bothered - it's like a furness under there! And so there will be rules to the new ones: they must have short sleeves (don't want any burnt shoulders), above the knee but not too short and  slightly loose fitting. 

Surprisingly there aren't many around at the moment but I did find this one in Next. It's actually a tunic but is an acceptable length, admittedly you wouldn't want it any shorter. The model online must be 6 ft 5 as it would be positively indecent on her without jeans. I promise you, I've tried it on and it's ok lengthwise. Consider it purchased.

I think it will serve me well with flat white sandals and a navy bag for our city breaks and then it can be relegated to a beach cover up the following week. 

It also comes in grey and navy

There are other dresses that I have discovered but I haven't had the chance to actually see them in the flesh so expect a follow up post soon.

Have a fantastic Easter everyone, it's been great so far. And please do share your holiday purchases with me. I am determined to get it right this year (lol, lol, lol).

Donna x


Choosing The Right Sunglasses...It Really Does Matter!

We're talking all things sunglasses today although I am questioning if there is still a sun behind those clouds. It's been truly vile here in Cheshire over the last few weeks. That said I am one of those people that wears sunglasses all year round not because I think I'm an A lister or anything but out of pure need. I only have to look upwards and I sneeze. It's not good.

It goes without saying that I have several many pairs although I tend to have a current favourite that I wear to death - aviators at the moment after wearing a pair of tarty Roberto Cavalli's for the last 6 months or so.  I woke up one morning and really didn't like them anymore, it was as simple as that. 

I don't think you have to spend oodles of money on designer brands as long as they are marked as a minimum with lenses that are UV400 protected. Alternatively they may carry the CE mark which is also acceptable. That said, I tend to gravitate to the higher end just because I love the designs. Although after conducting research for this post, I'm off to have a closer look at some of the High Street brands in particular M&S and Next who seem to have a fantastic selection. Expect to see me trying them on very shortly.

 If you're planning on investing in new sunnies this year, I think there are 3 things that you should consider;
1. Your face shape  
2. Your colouring 
3. Your frame (body) size 

Let's have a look at these in more detail

 Face shape 

The trick is to choose a frame that is opposite to the shape of your face to balance out your features. The easiest way to assess your face shape is to take your hair back and look through the mirror. If it isn't obvious, draw the outline of your face on the mirror using lipstick. What shape do you see? 

Oval: arguably the most 'ideal' face shape and suits most styles. This is because the face is in proportion and therefore doesn't need balancing at all. So you can have lots of fun experimenting!

Splurge on Oscar De La Renta Tortoiseshell & Gold £265 

Or save with Mark & Spencer Retro Frames £17.50

Square & Oblong: Both face shapes are quite angular particularly at the jaw and hair lines (the photo of the oblong face above really isn't very good, just imagine a stretched square!). Therefore in order to 'soften' and balance the look, your sunglasses should be rounder. Avoid angular frames as these will only hilight the squareness 

Splurge on Oakley Black Backhand £150

Or Save with Marks & Spencer Round Framed £15

Round: a round face shape suits a a squarer frame. Wearing for example John Lennon glasses will only accentuate the roundness where as more angular glasses will detract from it. 

Splurge on Prada Classic £180

Or save with Ben de Lisi pink tortoise shell £25

Heart: wearing frames that are wider than the face will make the lower part look too narrow so in order to balance, look for frames that are slightly smaller than the width of your head.  It's probably best to avoid wrap-arounds although frameless glasses will work well as they sit fairly.

Splurge on Miu Miu frameless £190

Or save with Marks & Spencer Baroque £15



I could break down the colours for each individual colour palette (as described here) but firstly, this post would become the size of a reasonable sized novel and secondly I could be sued for fraud because I pay little attention to this myself. Instead I prefer to work purely on skin tone. You will either be warm or cooled skinned (discover yours here)

A warm skin tone will most certainly look better in gold, brown, green, tawny (this applies to frames and lenses of course)

I love these from Next, the frame and lens would suit any warm skinned woman.

Next Tortoiseshell Effect Nude Arm Sunglasses £17.50

and staying with Next, if you want something with a little sparkle

Next Tortoiseshell Effect With Sparkle Detail Sunglasses £15

I really like the unusual olive tortoiseshell of these Michael Kors, they remind me of an old pair of Gucci's I had many moons ago. I sat on them, it was a very sad day.

Michael Kors Olive Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £105


All gold (not real, obviously!) aviators

Dorothy Perkins Gold Barcelona Sunglasses £8

I think you can get the general idea of 'warm' tones from this selection so lets move on to cool skin tones. You're going to look best in silver, black, grey and cool blues.

A little Cavalli-esque with the diamante trim first of all. 

Dorothy Perkins Black Diamante Sunglasses £12

I can't say that I have ever owned a pair of Tom Ford's but I am in love with this pair in blue (shame I'm warm skinned).

Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses £229

I know there's a lot going on with this next pair but I actually think they would look stunning on someone who has really dark or grey hair.

Next Grey Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £20

I had to include these little beauties, silver aviators with pink lenses. Stunningly simple.

Ray-Ban Silverer and Pink Aviators £135

Frame/Body Size

Ok this is dead easy to work out. You will either be petite, average or a larger frame.

Huge sunnies will overwhelm a petite lady, indeed they will not only cover her eyes but most of her cheeks and forehead. Not the general idea! Stick to smaller frames.

And of course ladies of a larger frame can really look out of proportion if they choose frames that are too small. Go large ladies, go large.

Average framed ladies can really choose either - lucky them!

A Final Note About Aviators

So if I've managed to confuse you even more here's a little tip, have a look at Aviators. They are probably the most universally suited frames that I can think of. You're spoilt for choice on the High Street as well as the original Ray-Bans who seem to produce them in many different colours each year.

ASOS Silver £10 

ASOS Gold £10

ASOS Blue Mirrors £12

Mango Green £17.99

Ray-Ban Arista Frame, Green Lens £170

Ray-Ban Red Sport Luxe £153 (love, love, love these)

D&G Acetates £115

So two things I'll take from this blog post:

1. Retailers don't make 'showing' sunglasses on blogs very easy. I wish they would pose them all the same way! It messes with my head.

2. I think I need new sunglasses

Until next time

Donna x