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Choosing The Right Sunglasses...It Really Does Matter!

We're talking all things sunglasses today although I am questioning if there is still a sun behind those clouds. It's been truly vile here in Cheshire over the last few weeks. That said I am one of those people that wears sunglasses all year round not because I think I'm an A lister or anything but out of pure need. I only have to look upwards and I sneeze. It's not good.

It goes without saying that I have several many pairs although I tend to have a current favourite that I wear to death - aviators at the moment after wearing a pair of tarty Roberto Cavalli's for the last 6 months or so.  I woke up one morning and really didn't like them anymore, it was as simple as that. 

I don't think you have to spend oodles of money on designer brands as long as they are marked as a minimum with lenses that are UV400 protected. Alternatively they may carry the CE mark which is also acceptable. That said, I tend to gravitate to the higher end just because I love the designs. Although after conducting research for this post, I'm off to have a closer look at some of the High Street brands in particular M&S and Next who seem to have a fantastic selection. Expect to see me trying them on very shortly.

 If you're planning on investing in new sunnies this year, I think there are 3 things that you should consider;
1. Your face shape  
2. Your colouring 
3. Your frame (body) size 

Let's have a look at these in more detail

 Face shape 

The trick is to choose a frame that is opposite to the shape of your face to balance out your features. The easiest way to assess your face shape is to take your hair back and look through the mirror. If it isn't obvious, draw the outline of your face on the mirror using lipstick. What shape do you see? 

Oval: arguably the most 'ideal' face shape and suits most styles. This is because the face is in proportion and therefore doesn't need balancing at all. So you can have lots of fun experimenting!

Splurge on Oscar De La Renta Tortoiseshell & Gold £265 

Or save with Mark & Spencer Retro Frames £17.50

Square & Oblong: Both face shapes are quite angular particularly at the jaw and hair lines (the photo of the oblong face above really isn't very good, just imagine a stretched square!). Therefore in order to 'soften' and balance the look, your sunglasses should be rounder. Avoid angular frames as these will only hilight the squareness 

Splurge on Oakley Black Backhand £150

Or Save with Marks & Spencer Round Framed £15

Round: a round face shape suits a a squarer frame. Wearing for example John Lennon glasses will only accentuate the roundness where as more angular glasses will detract from it. 

Splurge on Prada Classic £180

Or save with Ben de Lisi pink tortoise shell £25

Heart: wearing frames that are wider than the face will make the lower part look too narrow so in order to balance, look for frames that are slightly smaller than the width of your head.  It's probably best to avoid wrap-arounds although frameless glasses will work well as they sit fairly.

Splurge on Miu Miu frameless £190

Or save with Marks & Spencer Baroque £15



I could break down the colours for each individual colour palette (as described here) but firstly, this post would become the size of a reasonable sized novel and secondly I could be sued for fraud because I pay little attention to this myself. Instead I prefer to work purely on skin tone. You will either be warm or cooled skinned (discover yours here)

A warm skin tone will most certainly look better in gold, brown, green, tawny (this applies to frames and lenses of course)

I love these from Next, the frame and lens would suit any warm skinned woman.

Next Tortoiseshell Effect Nude Arm Sunglasses £17.50

and staying with Next, if you want something with a little sparkle

Next Tortoiseshell Effect With Sparkle Detail Sunglasses £15

I really like the unusual olive tortoiseshell of these Michael Kors, they remind me of an old pair of Gucci's I had many moons ago. I sat on them, it was a very sad day.

Michael Kors Olive Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £105


All gold (not real, obviously!) aviators

Dorothy Perkins Gold Barcelona Sunglasses £8

I think you can get the general idea of 'warm' tones from this selection so lets move on to cool skin tones. You're going to look best in silver, black, grey and cool blues.

A little Cavalli-esque with the diamante trim first of all. 

Dorothy Perkins Black Diamante Sunglasses £12

I can't say that I have ever owned a pair of Tom Ford's but I am in love with this pair in blue (shame I'm warm skinned).

Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses £229

I know there's a lot going on with this next pair but I actually think they would look stunning on someone who has really dark or grey hair.

Next Grey Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £20

I had to include these little beauties, silver aviators with pink lenses. Stunningly simple.

Ray-Ban Silverer and Pink Aviators £135

Frame/Body Size

Ok this is dead easy to work out. You will either be petite, average or a larger frame.

Huge sunnies will overwhelm a petite lady, indeed they will not only cover her eyes but most of her cheeks and forehead. Not the general idea! Stick to smaller frames.

And of course ladies of a larger frame can really look out of proportion if they choose frames that are too small. Go large ladies, go large.

Average framed ladies can really choose either - lucky them!

A Final Note About Aviators

So if I've managed to confuse you even more here's a little tip, have a look at Aviators. They are probably the most universally suited frames that I can think of. You're spoilt for choice on the High Street as well as the original Ray-Bans who seem to produce them in many different colours each year.

ASOS Silver £10 

ASOS Gold £10

ASOS Blue Mirrors £12

Mango Green £17.99

Ray-Ban Arista Frame, Green Lens £170

Ray-Ban Red Sport Luxe £153 (love, love, love these)

D&G Acetates £115

So two things I'll take from this blog post:

1. Retailers don't make 'showing' sunglasses on blogs very easy. I wish they would pose them all the same way! It messes with my head.

2. I think I need new sunglasses

Until next time

Donna x
9 comments on "Choosing The Right Sunglasses...It Really Does Matter!"
  1. Donna I think you've given me the perfect reason *excuse* to go sunglasses shopping!!! Thank you ;-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I think, looking at this, that my sunglasses may be slightly the wrong shape for me. Oh Bugger I will have to go and look for some more!!!! THANKS H xx

  3. I've never given the style or colour of my sunglasses that much thought....thankfully I think my face shape is oval so I suit most I hope! Great post Donna x

  4. I have a couple of warm toned (probably too large for me) frames and recent cool-toned aviators so bit of a mixed bag! This post is making me want to stick my lenses in so I can don my sunnies (obviously not at this time of night though!) xx

  5. I will no doubt be refering to this post often! I shamefully own one pair & bored is an understatement! I think I'm a heart shape as I have the Brucie bonus chin! Will be studying myself in the mirror tomorrow & be off trying on every pair of sunglasses in sight next week! xx

  6. Some great picks and great advice here Donna. I always splurge on sunnies, just like bags,struggle to go steal. I saved up for the Chanel mirrored aviator in 2012 the ones with the chain arms and at just shy of £400 they were worth it on a cost per wear basis, I still love them but it meant I had hardly any new clothes for months x

  7. Love it, you have just explained it all...I am officially a square head so maybe the aviators and Raybans I have been wearing add to my squareness..?! Off to look to round ones...actually my prescription sunglasses are round and they are my most expensive so happy days xx

  8. Oh I LOVE this thread. How fantastic and YES I've been wearing the right glasses for years. Super pleased. I have to say though I am a huge huge glasses snob and do spend on them, like Sharron says, cost per wear they are so so worth it. x

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