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Packing For A Mini Break - Easier Said Than Done

A cheeky few days away in Spain are on the cards for us shortly, it could have been longer but for some reason the 13 year old seems to want to go with his school buddies to the Sporting Lisbon Academy for 4 days. I really don't understand why he would prefer to play football instead of spending time with his family!!! It means that our little break has been reduced from 4 nights to 3 (sad face) otherwise he would be finding his own way back from the airport.

It's always a dilemma knowing what to pack for the Costa del Sol in April as the weather is so unpredictable. One day it can be sunny and warm, the next raining and windy. I have been known to  categorically throw a strop and say that I am never ever going back at Easter. We always do!

Given the fact that we only ever take hand luggage and, I have to be prepared for every eventuality, this can be difficult in a 55cm x 40cm x 20cm suitcase. Suitcase? Pah? You would be hard pressed to get a suit in it. Last time our daughter was slapped with a 50 euros fine, the husband was not happy. But I think I've cracked it - just. 

Puerto Banus is much more casual out of season and so I can get a way with wearing jeans and flat-ish shoes in the evening. Come the height of summer and we are talking full on glamour, well that's if you want to be in with the crowd. I'm getting a little too old and jaded for all that.

Here is what I plan to take:

3 pairs of jeans (1 for travelling)
3 tops (1 for travelling)
2 pairs of shorts
2 day time tops
2 bikinis (there will be no pictures to follow)
1 belt (the shorts look better with a belt!)
sweatpants and light sweatshirt (for colder days - it won't be cold she says confidently)
white blazer (for travelling and evening wear)
1 bag (sob - yes, just one)
1 pair of block heel sandals
1 pair of flat sandals
1 pair of trainers (for travelling)

Normally I sneak a few bits into my son's bag but sadly I won't be able to do that this time. 

I'm really, really not feeling the love for my shorts anymore, they are far too short for anything other than the beach. But longer shorts just make me look like a frump. I happened to mention it on Twitter  and thanks to fellow Twitter-ers (is that a word?),  I now have several options that I need to explore but sadly for this holiday I won't have time. 

We have a twin-city/beach holiday coming up in the summer and I would like  to find an alternative to shorts. Something that will be acceptable for both sightseeing and beachwear. I'm therefore looking to replace my dresses. I've done the whole swanning around in a maxi dress thing but I end up getting hot and bothered - it's like a furness under there! And so there will be rules to the new ones: they must have short sleeves (don't want any burnt shoulders), above the knee but not too short and  slightly loose fitting. 

Surprisingly there aren't many around at the moment but I did find this one in Next. It's actually a tunic but is an acceptable length, admittedly you wouldn't want it any shorter. The model online must be 6 ft 5 as it would be positively indecent on her without jeans. I promise you, I've tried it on and it's ok lengthwise. Consider it purchased.

I think it will serve me well with flat white sandals and a navy bag for our city breaks and then it can be relegated to a beach cover up the following week. 

It also comes in grey and navy

There are other dresses that I have discovered but I haven't had the chance to actually see them in the flesh so expect a follow up post soon.

Have a fantastic Easter everyone, it's been great so far. And please do share your holiday purchases with me. I am determined to get it right this year (lol, lol, lol).

Donna x

11 comments on "Packing For A Mini Break - Easier Said Than Done"
  1. Fab capsule packing Donna & I love the look of that Next dress too. Have a great time.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Some gorgeous items there - I love the Next tunics

  3. I'm off to the same place in three weeks and again for our annual holiday in August, I think I've been 12 times now, can't be bothered to go anyway else and like you, we are normally hand baggage only, no problem for me for a week, certainly not a problem in May for four days, but August for 9 nights, 10 days - lets say that will be a packing challenge! When I went for a week last May we didn't have one day of sunshine, it's looking better this year 22/23 and sunny at the mo! xx

  4. Amazing compact packing there Donna! You know what to expect which is fab because I bet I would have gone on the same trip being highly confident that the weather would be wonderful and I would probably have had to buy a whole new wardrobe whilst I was away!! Believe me, this has happened to me in the Canaries in May.....when you expect weather in the 70's no?! Wishing you a wonderful time xx

  5. have a fab time my Sister-in-law is there now 72 and sunny! Short length can be tricky.... too short is a no no and too long you look like you should be doing 18 holes at Aloha. I have found my length and it's 4 to 41/2 inch but I am a shortie! x

  6. I think you've cracked it Donna! It looks like the perfectly packed bag to me! Toiletries are always my biggest pain in the bum! I always want to take too many even though you can buy stuff when you're there! The tunics look great & dresses are my next hurdle! Have a wonderful time Darl! xx

  7. Lovely outfit selection, it all goes together so nicely! We're off down to Wales for a week so goodness only knows how much weather proof wear I will need, at least I can stuff the car full!

  8. well done you darling that looks amazing. Although I did think - oh my god she's taking swimming hats, when I realised it was in fact your bikinis.... oops! I'm still scarred by having to go to a wedding in Italy two years ago for 4 days and only being allowed to take hand luggage. Scarred I tell you. Have a fantastic time sweetheart and looking forward to catching up when you get back. Oh, I have to say, my find of the century has been those Whistles Maya dresses. Amazing.

  9. Great packing! I kinda' like the challenge of the carry-on luggage malarkey. My proudest claim was going to Jersey for a week's hols and still comiing home with two tops unworn! Sometimes there are advantages to being small!! Have a wonderful time in Spain and hope the sun shines for you x

  10. I've not had to pack this way for a while -good job too as I'm a proper 'kitchen sink' person! Apart from the 'bag' thing - one wouldn't bother me at all! Funny isn't it? Have a great time! xx

  11. Have a great time! I struggled to pack just a cabin bag for Amsterdam marathon last year so the idea of mini break clothes in a cabin size bag hurts my head.