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Your Feet Have A Personality Too

Do you remember my post about discovering your style personality some time ago (here)? Well, your personality really does shine through your feet. Yes really!

Now I have a reasonable vast shoe collection from the down right practical wellies to the to sky scraping, topple-over-after-a-few-vodkas, strappy stilettos. So you could say I'm a mixed bag when it comes to style personality. But here me out. Yes I do have all bases covered when it comes to footwear. Shoes are never a problem in my wardrobe, I have a pair for any occasion you can throw at me. Indeed I have several choices for any occasion that you can throw at me. But, when faced with a choice, I gravitate towards a certain style.

Take for example the other morning. I'd popped on a pair of jeans, breton top and blazer (my usual attire for a day of errands). Now I had a footwear choice to make.

  1. Bright blue ankle strap pointed shoe
  2. Snakeskin skate shoes: bang on trend. Need I say more
  3. White Converse: still in were in  pristine condition after 12 months of wear (see footnote below) much to the daughter's annoyance, big turn-up on the jeans and I could pass as a reasonably hip mamma(??)
  4. Grey Gazelles: comfortable, trendy, would work really well with the outfit
Here's where my personality really took over. I went for number 1. I prefer more lady-like shoes, detail, colour, sexy....

All would have worked equally well but I chose the blue shoes because I felt more 'me' in them. This is why I didn't want to pay oodles of money for the skate shoes as deep down I knew I was following a trend rather than my own style. I will always choose something else in my wardrobe over and above them.

You know the phrase being comfortable in your own skin. Well that's style personality, being comfortable in what you're wearing. I don't mean from a dodgy elastic waistband point of view either, more feeling happy about what you're wearing  and being totally at ease.

Am I making sense?

For research purposes I planned on doing a little shopping to illustrate the different style personalities according to shoes. But for some reason the husband didn't think that this was a good idea at all. Indeed, he said something along the lines of, 'use your own bloody shoes, you've obviously got enough because I keep tripping over them'.

And so I did. Let me introduce to you style personalities according to Donna's shoes.

Left: Romantic, Middle: Classic, Right: Creative

First up, we have the lovely Romantic. Pretty, delicate detail, she loves bows and butterflies and touchy-feely fabrics. I'm not adverse to these but I prefer the shape more than the pattern.

Next is our Classic, always smart and understated. Prefers a proper court shoe with a mid heel in classic colours such as navy, black, taupe. I think I was having a Catherine moment when I bought these (never worn!).

And then we have our Creative. Someone who is not afraid to be different. Vintage shoes may be mixed with High Street finds and different colours and textures. I'm totally flummoxed when and why I bought these and I really don't remember wearing them but the state of the heel says otherwise. I had to blow the dust off of them but I guess that adds to the vintage feel.

Left: Dramatic, Middle: Natural, Right: City-Chic

Moving on to our total fashionista now, the Dramatic. Twelve months ago, I would have been showing you a leopard print platform shoe as these were selling like hot cakes. This year the hot trend is block heel, less fussy and bright colours i.e. yellow. She has to have whatever is current regardless of comfort and practicality.

Ooooh our Natural she's not going to stand for digging and pinching. Comfort is the name of the game and there are oodles of fantastic shoes out at the moment ideal for the Natural girl. Shoe heaven this year with all the fugly ones out there. She won't look forward to wearing heels, preferring flats but will wear them if the occasion requires. Mind you, she'll be the one walking bare-footed at the end of the evening.

And finally, we have the City Chic, elegance and timeless is what she craves. Her clothes will be immaculate and co-ordinate easily. Think lady on the French Riviera. Her shoes will be simple and often expensive as she saves up for the very best. But they will serve her well for years to come.

Interesting hey? I guess I fall between a City Chic and Dramatic if you're wondering. Have you spotted yourself? Do you fall into more than one category? That's ok, ladies often do. More than 2 and I think you might have a pretty full and chaotic wardrobe. Oh and you'll be the one who shouts out, I have absolutely nothing to wear.

Footnote 1: my converse were pristine when I started writing this blog post earlier today. Unfortunately I suffered a flat tyre on a very busy road during rush hour (the A34 at Cheadle for anyone who knows the area). The Green Flag man made me stand in some bushes for 'safety' reasons. I was more worried about the shoes getting dirty than the ruddy flat tyre!

Footnote 2: I hope you appreciate the trials and tribulations I go to to bring these blog posts. Here is the result of this experiment. My bedroom is trashed!

And now I'm off to tidy up. Enjoy your evening.

Donna x

p.s if you look to the right hand side of this blog, you will see my current lusts. How gorgeous are the blue perspex block heel sandals. Have a guess where they are from (click on the picture to find out).

16 comments on "Your Feet Have A Personality Too"
  1. Great post Donna, I'm generally a ballet pump kind of girl but have started to wear heels that bit more too, oh & of course I own a few different styled ankle boots too...after all us girls need to be prepared right?!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. You are soooo a city-chic Jane. Ballet pumps are up there as footwear with longevity and elegance xx

  2. Since I have just ordered a pair of red buckled boots (yep, you did hear that right!!) I am going to label myself creative/dramatic?! I think I have just about every style of shoe, trainer, boot and sandal covered in my wardrobe! They seem to be my Achilles heel at the moment, I just cannot stop buying shoes! xx

    1. I hear from an excellent source that boots with hardware on going to be big next season so you're spot on again Michelle. I think you are definitely dramatic as you're always fist to spot a trend but I'm leaning more to natural (thinking about your New Balance, skate shoes, Birkenstocks)????

  3. Those yellow shoes are AMAZING!!! LOVE how you can change an outfit JUST by changing your footwear!

    1. They are but I think I'm even more in love with the blue ones x

  4. God, I have no idea what shoe personality I am. I actually prefer boots. I find shoes a real chore to buy (but then my skin issues are probably to blame for that) Maybe we should go shoe shopping when I'm in Manchester next week ?!!!

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  6. Great post Donna! I am all of these shoe personalities, I don't favour one style and have something in every category and wear according to casual or dressing up occasions x

  7. Great post, you have lovely shoes! Love the bright blue ankle strap shoes. Congratulations on winning blogger of the month on the Next Blogger Network, by the way! :) xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. I heart shoes Emma. In fact I build an outfit around my feet!! Thanks, I was flabbergasted when Next got in touch xx

  8. LOVE IT! I'm not going to lie, I'm properly confused. But that's probably because I'm a total fickle person shoes and all! x

  9. Fascinating Donna! I'm a bit of a mixture I reckon - and if something doesn't give off the correct vibe I won't wear it! For everyday I like to be comfortable but for going out it really depends on my mood - I think I'm getting less ladylike as I get older though and love ugly shoes with little dresses! xx

  10. There was a time when I didn't own a pair of flats! I could go the whole day in towering heels & now the thought makes me shudder! I love heels & wish they didn't cripple me nowadays! I nearly always have a pair of flats in my bag just in case if I do decided to go for a heel! So in that case I'm a bit of a mixture too! Mean, mean Hubby not letting your shop for retail purposes!! ;) xx