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Arm Candy: Wallis Stone Bracelets

I thought I would share a little arm candy with you today! I popped into Wallis to buy a fabulous necklace which I'll show you next week and as I was about to leave, these little beauties called out to me...

Wallis Stone Bracelets

I love my leather cuffs and ok these aren't leather but at £12.50 (currently £10 with the in-store 20% offer), I think they're a great little buy. At that price, you could afford to buy 2 or 3 and stack them up.

How cool would they look on holiday, particularly if you mix the brighter colours (fuchsia and turquoise for example)? As I was short on time, I vowed to look at them on-line. Alas there are only a few of the colours available.

The black and white ones above can be found here and here. I love the idea of mixing silver and gold hardware.

Love, love, love this one..

Fuchsia Stone Bracelet

Other colours available in store but not on-line




And Grey

A couple more online...

Animal Stone Bracelet just delicious

And this one in brown is called Brown Crystal but it looks the same to me

Ok, so now I'm in a dilemma which couple do I choose, I want them all. I really need to replace my black Whistles cuff and I'm loving the grey so should I go down the neutral route or full on colour for the summer. I feel a cup of tea and a ponder is needed. If you're interested in these, I wouldn't leave it too long because they're certain to fly off the shelves.

Here's what I wore a couple of days ago. And oh look, I've got a grey cuff on - but I prefer the one above! You can never have too many!

Pastels and Blazer

M&S Skinny Boyfriend Jeans £35
New Look Pastel Stone & Pearl Necklace £7.99
Next Pink Woven T-Shirt £22
Adidas Gazelles now £55
H&M White Blazer £24.99

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. Rain is it? I daren't look.

Donna x

15 comments on "Arm Candy: Wallis Stone Bracelets"
  1. Love these, they are absolutely gorgeous. The grey has my name on it!
    Look fab Donna - so stylish

  2. Ooh they are fab Donna! Some great colours! I love the grey too! Super cute outfit! xx

    1. I keep changing my mind, fuchsia at the minute. Ask me in half an hour, it will be different lol x

  3. Yummy, they are all lovely, thanks for the heads up.

  4. I like that...yummy! They are gorgeous aren't they Susan x

  5. Oh my word I like them all!! I have a love hate relationship with Wallis clothes but they do great costume jewellery. Great outfit, love the blazer. Have a good weekend x

  6. These are right up my street, will have to check out! I would go with colour for the summer!
    A x

  7. I want the animal print one!! Fab little find Donna! Love your outfit of the day....the blazer looks great with your Gazelles! xx

  8. I think they have great jewellery, especially when it's on sale. I got some earrings in there last week for £3 and a gorgeous necklace for £5 a couple of months back. Have a lovely weekend Donna x

  9. I love a leather cuff or two & these look great Donna.
    Have a good weekend.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  10. Great little bracelets I love them and a fab price I have never thought if Wallis for accs will check them out xx

  11. You are looking lovely. I really like the bracelets and such good value. H xx

  12. I have just discovered your blog and I'm loving catching up on all the previous posts.
    I haven't been in Wallis for years and had written it off really. But having seen these bracelets and your Mum's top in another post I think I need to pay them a visit!

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