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Beautiful People!

Is it me or are young people getting more beautiful? I've just been surrounded by a dozen 18 year olds  suited, booted and spray tanned (and yes that no doubt includes the boys too) at a pre-drinks party, everyone of them looked as if they had stepped out of a glossy magazine. Straight teeth, preened hair, carefully chosen outfits....oh to be young again.

Let me explain. It's my daughter's school leavers ball tonight although officially they don't leave until next week.

Now I thought the year 11 prom was traumatic but oh boy this one has been elevated to a whole new level. We're talking:

- dress (has to be short this time, she said)
- shoes (very high she said. How high I replied. Very, very high she said)
- bag
- jewellery
- nails, fingers and toes with subtle nail art
- spray tan
- hair, hilighted, cut and styled
- make-up

I could go on!

Ordinarily this wouldn't have been a problem had it been left to me. The outfit and accessories would have been sorted weeks ago, hair, nails, spray tan and make-up all booked with time to breathe. But oh no! It's been a mad scramble so much so that she was still at the hairdresser 30 minutes before it was time to go (no make-up, no outfit). I panicked, she didn't. 

To be fair the dress was bought a few weeks ago but I received a mayday call from her last week when she found out that two other girls had got the same dress (I would have been gutted too). Well, that's what you get if you buy from Top Shop. After scouring the shops again, we decided to keep the dress and go with the pastel theme. So pink and mint green it is.

I adore this dress, it's so pretty with the crop overlay. She's off to a wedding in a few weeks so will wear it again (phew).

Top Shop Crop Overlay Wheel Lace Dress

To say pastels are in this season, it's darn hard to find accessories. A lot of the mint bags are the really harsh mint which would totally overwhelm the delicate pink. Anyway, we managed to find this one. Not quite pastel pink but it's just about ok.

New Look White Colour Block Panel Envelope Bag

And finding shoes was even more difficult. In the end she chose these ankle breakers which I disliked on sight but I have to say begrudgingly with the outfit, they are ok-ish.

Ebay High Heel Stiletto Ankle Strap Shoe

The necklace is old. I do believe Trea at Treasures & Pleasures had the same one but it is out of stock at the moment. Do hop over there though as she has some gorgeous pieces. And finally she managed to bag my Tiffany bracelet. She had better come home with it later or else!

So on to the pre-drinks party hosted yet again by the lovely Linda (it's my turn next time Linda). Just a dozen or so close friends for this one.

The girls

Phones never far away

And the boys equally as beautiful. Love this one...

Have a fab evening guys, I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in your A'Levels.

See what I mean about beautiful people. Natural, self-confident, good friends. I still think they have dodgy shoes though.

Donna x
12 comments on "Beautiful People!"
  1. Ah don;t they look lovely and your daughter looks really beautiful! Nothings changed since my girls, long dresses for prom and short ones for leaving do!

    1. I really want to be in their gang Sharron, so desperately. Actually they did invite me into the venue for a drink, bless x

  2. Cor - Oooo to be young again They all look great - The girls look wonderful and the gents look really dapper! - Hope they have a wonderful time (and that the hangovers aren't too bad tomorrow)
    Ps - I'm sure those shoes should have a health and safety warning on them - its a long way to fall...

  3. They look fab but I also struggle to appreciate the shoes . A bit too clumpy for me. Luckily my very tall 16 yr old won t be going quite so high on the heel front !

  4. Oh to be 20+ years younger!! They all look stunning.....your daughter looks amazing, so well co-ordinated but then I wouldn't expect anything less as she has one very stylish mum! xx

  5. Really like the dress & bag! I just can't get on board with the massive platform shoes though, they're SO chunky but each to their own. Shoe shopping would be hard if we were all after the exact same thing!

  6. Oh wow! The mint accessories worked well didn't they? And just how gorgeous does she look?? I saw the dress in the bag, but it's really fab on her. Just two questions. 1. How the hell does she walk in those shoes and 2. Did you get your bracelet back??!!

  7. Your daughter looks so beautiful!
    Abbi x

  8. oh wow they all look amazing! All so gorgeous - really really lovely.

    But dear god those shoes are MING aren't they?! But then you'd be worried if you loved their outfits head to toe - gotta be some rebellion at the age of 18!


  9. Oh aren't they just adorable?! Ash looks lovely & clearly has her Mamas eye for style! I think the boys look great too! I would love to be a teenager these days Donna! They don't know how lucky they are! God I sound old! xx

  10. Oh wow - what a glam bunch! I do not know how she walks in those heels but agree they do work. I love that dress, looks amazing on her. x

  11. They look amazing Donna and your girl looks gorgeous - fantastic outfit! You know I love those clumpy shoes but even the height of some of those platforms is making me nervous! But oh to be able to get ones legs out like that - those were the days! xx