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A Mint Velvet Moment

I'll fess up now. I'm trying not to shop at the moment. We're off to the States soon and I really want to save my pennies to spend over there so it's a big no-no. And it's killing me. I keep getting little emails popping up all over the place showcasing lush summer clothes that suddenly I need - I'm talking to you Mint Velvet. Stop it!

You see it's a conflict of interest being a blogger. On the one hand, I need to look what's out there at the moment but when I do, I automatically want everything for myself. I can't extract the two.

I nearly caved yesterday, so very close to getting out my credit card. It was suppose to be a day of shopping for birthdays and Father's Day pressies but then I saw this in Mint Velvet...

Stone Satin Biker Dress £99

It's gorgeous! A great throw on summer dress (love a bit of arm coverage), drop waist which is ideal for those who don't have a waist (me) and a fab colour. It's one of those little dresses that you can do so much with....change your footwear, change the look. Wear dressed down, wear dressed up. A real wardrobe-worker.

It also comes in another great neutral, slate.

I also clocked this one too, a slightly more casual look. Perfect for a holiday day dress.

Cool Blue Jersey Easy Dress £59

It also comes in ivory, candy and a breton stripe.

I didn't see this dress in the shop but it looks amazing. I think if you have the legs, a shorter length on a shift dress is much better - it looks less boxy.

Ivory Eyelet Shift Dress £99

Also in Black

And in the top which again would be a useful wardrobe edition.

Ivory Eyelet Tee £69

I also love the layered tops that they have in at the moment.

Pearl Peplum Double Layer Top £69

It also comes in navy and black. The model has tucked in the under-layer vest top. I think I prefer it out personally.

And the stunning Cara Print Trousers £69

Bit of Saturday Night Fever, with these fab, super flattering Cream Wide Leg Trousers £69

And the black (don't you just love the fact that MV use proper women, not stick thin models).

Moving on to footwear,  I love these  Neutral Lola Leather Strappy Sandals £99 (also come in black)

And you don't need to save them just for 'best'...

Or some flatties (can we describe them as sliders with straps?)

Leopard Gabby Sandal £79

I could go on and on and on but I'll leave you to check out the Mint Velvet website for yourselves.

So, I'm sat pondering. Do I cave in and pick up some pieces now or wait a few more weeks for the hols? It's a difficult one isn't it!

Here I am the other day at another charity bash. I had high hopes of winning a Chanel handbag (actually a 1 in 100 chance - not bad odds) or a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage (same odds). Alas, I came home with nothing except a goodie bag and a lasting image of a butler very much in the buff. I'm not prone to violence but I could have wrestled the young girl (she must have been 18 tops) for that Chanel bag. She won't appreciate it until it's wrecked.

The butler in the buff!

My chances of winning the bags (by purchasing a key ring and a necklace, the white chocolate chips were for a holiday to Washington DC).

And finally a picture of my lovely friends (not the two on stilts at the back I hasten to add).

A recreation of my outfit
Dress similar
Necklace similar
Shoes similar
Bag similar
Brown cuff
Gold bangle

Once again, apologies for my very poor photography. Let me explain. My family won't take the photos as they say I'm too fussy (they're just not very good). So, I have to get out the tripod, set up the camera, put it on a timer, use a prop such as an umbrella for the camera to focus on, press the button, run to the spot, throw out the prop, sort out my hair, untangle the necklace (invariably the long ones are hooked around a boob), look unflappable and smile effortlessly before the shutter comes down. It's all very traumatic. Hence my laziness recently, it's so much more lady like using an iPhone in front of a mirror - yes?

Until next time.

Donna x

32 comments on "A Mint Velvet Moment"
  1. You look fabulous Donna - and I totally LOVE those heeled sandals - I'll be heading straight to Mint Velvet when I'm home! xx

  2. Oh you're a bad influence - STOP with the MV temptation...they have so much I want right now. Hopefully a sale will come along soon before I cave. FAB outfit at the charity bash - you look stunning...those legs! xx

  3. I love Mint Velvet & I've had my eye on the Lola sandals for a while...I'm trying to hang on for the sale (gotta happen soon, right?!) but it's a bit like roulette...will they still be there in my size?!! Absolutely love the biker dress, I'd missed that one but it is right up my street! You look fabulous in your white dress & your necklace is gorgeous! x

    1. I so want the dress. Thanks, the necklace was another Wallis purchase, no longer online but still in store x

  4. I love the first dress and the patterned trousers, funnily enough both pieces are similar to some in Wallis at the mo, the trousers I bought the other day! I feel your pain re pics, no camera or tripod in this house and my lot are shit but say it's cause I'm fussy too! I agree with you about the girl and the bag, little bitch, I would of mugged her on the way home! x

  5. Stunning ...Donna you look fabulous, love that dress and stunning man bottom underneath as well ;-) I feel your pain with the photography and it's the shoes at Mint Velvet that kill me, there are loads that I want! x

    1. Glad I'm not the only one, I've given up with the family x

  6. I love those trousers!! We can share!?! :)

  7. OMG your sandals are divine ... as is your clutch! What kind of charity lunches do you go to?? There's never been any butlers in the buff at any of the ones I've been to!! Love Mint Velvet, but also saving my pennies so haven't been to see the new stand-alone store that recently opened in Dublin. I just know it would be waaaay too tempting! And you're right to save your pennies for the US - MV will still be here when you get back!

    1. An excellent point but I'm still doing sneaky peeks online x

  8. You look stunning Donna! Such a gorgeous outfit & I love your necklace! Gutted you didn't win but at least you got to see some fit naked men! ;) I love the MV sandals & the dress is gorgeous...get it...its so you! Ax

  9. I in subscribed from all the store emails early in my pgy when it became too tempting. Maybe block them until after your trip to the States?!

  10. Some great picks here, I never really think of looking in Mint Velvet but I'll have to have a rummage next time I'm in John Lewis. Good luck saving up for the trip! P x

    1. Maybe there's a MV in the States - I kid myself lol x

  11. I can completely see why you are waivering over the biker dress....so gorgeous!! I could be very tempted by quite a few of Mint Velvet dresses....great selection Donna! You look stunning in your dress too xx

  12. Donna you look amazing in your outfit (as usual)! Loving that biker dress - that is so my kind of dress, don't care which colour - just love it! xx

  13. You are quite right about the lush clothing that keeps coming along via the emails!! I love this selection, Donna, but you must stay strong. Just keep thinking about all the stateside bargains!. H xx

  14. I love the first shirt dress, I want to buy it, do you think it will still be there in the sales? You looked stunning for the charity event!
    Abbi x

    1. Kind of hoping it will still be available in the sales Abbi. Thank you so mch x

  15. LOL that is why I use my phone only!
    Gorgeous in the cream dress

  16. Gawd you look fab in that dress and have a fab pair of pins...you've seen how darn short I am!! :-) I have been deleting all Mint Velvet emails that have come through recently and banned myself from Hoopers in Wilmslow as am trying to save my pennies too so have sat and drooled over this post!! looks like you had a great time at the Charity do....shame about the bag :-( x

    1. Thanks Kareema. I know Hoopers, John Lewis...so bloomin close and both stocking MV x