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Blogger Tardiness, A Replacement Pink Jacket & An Ethnic Inspired Top

Radio Silence I know! Tell me about it. What with half-term, kids revision, a possible house move, busy work place, a holiday to plan for and a very absent husband (he's working hard), it's been a trying time. I'm just about managing to remember to feed the dog and put the dish washer on. So a cup of tea by my side, I've managed to sneak an hour on the computer.

Let's talk jackets. One of my first 'nude' purchases was a blazer from Zara many years ago. It served me well and to be fair it looked ok on the outside but the lining had ripped on the inside so it had to go. I've been searching for a replacement since Christmas and several have been ordered online and returned for one reason or another. I picked this one up from Wallis a few weeks ago on a whim. It's a little more pinky than I would have liked and has very little definition at the waist (I prefer it to go in and out to at least give the illusion that I have a bit of a waist).  Anyway, it's been sitting in my wardrobe ever since until I tried it on again properly and actually I quite like it.

Here is the link but there are limited sizes left

See what I mean about it having no waist definition but the fabric is fairly fluid so I'm comfortable with that. You know what I really like about it, the sleeves, they're 3/4 length so I don't have to do the turn up. Brilliant, although come October, I'll probably be cursing when I'm cold. I find neutral jackets so useful. Navy, charcoal, nude, tan...they all work really well for me.

Other options out there at the moment...

New Look £26.99

This is a brilliant choice for curvy ladies as it will follow the curves rather than standing off them as some stiffer fabrics tend to do.

Top Shop £48

A skinny blazer from Top Shop which is slightly shorter than the norm (although it doesn't look it here).

Top Shop £65

A very classic design. It's actually a single button not two. The cheeky devils at TS have used a pin to hold it together on this picture. Yes really, zoom in on the website and you'll see it.

ASOS now £14

Reduced from £35 and all sizes available. I'm always a little sceptical when I see a great reduction AND all sizes still available as maybe there's a design fault. But, it's got to be worth a punt with ASOS's great p&p terms.

Massimo Dutti £125

Since when have Massimo Dutti had a bit of a website revamp? Anyway, this is a gorgeous jacket, perfect length and I love how it's been styled with the light tan bag and espadrilles.

Massimo Dutti £79.95

A slightly peachier jacket for warm skin tones.

Moving on to the Boho trend. I'm more of a nod to a trend than full on and I think it's fair to say that the High Street are nodding with me. Maybe there'll be a full on hippy explosion next year but at the moment, what I see I'm really liking. Take this top for instance...

Kaleidoscope £49

Perfect for the holidays and this will be a look that I will be wearing. I love the shape, the length, the neckline, the ethnic print and billowing (but not too billowing) sleeves. So it had to be mine.

As well as a holiday top, it's perfect for a summer rainy day in the North West kind of a top

Or a little more dressed up with the nude blazer (apologies for the stupid expression)

And a close up of the print, it's actually cross stitched

So, one tardy blogger and two useful little items. Hubby and I are off to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport this weekend for a football conference (yawn) so I might wear this combo on one of the days.

Here's what else I've been wearing this week. Still embracing that yellow, well we can live in hope for a summer.

Ok, back to the day job. I think we have Latin, Science and Maths to revise tonight. Hey ho.

Donna x

13 comments on "Blogger Tardiness, A Replacement Pink Jacket & An Ethnic Inspired Top"
  1. Lovely jacket and top Donna! I'm a bit slow on the blogging front myself lately....think this season gets so busy for everyone! Enjoy your weekend away:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. There are 3 blog posts in this one post LOL - keep it lean to keep em keen - that's my new lazy blogging attitude!
    You look amazing in the pink jacket

  3. Bless, you do sound fed up. I am glad you have got round to blogging as it cheers me up so I hope you feel slightly more upbeat now too. This has reminded me that I have a nude/blush Next jacket, in my spare room wardrobe, that I have never worn. I will be fishing it out and having a play around, thank you. H xx

  4. Celtic Manor is fab, assuming you don't have to do the conference then spa, swim, gym, bar... I've been a few times when R had golf events & loved it. Best breakfast I've ever had anywhere as well, normally take my time & stuff myself silly. Especially if the hot waffles are on! Have fun :-)

  5. Loving your new jacket and top Donna, I'm a massive boho top fan and have a couple from Monsoon from past years, they do them so well and have some lovely ones this season too. A tailored jacket doesn't do me any favours although I do have some! x

  6. You look lovely in all of these pics Donna! All perfectly styled! I hope you get through the exams soon so normal life can resume! xx

  7. I really like the Jacket - Really nice colour & I think the straight cut looks really good. Love it against the dark colours in the first couple of pictures.

  8. Love the top under the jacket - really cute! I love the MD one too - might have to check out their new site now you've told me - damn you woman!

  9. Ohh! You won't be too far away from me at the weekend!! Celtic Manor is gorgeous.....you will fit in perfectly in your fab new jacket & top!! xx

  10. I first read this on my phone when half asleep ... and couldn't figure out why I was happily reading about pink jackets when a boho top suddenly popped up on screen. I thought I'd accidentally moved onto another post :))) My faves are still the bottom two that you wore during the week ; can't beat a bit of yellow x

  11. You crack me up Donna - laughing (quietly as I'm in bed reading blogs!) at your 'stupid expression' and yawning with you at the footie conference - surely you don't have to confer though and can just spoil yourself! You look great in your pink jacket - you always look so well put together and classy! Everything I'm not! I do like the peachy jacket from Massimo Dutti - gorgeous colour. Love the Boho vtrend and your yellow themed outfits are fab - see all so well thought out and put together again! And yes - all is madness over here at the moment - so much going on with school and work I feel like a blue bottomed fly! xx

  12. It seems everybody is very busy at this time and already in the summer mood... I feel the same and I am behind with everything...

    I'd instantly wear this look to the office, love the colour of your blazer paired with black. I have a fantastic seemstress and I take a lot of clothes to her as I mostly shop online. Sometimes small details make such a big difference (not visible with your blazer but it is important that you feel comfortable).
    Love your Boho blouse, I am currently looking for a similar one which I can wear with jeans or white trousers for a casual summer look.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  13. I've had the asos £14 jacket in my virtual cart for the past 2 weeks, feeling like you, i wonder if its not great on perhaps. You're right though with free returns i should give it a go! XX