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Joe Browns' Summer Sale & The 13 Year Old Muscling In!

Do you know what, I blooming love those guys over at Joe Browns, partly because I lived in Leeds for a while and they are a Leeds based company and partly because the staff there are ace. They all seem to have a passion for the brand which lets face it, is something different to what the High Street has to offer. You wouldn't be wrong in describing it as quirky (quirky in a good sense though). You can be as wacky as you want to be in Joe Brown's clothes. As you probably know by now, I'm more of a boring mainstream type of girl but hey that's ok, JB does mainstream too.

Anyway, I  got to preview the S/S14 sale, all in the cause of research mind. Don't go thinking I enjoyed  browsing the sale catalogue, glass of wine in hand, in the sunshine. You know, it's a hard life being a blogger. To make it even tougher, the guys at JB set me a challenge - they gave me £100 of virtual money to put together a wish list - I interpret that as an outfit. A full outfit, £100? That's tough. Erm, actually no, it's not. We're talking proper sales here not miserly discounts. So, what did I choose?

Well, I decided to go for a transitional outfit. Something to wear on slightly cooler summer days (look, it's all downhill now I tell you, we had the longest day on Saturday). I think this outfit does just the job.
Awesome Fit Straight Jeans £16.95 (previously £34.95)
Santorini Blouse £21.95 (previously £34.95)
Tremendous T-Bar Sandals £16.95 (previously 34.95)
Quirky Canvas Tote Bag £16.95 (previously £34.95)

I've heard great things about JBs Awesome Fit Straight Jeans (particularly the generous rise) and at £16.95, they are an absolute steal. The blouse is a little nod to the boho trend that we've seen the High Street embrace this year. It's different but not too different. I like that! And the sandals and bag finish off a summer look (these could be changed for something more substantial come September.

So, how much did I spend?

£16.95 + £21.95 + £16.95 + £16.95 = £72.80 

Yes! That's £27.20 change.

And I was going to leave it there, until that is, my 13 year old son looked over my shoulder and said, you've got some change there Mum. What's in the menswear section?


'I've never heard of this brand before' he said 'they do some cool stuff mum. You can order those with the change' notwithstanding that 

a) it's virtual money and 
b) he's now taken me over my budget of £100 by £2.65. 

That's a lot of swag for £100 though isn't it?

So what else caught my eye?

But of course, it would as I've already got it and I wear it lots....

It's a fab little jacket and I get so many people commenting on it.

A girl can never have too many pairs of white jeans.

Chance Of Romance Dress £29.95 (previously £44.95)

How wonderful would this be for the holidays?

Glamorous Kaftan £19.95 (previously £29.95)

Staying with the holidays, this is so pretty. I love the white border running around the bottom of the kaftan. Ideal for evenings with a black cami and white jeans (see above!!!) or as a beach cover-up. But not both! You know my thoughts on day to evening outfits - that's just too gross to contemplate. Do it the other way round, evening to daytime.

Beautiful Beaded Cross Body Bag £16.95 (previously £34.95)

I wasn't sure about this but when I zoomed, in, I could see how pretty the colours are and given I don't wear much pattern, this bag will add that extra something to my holiday wardrobe. It also looks a decent size for 4 x mobile phones, keys to the hotel room, husband's wallet, lipstick, camera and anything else the family can palm onto me. And I rather like the idea of using it as a clutch.

Fabulous Cut Out Tote Bag £19.95 (previously £39.95)

This nearly made it to my outfit board but I changed it for a more summery look at the last minute. Joe Browns suggests it's a great summer choice, I say no way, this would work equally as well in colder months. It's too nice to put into the back of the wardrobe.

Go on over and have a browse at Joe Brown's sale, you may be just as surprised as me.

Anyway, here is what I wore a couple of days ago for a shopping trip with the hubby (he got bored after one shop, the less said about that, the better).

Jacket, Wallis last seen here
Top old, similar here
Jeans, Next last seen here
Bag Mulberry Antony here
Sandals old similar here

Donna x

15 comments on "Joe Browns' Summer Sale & The 13 Year Old Muscling In!"
  1. I have never bought anything from Joe Browns but I like your' choices. I really like the beaded cross body bag and your' existing jacket. H x

  2. How do these cheaper brands do it so well? I LOVE your outfit, it's exactly what I would choose and much better put together, but I would have paid 3 times the price and nothing would quite 'work'!

  3. I love the quilted jacket.
    Any advice on how the jeans are on the legs? I always struggle with skinny/slim jeans being too tight on my calves.

  4. I never really looked at this brand Donna...love that Santorini blouse! Your own outfit for shopping is fab:)
    ~Anne xx

  5. Amazing that you can get a whole outfit for about 70 quid!! Off to check out their website.....they look like they do some really great bits! xx

  6. That's amazing value and I love the sandals you chose. I remember you blogging about that jacket because I thougth (and still think!) it was really cute. Must go have a look at their site - it's not one I'm familiar with

  7. Looking ace Donna and some amazing sale picks too

  8. I can't believe you can get all that for under £100, and there are lots of lovely things. Love your jacket.
    Abbi x

  9. What a great outfit for the money. They do some fabulous clothing and at a sale price it's even better!

    X x

  10. Seriously loving the Joe Browns jacket and bag, what great discounts! x

  11. Fab picks Donna, I love that tapestry jacket you have it looks great on you x

  12. Hello! New to your blog! I always get the JB catalogue in the post, and tend to have a quick flick and promptly bin. I never knew it did such lovely handbags (my weakness!). I will obviously have to have another look!

  13. Tres cool!

  14. I love that little Boho bag & its so on trend & a bargain! The quilted jacket is a winner isn't it? I think you've put together an outfit that is so you Donna! Good job! Ax

  15. I love Joe Brown's! I just bought their Perfect Paiseley dress for the hols! Love that jacket! x