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Holiday Part 3, The Caribbean & A Bikini Shot (or two)!

My final holiday post you will be pleased to hear. And first of all, I must apologise for the shocking outfit photos - I know, even worse than usual. You see, we were so lazy that by the time we got ready to go out in the evening, it was dark and the mood lighting, well it was...moody!

Anyway, let's get on with it.

We knew after a week of frantic sightseeing that some days laid on a sun lounger were needed. So our final destination was the Caribbean. Our preference would have been a return visit to the Atlantis in the Bahamas but budget constraints meant we had to look for a cheaper alternative so the Dominican Republic it was. We stayed at the Dreams Palm Beach in Punta Carna, a typical Caribbean all-inclusive hotel. Ideal for kids as there is so much to do. Me? I like to find a nice quiet corner and do nothing other than read and sip a cocktail or two. As does the daughter these days. 

Shockingly we didn't leave the complex all week, no sightseeing, no trips. Nothing but sheer bliss to rest our weary bodies. 

One of the very few photos I have of me in day time wear. I love this dress, it travels really well and although a maxi it still feels quite cool around the legs. It was from the Geri Halliwell range in Next some years ago. I teamed it with Ugg flip flops which wouldn't have been my first choice but if you recall I'd left one of my Havaianas back home and thought I might look a little odd shuffling around in one shoe. 

I thought I'd also share with you the face cream that I use which is amazing. It's half price at Boots at the moment, just £8 (buy here). It's from the Garnier Ambre Solaire range and is a BB cream, slightly tinted so helps even out the skin tone and is whopping factor 50. The beauty about this cream is that it's non-comedogenic so if you're prone to blemishes and spots in the hot weather, it doesn't block your pores. High factor, non pore-blocker AND a slight tint, it's perfect. 
And here are a selection of outfits that I wore in the evening. 

Similar shape dress here 
The top is current from Next here 

Similar dress here
Can't believe where I've found a similar swing top here
Similar dress here
The maxi dress was picked up way back in March from Primark. It was one of those items that I chastised myself for buying even though it was only a tenner as I didn't think I would wear it. Well, one skinny belt and a few accessories later and I was really pleased with it. If the weather holds out, I'll try to get a better shot.

What did I like about the resort? Well, I loved the fact that there was mountains of fresh fruit everywhere. Little pop up displays came and went throughout the day around the pool. The coffee shop was a blessing in disguise. After drinking the rank stuff that the Yanks call coffee (sorry people I really love you, just not your coffee), it was very much appreciated to get a decent cuppa. There were always exquisite cakes and muffins and croissants available too. I was sensible and chose the healthy option, banana cake!?!?! I also loved the international restaurants that needed no bookings but much to the husband's dismay required long trousers (I mean what the hell? It was suggested that ladies wear long skirts or dresses, yeah right). But, far better than those buffet style places. And I liked the fact that the entertainment staff were there but not in your face. So there was a lot to like. I also discovered that the unbeknown to us, the kids love room service, cheesecake at midnight nonetheless. 

A selection of delights in the coffee shop. 

The pool foam party for the little kids and big ones too

An Italian paella dish (I forget the name but it's basically cooked in a similar way to a Spanish paella but uses spaghetti). It was cooked on the beach and served with fish that had been caught 15 minutes before - sooooo good.

Had to be done, kids annual ride on a banana boat

It forecast rain everyday. It rained just once after an almighty thunderstorm during the night so the weather was kind to us. And the beach was beautiful, not the most stunning Caribbean beach I've seen but nevertheless still beautiful. And we survived as a family, two full weeks, cabin fever, bickering, moaning and groaning but the kids aren't divorcing us - yet.

As I sat on my sun lounger on the last day, I worked out that we had used many modes of transport during the 2 weeks:

6 planes
2 trains
4 undergrounds
1 limo
1 suv
6 cabs
2 fast speed ferries
2 ferry taxis
3 airport buses (including 2 bendy buses)
a plethora of hop-on, hop-off trolley buses
1 whirlpool jet boat
1 speed boat 
1 banana boat
1 canoe
more airport moving walkways than I can remember 
and a bike made for 4
I think that's quite sufficient for this year. 

Oh the bikini shots, sorry I nearly forgot, here are 3 of my current favourites...

You seriously didn't think I'd actually be in them did you? 

Thanks for allowing me to share my holiday with you. Normal service resumed next time. 

Donna x
13 comments on "Holiday Part 3, The Caribbean & A Bikini Shot (or two)!"
  1. That sounds like an amazing spot Donna....love your outfits! The Italian paella looks delish.
    Have a good week:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. Laughing at your bikini cliffhanger!! Funny! Looked like you had a full on amazing time! X

  3. Your a bloody cop out woman! Resort looks really lovely Donna as does your Gerri dress! xx

  4. I've loved your holiday posts! You've really made me chuckle. That seafood spaghetti/paella looks delicious! I think you look gorgeous in your white dress. Another fab post. Lynne x

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to spend the last leg of your trip!! Some gorgeous outfits Donna.....love the Next Geri Halliwell dress, looking very glam poolside!! xx

  6. I am loving your holiday outfits! I am inspired as I'm going on hols this Thursday and haven't yet planned what I'm wearing!

  7. I'm getting married at that resort next year! You've made me a bit more excited. x

    1. Oh Claire you will love it. I saw several weddings there, the staff really look after you xx

    2. We've been to the adult only version about 8 years ago so I was quite confident in our choice but really happy now. Especially since your kids enjoyed it, our daughter will be 4 by then. x

    3. The younger kids appeared to be having an absolute ball. You lucky lucky girl Claire. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time x

  8. Looks amazing Donna - relaxing on a sun lounger sounds like the perfect end to your holiday! Lovely pics and great outfits - I can't even think what to take on my hols yet and like the look of the BB! xx

  9. Just read all your holiday posts Donna, am very jealous indeed! Loved all your outfits and can't believe u left on flip flop at home? Was it the flip or the flop on? (Soz bad joke I know!) the Next dress is particularly gorgeous on you! X

  10. LOL!! Love the bikini shots!! It looks amazing & I'm off the dial with envy! I could do with a week on a sun lounger thats for sure! Lovely outfits & I hope you have reunited your flip flops! I'm off to check out that cream as it could be just what I'm looking for! Ax