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Utter Bloody Chaos

I'd planned my pre-holiday post to go something like this...

Just wanted to give you a run down of a few last minute holiday purchases that I hope will work really well in my wardrobe for many years to come.

Instead I'm writing this...

It's 7.00pm on Friday evening, we leave in just over 12 hours for a relatively big summer holiday and I haven't even started packing. It's been a very trying day.....

Let me explain...

6.55am: alarm goes off and husband brings me my usual cup of tea in bed except he's late so he almost throws it at me.

7.10am: get up, shower, hair, make-up, a run through in my head of what I've got to do today. So far so good.

7.55am: set off for the school run, nothing out of the ordinary, sing along to tunes on Capital FM.

9.00am: arrive home, breakfast and look in the wash basket. Where the bl**dy hell has all that come from? It was empty yesterday.

9.30am: full on washing, ironing (mainly daughter's stuff, she got back from holiday Wednesday morning so a quick turn around), answering phone and emails. Call Mr Courier who yet again hasn't turned up to pick up a parcel.

11.45am: set off for school run, it being the last day, they finish at 12.30pm - why I don't know. Call to post office on the way to take back a Mango delivery (I was going to tell you about that but now don't have time). It cost me £8.00 - EIGHT POUNDS to return a couple of jackets. That's the last time I order from Mango.

12.30pm: pick up son and friend from school.

1.30pm:  drop off friend, stuff dried bread sandwich down son (we're going on holiday - I don't buy fresh bread the day before). More washing in the machine.

1.45pm: take son to his barber's in Wilmslow (20 minutes  away and £24 a pop). Meet husband there who in his wisdom has left his car at the garage for servicing etc whilst we are away (cue, chauffeur). Leave them at the barbers and run to Boots for anti-maleria tablets - they can order them in for tomorrow. But I'm leaving tomorrow morning!!!!

2.15pm: pick up the guys from the barbers, drop son back home and hubby at the local football club (he has an office there). Take phone call from daughter who desperately needs me to pick her something up. She's too busy having lunch with a friend to drive herself!!!

3.00pm: go to Sainsbury's. Ah-ha! They have a pharmacy, I'll get the anti-maleria tablets there. Nope they don't stock them. Pick up a few bits including minging box meals for dinner - I so do not have time to cook.

3.20pm: call into the local Chemist to pick up the anti-maleria tablets (whom I had called earlier in the week for advice). They said I needed a prescription! Are you sure? We've never needed a prescription before and, the doctor told me they don't give them out for these tablets anymore. Pharmacist consults his big book, come on hurry man, I haven't got time for this. There, you see he said, the  medication you need has a P at the side of it. What does that mean I asked fearing P meant prescription only. It means you can buy them over the counter he announced. Oh, can I have them then please. No, he replied we don't have them in stock.

3.45pm: back home, more washing and an unexpected disaster. Daughter's prized limited edition, Top Shop kimono tassels are all tangled up even thought it was put on a gentle cycle in a wash bag. Spent the next 30 minutes untangling the ruddy thing. It looks ok, she'll never know.

4.15pm: and breathe, let's get packing. Realised we hadn't checked in so left the packing and sat at the computer. Why oh why do they make things so difficult. I was able to check hubby, daughter and I in but not the son. The only common denominator that the three of us have is that we are all over the age of 18. The airline must be checking that we aren't kidnapping our own child or something. So, we've now got to queue at the airport tomorrow to sort the little one out. That means setting off even earlier.

4.30pm: last load of washing taken out, looks like someone has left a tissue in their pocket. Great! Shredded tissue all over the floor. Vac out and everything in the drier to try and extract tissue fibres from clothes. No doubt hubby will moan that his t-shirts feel a little snug - I'll put it down to him eating too much on holiday.

4.45pm: I need coffee, quick brew and a cheeky Cadbury's Twirl. Son walks in and I try to hide my guilty pleasure only to spill coffee down my cream Ralph Lauren jacket - wah, wah!! Washing machine back on, on a gentle wash.

5.00pm: husband calls, can I pick him up. Get in car. Battle my way through the rush hour traffic. Pick him up whilst he's on the phone - it's a 'very important' conversation. He's pointing and jabbing his finger directing me to Tesco. Seems he needs to get currency. Drop him off, drive around 3 times as no parking spaces are available. He comes out, honestly thought he was going to have a hernia. Bank cards declined!! Good ol' NatWest does it again. There was a 'supposed' fraud on our account yesterday but reassured they said, it's all sorted and the 'watch' marker has been taken off our account. Pah! Husband's Blackberry dies - there's no battery life left. So I have to spend the next few minutes showing him how to use my iPhone.

5.40pm: back home, husband still on the phone to the bank demanding ACTION. This could be very interesting. Foreign country, no access to cash. But it's ok, NatWest have promised they've sorted it!!!! 4 x boxed meals in the microwave and virtually thrown on the table

6.00pm: hubby and son get up and leave for football practice, daughter disappears upstairs to get ready for a bit of a society wedding that's she's attending tonight. Clear plates away, Actually that's not strictly true...clear plates away with most of the box meals still on them (gross).

6.10pm: daughter shouts downstairs, can I drop her off for wedding pre-drinks. Quickly glugging on a very large glass of wine I shout upstairs, No, I've had a drink!

6.20pm: friend comes and picks daughter up - she asked if I had any nibbles as she's forgotten to pick them up for the pre-drinks. This is all I could find! Nothing but class in this house. Not quite what my friend had in mind!

It's now 7.30pm and I haven't even started packing. You may be wondering why I'm sat at the computer writing instead of getting on with it. If truth be known, I needed time out to chill, take stock and come to terms with the fact that it's just a normal day in this household.

If you would like to follow my adventures, I'll be posting on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/iwontwearsludgebrown?ref_type=bookmark and Twitter account https://twitter.com/iwontwearsludge

Finally, as I really must go and get myself sorted, I participated in the 5K Race For Life  at Tatton Park last weekend with a group of gorgeous friends. I ran for my mum who you met here recently. She had breast cancer 27 years ago. Because she was only in her early 40s, the doctors that she saw didn't take her concerns seriously and it was many, many months before it was diagnosed. Thankfully, the NHS is very different today and of course my mum is fighting fit.

If you would like to donate to a cause (coppers, pence, anything) that is so very dear to me and does some incredible work, our link is


Thanks so much and I'll be back soon.

Donna x

12 comments on "Utter Bloody Chaos"
  1. OMFG Donna! Although this made for great reading and I understand completely what it's like to live in a hectic household, I think I would announce that I was staying home after a day like this. I remember everything being hectic and to the wire before I went on my daughters hen do, I hate this kind of stress and last minute packing does my head in! Have a lovely time though honey xx

  2. I am worn out just reading about your life Donna, I hope you have a fantastic holiday you deserve it x


  3. Mercy! You sure are going to need a holiday after the day you've had Donna! I know you are a packing whizz & will have it sorted in no time! If you forget anything you can treat yourself whilst there and boy do you deserve it! Have a wonderful time Darl & I look forward to your updates on FB! Big Kiss! Ax

  4. Love this post. Let's face it - we all have days like this. ....and I do get a bit irritated with the professional bloggers' "perfect lives" and the assumption that only they can pack a case, only the clothes they choose are good enough......in the real world it is blogs like yours and all the other 'normal' women who post from their.busy lives that mean the most to me.

  5. Blimey...I'm exhausted after reading this!! The build up to holidays are always stressful, but hopefully you will manage to have a more relaxing time once you get away...enjoy! x

  6. This made me laugh out loud Donna....I would be in full-on panic mode by now! I normally have my cases packed a week before and keep moving things around just to make sure I have the balance of all our clothes across cases so I would be going slightly bonkers if I was you. I am sure you will put it all together at the last minute though! Bet you are leaving plenty of room in your cases for new purchases too!! Have a wonderful holiday and well done on your 5K!! xx

  7. Donna you really do crack me up - kept laughing out loud reading this post and got funny looks from the hubby! Bloody tissues left in pockets do my head in! Hate packing anyway and no matter how much I vow to be more organised year after year I'm always totally exhausted before we even set off! Have a wonderful time! xx

  8. This all sounds perfectly normal. :0) Have a wonderful holiday. Great post. See you on your' return. H xx

  9. So, entertaining, but I am sure it wasn't in reality?!! But it did make me laugh......because most of our lives are like this really! Hope you have a fabulous holiday! xx

  10. Oh Donna! That sounds like my kinds of jam packed day! I hope you are now all chilled out and relaxing. Don't think about the amount of washing you are bringing home with you....! x

  11. Love this- literally lolling!! I thought it was supposed to get easier as they got older, your life sounds more hectic than mine and I've a baby and a toddler!!