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3 Things That Really Agitate Me!

I know I'm a fussy mare when it comes to wearing clothes. They have to fit properly, be comfortable and look ok-ish. Not too much to ask is it? If any of these criteria fail to meet the mark you can guarantee I'll be in a bad mood all day.

Take today for example. I wore this!

A navy over sized shirt from Wallis, white jeans, blue pointed shoes and a tan tote. A little on the boring side but not bad. But the shirt drives me potty. The sleeves fall down (there's a tiny little silver button to hold them up but it doesn't do its job) and it creases like crazy. Oh and let's not mention the itchy label in the back. So although it looks ok here, fast forward 2 hours and I look as if I've spent 6 nights in the jungle. The jeans are slightly too short in the rise so I'm constantly pulling them up as I prefer them to sit just below the waist, and they're slightly on the tight side so by the afternoon I have to undo the top button. And the shoes, well there's a minute piece of nylon stitching around the ankle strap that's too short to snip off but constantly prickles and pokes my ankle. Grrrrrr! I feel agitated.

I think it all stems from my childhood when my mum who you have met in previous posts (recently here) made me wear a scratchy wool jumper in an awful bottle green colour. She might look lovely but she was evil making me wear that jumper. She still thinks it's funny today! I must have been 5 years old and hated it. I still shudder now thinking back - scarred me for life it has. To make matters worse, she made me wear it with one of those kilts with the vest slip attached which meant I could never wear a blouse because you couldn't tuck it in so it was always the wretched green jumper.

I also fell out with my bag today. The shapeless thing holds nothing in place so my chocolate tea cake got squashed. It just doesn't taste the same.

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest. Tomorrow I will choose comfort over style.

The good news is that there's only 3 days left of my no-spend August challenge and it's been a roaring success - no really, it has. I haven't spent one single penny on myself.

I've had a good hard think about where I go from here and I'll tell you a little more about my plan in September.

I have also found item number 5 to add to the  wish list and good old Next have come up trumps for me yet again. As we know, fur is going to be everywhere this season but I already have a number of fur jackets and gilets although not of the teddy bear variety that we seem to be seeing. They will still get an airing this year though.

I saw this little pink jacket in the Next Directory last week which looks cross between a jacket and cardigan. Perfect! It will be ideal to throw on when I'm in the house on chillier days as it's a much more relaxed fit. So it's made it onto the list. Don't you all go buying it before 1st September!!!!

Next Pink Faux Fur Jacket £48

So that's it really. I'm going to bob upstairs and change into something that will put me in a happier mood. Do clothes get to you too or am I just a complete loony-tune?

Donna x
17 comments on "3 Things That Really Agitate Me!"
  1. Jeans. Drive me demented. Muffin top exposing bloody low cut jeans. I like ones that I can my muffin into. And that's about it to be fair... I could of course just do some more exercise and have a more toned middle and this wouldn't happen but balls to that - I like my muffin with cake and crisps and nuts and wine a LOT more than I do exercise and a lot more than I am bothered about my jeans irritating me.

    And do we really only have THREE Days left?! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Although you're on your own on the fur front. Not happening. Am over it before it's begun - famous last words... Although actually I might do a fur collar...... But no, jacket no way

  2. Lolling Kat, you do make me howl. I'm not loving a lot of the fur, Zara ones are dismal although Frances looked stunning in the green one on Instagram. Anyway it's a cardi not a jacket or coat! And yes 3 more days! A great big oat on the back and extra Proseco for us when we meet up xxxx

  3. Lol Donna, my main gripe is having to put things over my head when getting dressed/undressed.....absolutely hate it & blame being claustrophobic, I even have to hold my breath!!
    You've done so well on the spending ban, I hope you've got your flexible friend ready to flex on Monday!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. I feel you agitation on the shirt front Donna! I bought a white shirt from Gap in the spring and it annoys the hell out of me as it creases so badly (viscose.....I will never make that mistake again!!) it's going in the charity bag as life is too short to be unhappy in your clothes choices!! Well done for your dry August.....brilliant accomplishment!! Look forward to seeing how you make up for it with your wishlist items ;0) xx

  5. You've done do well with your depending ban, Donna! I failed miserably unfortunately :-( love this outfit on you, even if it was a huge fail in terms of comfort! I know what you mean by clothes irritating though, there's nothing worse. Looking forward to the wishlist - I need nothing now. Lynne xx

  6. Wow! Well done on your spending bad. I'm with you on the irritation thing - muffin jeans, boots that eat your socks, Zara labels, Boden labels, certain knickers under certain clothes, 3/4 sleeves (my long arms) and anything that's just a little bit too tight!

  7. Jeans that are just a tiny bit big and you constantly have to yank them up! I love the pink furry cardi/jacket - looks so snugly!
    Abbi x

  8. Sleeves that are too tight, because they're not designed for women with muscles. Anything that creases. Dresses with waistlines up around my boobs, because I'm too tall. Yup, I moan a lot about clothes!! I feel your pain!! P x

  9. Well you look fab as always Donna but if it don't feel right - I can't wear stuff that doesn't feel right - does my head in! Jeans that fall down are a constant bug-bear! Not sure if pink is my colour but I love the furry jacket vibe! xx

  10. You would never be able to tell from the picture that you were uncomfortable or anything looked untoward. I have a lot of bugbears - I listed a whole lot of them once on a post and now I can't think of anything apart from uncomfortable jeans! Oh yes - like Porcelina - sleeves which are snug and which have buttons on the sleeves which means I can't alter them myself. Pah. Oh and tops which are two inches too long and drag me down. And jeans which give you camel toe for no reason ... and and and .... I'll stop.

  11. Love the honesty here, we all have bad days & being on the rather (petite side) where nothing fits properly, I know exactly where you are coming from!!! There's always tomorrow!! X

  12. You look brilliant even though the outfit annoyed the hell out of you!

  13. Labels are my personal irritation! Is it the thread they use or what? I always end up scratching my self silly! xx

  14. I feel your pain! Theres nothing worse than feeling uncomfy in your clothes Donna! You look great though & that little pink number is so you! The perfect colour too! Ax

  15. Ha, I completely love your first paragraph. You look impeccable in the photo, and then the truth comes out. Brilliant!
    Renee x