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It's Going Well So Far...Wish List #1

I wasn't looking for me, honestly I wasn't...it's raining and it's going to rain for a loooooong time according to the weather forecast and the son needs a new coat, urgently. So I clicked onto the Next website and saw this...

It was on the opening page...och bloody hell, I wouldn't even have looked at the ladies section (I mean, I've had the directory since Monday and haven't taken it out of it's box yet - honestly) but when it's in your face as this is, it's pretty hard to ignore.

So, I had to click through didn't I.

Embroided Swing Shirt £35

Love it with the white jeans but even more with distressed denim, brown ankle boots and a faux fur gilet come autumn. It's made the first entry on my August Wish List.

1. Embroided Swing Shirt

So, given my no-spend August, it didn't go in to my bag, well not just yet anyway. See I can be good.

But this did...

Next Hooded Parka £36

The son at 13 is tall and lanky. He's not quite into men's clothes yet so the choice is limited. We searched everywhere for a trendy parka last year. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that Superdry have a good selection (their small is sometimes ok and if not, I just buy the women's equivalent - he's not cottoned on yet). Anyway, this Next one will do for autumn and at that price I'm not complaining.

So I'm half way through Day 2 and I haven't bought anything for me yet. Doing well so far.

Donna x

8 comments on "It's Going Well So Far...Wish List #1"
  1. I've resisted too so far, Donna, well that is apart from the virtual basket full at Gap & Banana Republic. I haven't clicked checkout yet, but honestly, the only thing that stopped me is that I go on holiday on Monday so I wouldn't be here to receive it! That's terrible, isn't it? On Day 2!!! The problem is, that gorgeous necklace on my blog is reduced and then I saw a bracelet I needed, then I found a gorgeous light teal crossover bag in the sale and then I hopped over to Gap to see by chance if they had a decent utility jacket in as I searched and searched last year and couldn't find one I liked. So now, I've ended up with four items already. I will not buy! (At least not until after my holiday anyway). This is going to be so hard :-( Lynne xx

    1. Yep that necklace caught my eye this morning. What are you like. Love Banana Republic x

  2. I got my orders in on 31st, but as I haven't had my holiday yet, I had to! Despite my husband being 6ft 4, my 13 year old isn't tall which is surprising as he is one of the smallest in his class at 5ft 1! I was also on the parka search last year, he has a barbour for school but wanted something for weekends so will check Superdry x

  3. Lovely shirt Donna.....oh so tempting!!! You also reminded me that I searched for a faux fur gilet last year to no avail but back to the challenge this year! X

  4. You do have a challenge on your hands....the shirt is lovely, can you resist??!! I haven't made a purchase for 2 weeks so I am shining my halo as that is unusual for me!! I need to be good as I haven't made a start on buying the school uniform yet!! Be good Donna.....you can do it!! xx

  5. Donna what are you like! Don't click through just don't do it! Shirt is gorgeous though! Have the same problem with my 13 yr old - grown out of boys but not quite into mens yet. No point buying him a decent coat though - last year he went the whole winter up and down to school without wearing it just because 'no one else wears one' - I've given up - teenagers! xx

  6. Its bloody gorgeous!!! I know I should be more supportive but seriously its lovely & so you! Save it in your virtual basket Girlfriend! I'm with Michelle & have all the school uniforms to buy yet!! Ax

  7. Ah that was such a beautiful temptation, I definitely think you should get it! But I know its such a expensive time with children too! Helen xx