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So, I Popped Out For Ink Cartridges And Found Myself In Next

Look, I didn't mean to go in to Next but it's a bit difficult to avoid when it's right next door to Currys. Anyway, £65 lighter (why does toner cost so much?) I thought I ought to check out these cigarette/capri things that I talked about yesterday.

So if you recall, this is how they're suppose to look

And this is how they looked on me

Ultimate Capri Trousers £38

Okaaaaaaay, not quite the same. I love the length but look at all that loose fabric around the thigh area. Probably not for me. I need to amend the wish list. I'd also just like to put it out there that I don't anticipate tucking in as the models have done.

I did spot these though.

Skinny Zip Trouser £28

Ok yes, they say skinny and I'm trying to move away from skinny but on the hanger they looked very similar to the ones above.

This is how they're suppose to fit.

And on me...

This is what I'm looking for. Result! Much less fabric but they don't fit like a skinny. The only thing is the 10 was a little snug on the waist band so I'm going to have to move the clasp (if I buy them, I hasten to add). I also chose a regular length as oppose to long to give me an ankle grazer finish.

By the way, I have the purple pleated blouse above and love it. Here's the link. Great for hiding a muffin top.

I also clocked these jeans on the way into the changing rooms. Skinnies!!!!! But the denim wash is amazing and they fit so well. I am very weak, and very fickle.

Premium Turn Up Skinny Jeans £42

Don't worry, they're not at all like the ones George Michael and Co wore back in the 80s. I think it's just bad lighting. Again I went for the regular length although I guess the long would have given me a deeper turn up.

And then finally, how about a winter kimono? Yes, it appears we haven't seen the back of these yet. Which in a way pleases me as I never did get my summer version.

Grey Lace Cover Up £45

And a close up

As a transitional piece, it would work well - it's really quite warm although the shorter sleeves, open front and wide bottom does obviously defeat the object. Anyway, I don't care, I actually really like it. Mind you, I wouldn't have looked at it twice on line. You definitely need to see it in the flesh.

I can't lie, I did consider a couple of purchases today but felt guilty after I've been putting it out to anyone that will listen that I'm not buying in August so I skulked away with my £65 cartridges.

Anyone else still with me or have you cracked?

Have a good weekend, start of the football season for us tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Donna x

13 comments on "So, I Popped Out For Ink Cartridges And Found Myself In Next"
  1. Hi Donna, I often find with next that in a size 10 I need to move the clasp about a cm, but how do you do it with those funny silver clasps that are built into the material? Looking forward to your cigarette trouser finds as this is one of my favourite styles.

    1. Cough! I send them out to be done. Did I read somewhere that you can buy a little contraption to fix on the clasps to act as an exoander? Or am I dreaming that. Actually if I am, it's a bloody good idea x

  2. Those trousers you pick as your cig pants are perfect on you......oh to have slender legs. well done for not caving in.

    1. Ah thanks, they will be bought in September x

  3. Still with! Love the turn up jeans and the kimono, at least you can look forward to buying them! x

    1. Oh goody, hope you have your holiday wardrobe sorted xx

  4. Ooooh I love that Kimono! Looks fab on you. Well after a few really bad shopaholic months I am trying to go easy. Actually, I haven't purchased yet in August but then we are only 8 days in.....x

  5. Yeah but come Sunday we'll be a whole 1/3 of the way woohoo xx

  6. Oh I don't know how you resisted...well done. I'm definitely nipping in to check out that kimono style jacket. It's gorgeous! x

  7. You were very restrained! That jacket is fab x

  8. I was never with you anyway Donna! ;) The second pair of trousers look great - as does the kimono! Football season comes round far to fast for my liking! xx

  9. Love you in the jeans & kimono!! Is that a pair of fuglies I see on your feet??!!! ;) Ax

  10. I love that kimono, really tempting (sitting on hands!).