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Winter Blues :-(

Ha! Bet you thought this was going to be one of those posts where I pour my heart out, how depressing this weather is, how I need to get my S.A.D. light box out, how I'm taking comfort from chocolate tea cakes, milky coffee and fags. Well you'd be wrong. I'm talking about the colour blue silly-billies.

I would just like to point out at this stage that a) I'm not really depressed about the weather, we do keep getting glimmers of sunshine b) I don't own a light box and c) I have never smoked. It was all for effect to make this post more interesting. However I do have a slight major obsession with chocolate tea cakes. I'll give you that one.

Anyway, lets bob on. Blue. One of my favourites and it's going to be everywhere this season. Please don't leave a comment post-Xmas when I've been proved totally wrong. Marine blue said My-Wardrobe.com at a blogger's talk I attended way back this year. Pale blue said the Sunday Times this week. And even Next have a model wearing blue on one of their preview pages. So I think I'm pretty safe in saying we'll be seeing a lot of it.

Here are a few favourite pieces that I've clocked so far.

Top Row L-R H&M Glittery jumpsuit £24.99  M&S Autograph Duster Coat £99  Whistles Olivia Clutch £95 Next Bubble Hem Sweater £18
Middle Row L-R Atterley Road Century Blue Sweatshirt £28 Mary Portas Open Seam Dress £79
Zara Anchor Pattern Shirt £25.99 Top Shop Monument Tassle Loafers £32
Bottom Row L-R New Look Plain Crop T-shirt £7 Sargossa Navy Supreme Heels £220 Hush Muse Skirt £65 Gap Leather Satchel £74.95

I could talk about each and every piece here but my daughter passed comment the other night that my blog posts are 'long'. Wounded I was, wounded. So, a few highlights below, you can click on the links above for more information from the professionals!

We're not expecting a lot for the price of this are we but sometimes H&M come up with some real pearlers. My feeling is that the drape at the top might not be the most flattering and it will be too short but it's got to be worth a try for £25. A great piece to wear over the Christmas period - we're heading there at the rate of knots. 


I've already decided to buy a new winter coat this year. I'd originally thought an 'investment piece' but actually seeing this, I'm wavering slightly. Ok so it's not going to see me through the minus 10 degrees of January/February but I could see a lot of wear in the milder months. The 3/4 sleeves put me off a little but I'm still thinking it could be a possibility. Here it is styled in the sand to give you an idea how it looks. She doesn't seem to mind the shorter sleeves! At least the buttons won't fall off because it has special button technology. That is assuming there are buttons, I can't see any!

Shop this outfit | M&S

Mary Portas Open Seam Square Dress £79

Mary Portas Open seam square dress

Love, love, love this. An absolute classic. Mind you I hate how it's been styled on the House of Fraser website (red necklace and shoes). The colour doesn't need anymore colour if you know what I mean. Black leather bomber jacket and black cage shoes that I bagged from M&S and bobs your uncle, a great easy wear outfit. And something that will work all year round.

Sargossa Navy Supreme Leather Heels £220


I saw these on Marianna Boutique Twitter last night and had a weak knee moment. Not only are they gorgeous, they have been designed with comfort in mind eg. the heel height has been calculated with the optimum platform to support the foot. So, ladies we can go shopping in them - yeay!

And finally, flats. I've consciously tried (and succeeded) to wear flat shoes this summer. Not for any health reasons but because the husband shouts at me when I'm tottering around downstairs as the heels scratch the floor. You so don't want to live in this house. It took a little getting use to at first and every few days I need a heel as the old back starts aching. I'm toying with either navy suede or black patents loafers. Brings back memories of when I was about 14 and both my friend, Gillian and I had burgundy ones from Ravel. We loved them to bits although I spent the first couple of weeks walking on the backs of them to soften the leather as they hurt so much.

Top Shop Monument Tassle Loafers £32


I could go on, there's so much out there. You'll be pleased to know that I still haven't bought anything. I think about shopping (or lack of it) at least 50 times a day but I haven't caved. How are you all doing if you're in on the challenge? Have you seen anything blue that I need to know about? Let me know, I love hearing from you.

Donna x

9 comments on "Winter Blues :-("
  1. The H&M jumpsuit is amazing! And I love the price ;) I've been looking for a jumpsuit and this would look great for A/W. x

  2. Oh Lordy, I'd forgotten that loafer trick ... walking on the backs of them - it used to drive my mother crazy :) Absolutely adore those Marianna Boutique shoes. God, they're beautiful

  3. Really like the Duster coat, great colour, and now I'm saving for those blue heels!
    Sue x

  4. Love the Gap bag & the Mary Portas cobalt dress, just what I've been looking for! I never think to look on the House of Fraser website & have just had a sneaky gander & have seen a few dresses so thanks.......I think!! ;)

  5. Love those Top Shop loafers (see I'm a proper flat girl!) and that skirt and bag - gorgeous colours Donna - getting me in the mood for Autumn! xx

  6. Love the M&S coat & those stunning heels are so you! You are doing so well Donna....I would of caved by now! Ax

  7. My whole wardrobe would be navy, grey and white if I would allow it to be so!
    ADORE those shoes (hate the price)!!!!

  8. So was I ahead of the game with my MOTB dress Donna? I love the Portas one but it would be plain silly to have two in that colour. The shoes are stunning and of course I want the Breton! x

  9. Love these picks! Really loving this trend for AW14. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista