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Wish List #4

So how is everyone? Enjoying the weather? This autumnal chill has come a few weeks too early if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I love autumn, it's probably my favourite season but I'm not sure I'm ready to let summer go just yet (says she in jeans and a big jumper today).

Anyway, I was flicking through Red magazine the other day and saw this.

It certainly made me sit up and take note. Another alternative to the skinny jean, yes it's the skinny jogger. I've toyed with harem pants and have worn them a little but they don't seem to look right with jackets on me. They're also VERY thin. The skinny jogger could well be an excellent addition to my winter wardrobe along with the cigarette trouser that I talked about here.

Sods bloody law, I can't find them online, there are variations of the theme but not these ones. I'm not even sure  H&M know where they are, they've only tagged the jacket. If anyone knows where they are lurking, please do send me the link.

So the rules, they must be black, brown (not sludge), charcoal or navy. Any or all will do, not too much bulk around the tummy and waist, slim leg with a cuff unless they are fairly tight at the bottom and must be overly long. Not asking for much then.

Over to Next first of all. Ok, these are a start. But immediately, my head starts screaming, freezing freezing. The fabric is a thin polyester. At least it will drape well.

Next Black Slinky Jogger £30

Buy Sweater With Embroidered Shoulder Detail from the Next UK online...

And these

Next Cuff Joggers £26

Buy Cuff Joggers from the Next UK online shop

They might work, not wild about the grey cuff and the extra detailing 'up top' but might be worth a punt.

Something slightly different from Warehouse (I found them on the ASOS site). Denim jogger - interesting!

Warehouse Denim Jogger At Asos £45

Warehouse | Warehouse Denim Jogger at ASOS

Staying with ASOS, these

New Look Slim Leg Jogger At ASOS £17.99

New Look Slim Leg Twill Jogger

Twill though! I'm not a lover of this fabric.

And I fear these from Zara will be too short!

Zara Printed Jogging Trousers £29.99


Totally off plan now but these leather-look joggers from Top Shop would be fabulous for an evening look, teamed with a cream blouse and leopard print stilettos. As long as they don't look too plastic-fantastic.

Top Shop Leather Look Seam Detail Jogger £38

Leather-Look Seam Detail Joggers - Trousers - Clothing - Topshop

And finally, from Hush, a brown pair. I wish there was a picture of them minus the boots so I could examine the bottoms. I may have to order them.

Hush Slim-leg Joggers £39.50

Slim-Leg Joggers from hush

So, which pair made my wish list? Actually none for the time being. Don't get me wrong, I am most certainly in the market for a pair of skinny joggers but these things can't be rushed. Further research is required - I'll keep you posted. So number 4 is a blank space at the moment!

Churning out all the old faithfuls in view of the self imposed spending ban.

Yesterday, I pulled out a pair of nude coloured cigarette pants that I've had for years and wore it with one of the husband's shirts (yes it's that bad at the moment). I say go forth and rummage in husband's closet.

And a close up of the cigarette pants because they deserve it.

And today for a day of jobs, slouchy Breton and skinny jeans. I should probably photoshop the wrinkles.

So, if you can help me on my quest for skinny joggers, let me know. I will be eternally grateful.

Donna x
12 comments on "Wish List #4"
  1. Love, love, love the H&M black skinny joggers!!! I need them! Love you in the striped sweater! xx

    1. So if you find them Joanna, you'll let me know right!! x

  2. I wish I had photoshop to cut the wrinkles! I highly recommend the Baukjen jogger, bought two pairs nearly two years ago and live and die in them except when it's really hot!

  3. Dont recommend Hush ones, they are too thick for this look and the band at the top keeps twisting. Drives me nuts. Love the hush harems though.

    1. No they definitely won't work if they're bulky. Mind you they do look fab but probably dressed down as in the photo. Twisty waist bands drive me barmy too! x

  4. Try these from dotty ps - I ended buying them in black & navy I loved them so much!


    1. Thanks for the recommendation - and they're the tall version too! Come 1st September I will be ordering. I can't trust myself to order them now as they may not end up going back and then I'll have broken my spending ban x

  5. Oh you will suit them with your long legs, I have tried a few and they are all too long for me. Xx good luck with your search I am tempted to try the Baujken ones.

    1. Oh I can only dream of bottoms being too long on me (and sleeves, sleeves drive me mad - always too short). Let me know if you get the Baujken ones x

  6. What wrinkles?! I'm so with you on slim trews & joggers & have added them to my wishlist too! Ax

  7. Like the H&M and Next joggers Donna! Never thought about skinny joggers before but they look most interesting! And what wrinkles!! x