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Burgundy And Blue

I am obsessed with the burgundy and blue combination, two of my favourite colours combined to make one luscious outfit. And both in my colour palette. Whey-hey.

Burgundy is quite an easy colour to wear for most colourings. Ladies with blonde hair and pale skin might want to keep it away from their face by wearing a lower cut neck or taking the depth away by wearing a lighter coloured necklace as the model has done in the photo below. Burgundy shouldn't work for redheads as it's quite a cool colour but to be honest, there's worse colours that they can wear. I'm going to stick my neck out and say try it, particularly the tones of burgundy that are moving towards the brown hue if you get my drift.

A few pictures from Pinterest for inspiration.

Floaty skirts

If you're slightly larger on the bottom half, this is probably a better combination as darker colours minimise.

Nice pair of capris, perfect for autumn.

Fabulous coat teamed with light denim. I actually adore this coat but I know the oversized collar would make me look like a pin head. 

A really easy outfit to copy. Who hasn't got a pair of light washed denim jeans in their wardrobe and a little leopard print by way of a bag or shoes?

The colours look so fresh and current don't they!

And so here are a few items on the High Street at the moment.

Marks & Spencer Deep Red Leather Pencil Skirt (on offer) £119.20

Marks & Spencer No Peep Zip Pocket Shirt (on offer) £28

These always look so naff in the photos but for comfort, you can't beat a pair of M&S jeggings. I'd prefer a zip but if you're planning on wearing a long top over, no one would ever know!!
Marks & Spencer Pull On Jeggings (on offer) £15.60

Warehouse Curved Hem Elbow Top £36

Oasis Pleated Midi Chiffon Skirt £45

Wallis Berry Drop Waist Ponte Dress (On Offer) £33.25

Next Swing Shirt £28

River Island Light Blue Oversized Coat £80

Mango Cropped Jumper £18

These colours are everywhere this year. In fact every website I clicked on had an array of burgundy and light blue. Expect more as the season progresses.

So, what does my wardrobe have to offer? Well this for starters.

The top is very old and I'm not sure how it will look, it may be a tad long. I'll report back next time on how I get on. I actually have quite a lot of burgundy in my wardrobe but very little pale blue. Even my denim shirts couldn't be called chambray. This will be rectified soon no doubt.

Is this a colour combination you like? Have you worn it yet? I'll happily give it a go.

The no-spend challenge last month has made me dig deep into my wardrobe so much so that I sported a pair of leggings on Saturday. Oooohh-err not worn these for a long time. The brown (not sludge) silk dress is from Zara, I'd forgotten quite how much I love it. Feeling very Hush!

Until next time.

Donna x

18 comments on "Burgundy And Blue "
  1. I love this combination, hadn't thought of it for some reason!

    1. I know! Why haven't we ever done this before. I've just pulled out my old wax coated skinnies in a deep burgundy. This is very exciting x

  2. Super coloour combo - I am going to have to try that one.
    I love you in these leggings and tunic - really good look.

    1. Thank you Fiona. Trouble with leggings is you never want to go back into skinnies! x

  3. What an amazing colour combo - I totally want to try it now! Particularly loving the chambray shirt with burgundy trousers. You are my colour inspiration Donna! Ax

    1. It's such a great combo isn't it Avril. I'm on the hunt for a new chambray shirt as mine are a little too dark. xx

  4. Love your "Hush" style outfit. Emma x

  5. Now there's a combo that I hadn't thought about. I struggle a bit with pale blue to be honest, as I can't shake the associations with the Queen Mother and ladies of her generation. Burgundy however, I love! And yes, very Hush. Me likey x

  6. Love that combo I will go out and take a look. River Island blue coat and the M&S pencil skirt caught my eye.

  7. These 2 colours really do look amazing together Donna! Love the chiffon midi pleated skirt from Oasis! Your ensemble of top and jeans look fab and would be the easiest way for me to achieve the look! xx

  8. Burgundy has been a favourite colour for years but you know, I dont think I have anything that colour in my wardrobe at the moment...must put that right. It looks gorgeous with pale blue, have got to try it out. Great silk Zara dress... am so jel of those pins...wanna swap!?! ;-) xx

  9. It's not a colour I ever wear but these looks are fab! I love the M&S leather skirt. Just gorgeous, Donna. Lynne x

  10. Hi Donna, thank you for the inspiration an amazing colour combination I'll be trying.
    Sue x

  11. I am now totally in love with this colour combo too Donna! I have burgandy coloured coated skinnies & I shall be digging out my denim shirt to wear them with! Ax

  12. Would never have put these two colours together but what a stunning combo, will definitely try it out, but might need to purchase something pale blue - shame!
    A x

  13. It's Audrey Tautou the actress not a model x

  14. Lovely colours together. Don't see it much. Several footy teams wear it: West Ham, Aston Villa, Burnley. Claret & blue they call it. X

  15. Oh I adore this colour combination! I first saw it in the film 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' starring Amy Adams, who wears this most amazing 1930's pale blue/grey suit and hat with burgundy accents. I will have to try and work this combination into my Autumn wardrobe, it's too good to pass up on. Thanks for the inspiration! x