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I Have Black Trousers.....Finally!

It's a quick one from me!

First of all, I would like to make an apology to Next for ordering every single pair of black straight leg trousers that they have in stock, sending them all back only to reorder again a few weeks later. I'm a nightmare. So, sorry Next. Thank you for your patience.

You may recall that I've been on the hunt for a pair of cigarette-thingy black pants for ages. I thought I'd found them here. If truth be known, they were a little tight on the waist so I sized up and those were too baggy on the leg. So I didn't buy them in the end.

Since then I've been on the hunt. I've tried Me&Em (fantastic fabric but huge sizing), Zara (can't get on with their trousers), Mango (same as Zara), Marks & Spencer (a little frumpy), H&M (cut so low they were positively indecent)....I think you get the picture. In sheer frustration I went back in to Next last week and ta-da-da-da....I've found some.

Black Slimline Trouser £30

Oh the sheer relief of not having to look for black trousers again this year!

They're a slightly heavier fabric than I've been trying (think workwear) which in my mind is good a) they're warmer in the cold weather and b) they drape much better. They also come up slightly large - I went for a 10 and probably need a belt. If you're in-between sizes, go down. I also went for a standard length to give them a more modern feel. I honestly can't recommend these enough for the money.

It's not a wonky photo by the way, it's a wonky garden!

I 'accidentally' shrunk another of the husband's jumpers that I'd taken a liking to. Look, he's got loads of grey jumpers, he's not going to miss this one is he! Channelling the sharp tailoring look today which I'm not sure I'm pulling off. Oh well, I'm wearing it now.

Oh and the shoes? They're Next too. Honestly they don't pay me, I promise. For value, fabric cuts and age appropriateness, I think Next have got it right. And it's about the only decent shop in my locality!

So, last year, I didn't buy any black high heels and suddenly the ones I have seem a little dated. They're all platforms because I need that extra height (lol). Back in the box they went and a quick purchase was made at the same time as the trousers.

Point Shoes £28

They actually come in a whole host of colours, these are black snakeskin with a little gold tip at the base of the heel (which itself is 10cm). Of course they're not leather but £28 for goodness sake.

So that's your lot. I'm pleased with my two bargains. The trousers are already filling a huge hole in my wardrobe.

A couple of outfits worn over the last few days. All seen before. Loving my Damart coat (which is still current stock here)

Back with a delicious skirt next.

Donna x

17 comments on "I Have Black Trousers.....Finally! "
  1. Donna I ABSOLUTELY love these on you - so youthful and stylish - you need more of these! I just bought the Campbell pant from J.Crew which is slightly cropped with a slightly flared ankle - I love them - perfect for showing off fabulous shoes! xx

  2. Wow - they're gorgeous Donna...really lovely fit. Heading to Next in the AM so must look out for them! Loving the shoes too - wish I had somewhere to wear heels to and that my back wasn't so bloody crook at the moment! Ax

  3. I like those trousers a lot. I have a similar pair that I bought in Mango during the summer - but they're possibly a little light to wear in the Autumn. I must keep an eye on Next - I've always been a bit of a secret fan of theirs I have to admit ... they're just so dependable!!

  4. The trousers look really good on you Donna, so glad you finally found the right pair and can now move on to the next wishlist item! x

  5. I am glad to see you have found the holy grail of black trousers at last Donna ;0) The shoes are looking pretty darn good too! xx

  6. Love those trousers. I have the shoes in plain black, they look fabulous and they're really comfy...until you try to walk further than cab to bar. Maybe I'm just out of practice, but I hope you get on better with them than I did!!


  7. Fabulous outfit Donna and one I will be copying:) I could do with new shoes also!
    ~Anne xx

  8. The trousers do look great, an important thing to get right as they are such a wardrobe staple - but it's the shoes I'm really loving, as I'm on the hunt for some and hadn't thought of Next. Are they comfortable ish?
    A x

  9. Well done you! 2 great purchases & bargains to boot! I tried some on in H&M which just didn't sit right either! Ax

  10. Love the trousers on you!! Very smart abd versatile. How did you shrink your husbands jumper though? I have a couple of jumpers I ordered on line and they are too big. Would love to shrink them some.

  11. Top Shop trousers seem to fit me the best (or used to). Love these - I'm after some just like this for work so will look in Next. Although H&M + New Look are practically next door in Meadowhall so will take a quick look there too - just out of curiosity! Love the texture on those shoes too! xx

  12. Love the trews and the shoes, Donna. I think you totally pull this look off and hubby's jumper finishes it perfectly. Lynne x

  13. Wow, corporate relaxed chic nailed. You look AMAZING (as you would do in a paper bag)!

  14. Those Next trousers look B perfect on you! x

  15. Love that tailored look on you. I too always have trouble finding just the right trousers to fit my figure (J-Lo bottom but tiny waist). I ended up in Next and at last found trousers that fit. Size 10 for me too. I loved them so much I ended up with black trousers in every cut imaginable... slim, bootleg, skinny & slouch!! I have been reading your blog recently. This is my first time posting

    1. It's such a relief when you find a perfect fit isn't it. I don't blame you buying up the whole stock!! Thanks for reading the blog by the way x

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