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Jingle Bells, I Have A New Dress

Yes, yes I know we're in the middle of an Indian summer but I think I may have found my Christmas dress. It wasn't planned, I promise, let me explain. 

 A couple of weeks ago, Joe Brown's got in touch and asked if I would be interested in choosing a dress from their brand new Autumn Shangri-La and Sovereignty collections. On first glance I thought I might pass on this challenge as the colours and patterns are quite bold. Being a Soft palette, strong colours can really overwhelm me, that coupled with a busy pattern, well I might as well not have a head for how much it pales into insignificance.

So I slept on it. But one little dress kept pinging out at me, this one actually.

Mythical Moments Skater Dress £39.95

Challenge yourself woman, I said. I've never owned a skater dress aka sticking out from the hips number. I tend to choose pencil dresses. I try to stick to lower necklines as they are more flattering, this is quite high. The colours are very deep but actually claret is in my palette. So, I put in my order and looked forward to trying something different. Eeeeek!

And it arrived and I did a double take. The dress is beautiful. It's structured enough that it holds its shape without being too thick. It's a viscose/elastane mix, I can only describe it as bordering on scuba material without the bulk. I ordered a size 12, I'd say if you are in-between sizes, go up in this.

I teamed it with an old claret and gold necklace and the black leather cage shoes from Marks and Spencer. 

The dress didn't feel as short as it looks in the above shot, I'm 5ft 8 1/2 and am comfortable with this length.

A back shot, you can really see how it holds it's shape.

Teamed with my Zara pleather jacket and sunnies although I doubt I'll be wearing sunnies on Christmas Day!

Have to say, I'm thrilled. Thanks Joe Brown, I would never have chosen this for myself. 

And because I'm in love with burgundy/claret/berry tones at the moment, I also clocked these on the Joe Brown's website. Love them both equally. The coatigan would work so, so well in my wardrobe, layered over nude and pink tones, distressed jeans and boots. The coat would be super dressed up or down but I'd love to put a column of colour underneath (I'm think charcoal actually). Hmmm sorely tempted!

What do you think? Did I choose a good 'un? Do you ever challenge yourself? Try it, you might be surprised.

Donna x
17 comments on "Jingle Bells, I Have A New Dress"
  1. Yes ! You are a complete loon ... Jingle Bells on 13 September??!! Oh, you do make me laugh. But ... but ... but ... I see where you're coming from and yes, you chose a good 'un. I'm really not familiar with Joe Browns and my interest is now definitey piqued (love that coat and coatigan too) so I'm off for a browse x

  2. Oh yes you did! Looks amazing, and love it with your sandals.
    Sue x

  3. Its gorgeous on you Donna & check out those legs!! It goes to show that sometimes the rules need to be broken! Its the perfect dress for the festive season! Ax

  4. It looks great on you, I love the coat too.

  5. Now that is a perfect Christmas Day dress - WOW

  6. What a gorgeous dress Donna - looks amazing on you! xx

  7. Donna, those pins definitely need showing off! Love everything about the dress on you, the cut, the colour and shape........Fabulous xx

  8. wow you do have a great pair of pins. The dress is lovely, I really struggle with that style as the high street versions are short waisted and you have to be very slim on top not to end up with the skirt flaring from your boobs. I am wide on the shoulders and rib cage so need to size up a lot, and still manage to look like Grayson Perry xx

  9. Superb dress Donna!! Love the shape and colour and it looks amazing with the M&S cage sandals xx

  10. I love the shape of this, very flattering on you and it love the leather jacket over it.
    Abbi x

  11. Gorgeous dress Donna and how fab to be sorted for Xmas already, one less thing to worry about and pay out for! x

  12. I love it with the sandals and the pleather. You have the legs for this kind of dress. Me, jealous?? Just a bit!! H xx

  13. Fab dress Donna....I would love to be sorted for Christmas this early....I am usually dashing around at the last minute after sorting everyone else!
    ~Anne xx

  14. It looks great on you Donna, also liking the Christmas spirit in September x The little pink flocked coat is right up my street, cute design.

  15. This dress is stunning on you, Donna. It's good to try something new from time to time, isn't it? Lynne x

  16. Yes, yes, you chose a good 'un!! It looks fab on you, it's going to be brilliant for Christmas. Is there enough stretch to cope with a large lunch? Well done for trying something out of your comfort zone, it's really paid off x

  17. Those are very fine legs you have x x dicky doo x x