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Well I'll be darned! Damart

Let's play a game. Let's play word association.

I say Marks, you say......Spencer
I say bacon, you say.......eggs
I say Morecambe, you say.....Wise

Ok, got it? Let's try another.

I say Damart, you say.....thermals

Noooo! That's the wrong answer. Try gorgeous cobalt blue colour block coat. I know, I know I didn't realise Damart did ladieswear too until they sent me this image...

Damart Colour Block Coat

Erm, hello where have you been all my life! How utterly cool to layer a formal-ish coat with a sweat top. So, I fell in love immediately. Honestly, it didn't have anything to do with the fact that it's our local town's football team colour and it would be perfect for sitting in the terrace on a Saturday afternoon. Ok, I lie, it did influence me a tad. But can you blame me?

It's generous in size, I ordered a 10 and is roomy enough to add a couple of layers underneath, perfect for those chilly, nay freezing days. The coat is mainly polyester (with a little stretch) and is machine washable at 30 degrees. You don't often hear that these days. It's also fully lined in cobalt blue. The lighter bit is actually pale grey, not white as I thought from the promo shot. At £75, it's a lot of coat for the money.

I've teamed it with a column of black (roll neck, cigarette pants and court shoes) so I definitely have winter football in mind here.

 So look there's no sleeve rolling up, no jewellery, just the coat on a black silhouette. I'm getting very, very brave in my old age. Me wearing black with a bright colour. I did say that I break the rules sometimes.

And a catalogue shot (I'm going to use this part of the garden more, I like it!).

So, which colour palettes is it suitable for? Actually, I'd say everyone. Although it's a fairly bright blue, the fabric absorbs the light so it's not as strong as it could be (as oppose to a shiny fabric that reflects and makes colours seem stronger). Lights and Softs should perhaps keep the colours underneath lighter (whoops!). Pale grey or a soft white would work well. Deeps, Clears and Cools would rock this. And even warms as it's not such a cool blue - look at the model above, who is just too gorgeous. If you want a quick reminder of your colour palette, click here and here.

One of the things I would say is that we are very, very spoilt these days and allow retailers to do the styling for us. I'm not saying we'd wear something as they've styled it but it does help us make a decision whether to buy or not. So, when you're faced with  pared-down shots of garments as on the Damart website, we don't automatically flex the credit card. I was sent the Autumn Look Book which has some stunning images...

Garnet Jacket £45 & Garnet Trousers £29

By the way, garnet really shouldn't work on a red head but I guess this girl looks fab in everything.

Faux Fur Gilet £39 & Peacock Dress £49

Ecru Cable Sweater £32 & Multi Print Tie Collar Blouse £35  & Camel Wide Leg Trousers £29

Look she's got cute little socks with sandals on!

All I'm saying is use your imagination. I'm really lusting after the last look although I might pass on the socks as I think the husband would think I've well and truly lost the plot (I still like them though).

What's the verdict then? Do you likey-like what Damart have to offer. I'm impressed and would like to say a big thank you to them for giving me this opportunity to review the coat. I'll be championing Macclesfield Town Football Club this season (please make me the mascot, please make me the mascot).

Back in a couple of days, I need to tell you about the trousers and shoes that I'm wearing with the coat.

Donna x
24 comments on "Well I'll be darned! Damart"
  1. I'm in shock, what beautiful pieces! I love the cobalt coat & the camel trousers, thanks for the heads up! X

  2. Oh I love it Donna! It looks great on you too & the styling is pretty good going throughout too! Sooo tempted to do socks & sandals as I don't want to say goodbye to my sandals for the next gawd knows how long!! Lol! That black belt is pretty amazing too! I like that part of the garden too! Ax

    1. Thanks Andrea. I couldn't find the belt online though x

  3. Gorgeous coat Donna and love their styling and that last look x

  4. Great choice Donna, that colour is stunning on you and of course you will get so much use out of it with it being your football club colours too! xx

  5. Gorgeous colour, looking super stylish as always!
    Abbi x

  6. Lovely coat Donna....would never have thought of Damart!
    ~Anne xx

  7. Yep I would have definitely linked Damart with long-johns at first thought Donna! Lovely coat - really like that cobalt colour! I like the 'sock and sandal' outfit too - dare you to wear them and see if the hubby notices! xx

    1. Oh he'd notice Jenny. Actually my son would notice first. He freaked out when I took him to the train station in pyjamas this morning! x

  8. They've come on a long way haven't they from their thermals? The coat looks fab on you and you wear court shoes to the football? I wear wellies!

  9. Such a beautiful coat on you, Donna. Stunning! Lynne x

  10. Great coat....had no idea Damart were doing this! xx

    1. They're working really hard to show everyone what they're all about. They've got some stunning pieces in this year x

  11. TOTALLY think of Damart and thermals! Not now!

  12. Definitely not now! I'm still fancying the socks and sandals outfit x