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Cauliflower, Potatoes, Bread, Milk, Tin Foil...Oh And Jeans

So the first few items were on my shopping list as I whizzed into Tesco the other evening. Actually had I not spent so much time browsing parkas in M&S next door, I wouldn't have had to whizz at all. Anyway, walking passed a display of jeans, these caught my eye.

Mid Wash Luxe Sateen Super Skinny Jeans £18

Eighteen pounds, I said eighteen pounds. I spent more than that on the pre packed fruit aisle! And they're a dead ringer for the Zara jeans that I tried and couldn't get on with last year. The changing rooms were closed. I'm not sure why, it was only 8.30pm and there's a big red 24 hours neon sign outside. So, I chucked the size 10L in my basket - mmmm nice, right next to the cauli and for good measure the 12L too as the 10 seemed a tad skinny.

That was middle of last week and they've languished at the bottom of my wardrobe ever since...until today when I remembered them. So on went the 10 and OMG my legs felt like they were being strangled. Don't get me wrong, there is so much stretch in these babies that they move with you but oh no I can't do the claustrophobic leg feeling anymore. I tried on the 12 not holding much hope as I thought they might be too big around the top but actually they are absolutely perfect. My legs can breathe and the top didn't feel as if they were falling down all day. In fact they stayed put, didn't budge an inch. It's all down to the incredible stretch which springs back and doesn't bag.

I can't recommend them highly enough if you're looking for grey washed jeans. The cotton is strokey soft with an ever so slight sheen. Not the best photo ever but here are mine worn with a Next pink striped knit and nude jacket from Wallis. Trying to extract the very last ounce of this fantastic weather although I fear it will be woollies and brollies come next week.

Not making a habit of visiting Tesco very often, I've been online to see what other jeans there are...for research purposes only you understand.

The same jeans as mine but in a mid wash

Mid Wash Luxe Sateen Super Skinny Jeans 

They also have a range of jeans for the curvier ladies and I was particularly pleased to see the grey ones in larger sizes here.

These next pair are described as pink wash???? They look more burgundy to me. Priced at  £18, I'm not going to argue with a colour description. They also come in black which do look black! I do like a higher waist although I'm not sure the zips work quite as well as on low rise.

Zip Detail Premium Twill Skinny Jeans 

This pair caught my eye, there's a subtle-ish animal print going on which immediately throws them into going out territory for me. Fling on a little top and heels and you're ready to go. Slightly more expensive(!) at £22. Again they look slightly higher in the waist which is great for holding it all in.

Flocked Animal Print Skinny Jeans 

And in grey, these would take you all the way through the summer too. Very tempted!

Flocked Animal Print Skinny Jeans In Grey

Look, I know F&F isn't for everyone but honestly the jeans I bought are amazing. I'm a convert. Go bag yourself a bargain, they're selling out fast.

Have you bought anything from Tesco Florence & Fred recently that you've been impressed with?

Ok, so I'm sat here in the dark praying that the Halloween mobsters miss us out. I can hear them screaming nearby as I type! You see I don't really get Halloween. We always seem to be net-down on treats at the end of the evening. My kids when they were little came back with some, we gave out far more and one year, I had to recycle their sweetie collection because we had so many callers. I'm not doing it this year!!!!!

Do you think this note might scare them off?

Donna x

25% Off 25 Styles At Hush

I love Hush, I love the laid back casual style that can be created using key pieces that work hard in your wardrobe.

I love Hush even more when there's a bit of a sale - now! There's 25% off selected styles, not a bad little saving.

I've been deliberating over this dress for several weeks, the thing that's puts me off is the dry cleaning tag. Urgh! An every day dress that needs dry cleaning. I know exactly what will happen. It will be worn, thrown in the wash basket and remain there for weeks nay months until I can be bothered to take it to the cleaners. But ohhh I love it.

Irish Shirt Dress in Everglade currently £59.25

And in Liquorice which is not dissimilar to my Zara silk dress that I've brought out of retirement and enjoying wearing again.

So, I couldn't resist any longer. I've ordered it in Everglade and if anyone out there has this dress and has hand washed it, do let me know.

I'm also drawn to the Rosie dress which is really cute although I fear will be slightly too short for me. But, if you look carefully, the model is wearing it with leggings as oppose to tights. Why that makes any difference to me, I don't know. It just seems to make the length a little more acceptable. Anyway, it's gone in the bag too - I'll report back.

Rosie Dress damson/navy currently £48.75

And in Mallard/Black

I was also sorely tempted by the cocoon cardi, a cosy layering piece.

Cocoon Cardi in Beige currently £56.25

And in Dark Grey

And in Grey Marl

This next cardi would have gone into my basket but as I currently have orders out with M&S, House of Fraser and Mango, I thought better of it. The hubby is off work and you can guarantee that deliveries will be made when he's around. Cue: Spanish Inquisition.

Cardigown in Grey Marl currently £71.25

Perfect for layering over jeans and long sleeve (I'm nesh) t-shirts now and then relegated to lounge wear when I'm bored stiff of it which actually I think could be a long, long time.

I've been looking for alternatives to denim skinnies and these trousers would seem to fit the bill nicely. Charcoal is such a great neutral colour for building up a capsule wardrobe.

Zip Cargo Trousers currently £59.25

I really love the styling of this outfit. In fact, I have all the key pieces (other than the cargos) to recreate it. I will resist, I will resist.

You can easily recreate the Rosie dress above using this skirt and a jumper. Actually it's probably a more sensible option as different colour jumpers could be worn to give a different look.

Quilted Short Skirt £33.75

And finally, I'll leave you with this image. OMG I adore this outfit so much. Why do Hush always create outfits that I want to copy to the letter instead of making them my own. Only Hush does that to me. The shawl which also comes in cloud (beige) is stunning. Last night I checked out my basket pretty darn quick to prevent me from adding anything else. Why didn't I add the shawl grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Lace Stitch Shawl in light grey marl currently £36.75

If you want to take advantage of the discounts, you had better get your skates on as the offer ends tomorrow. There's a code - OCTEVENT but I'm sure my discounts were taken off at the checkout without entering it. Whoops, I had better check.

I'm off to Leeds again today to visit the daughter. Honestly, I see her more now she's at Uni than when she lived at home. Shopping may be on the cards but we'll be restrained as the husband and son are in tow.

Donna x


Blogger's Block So A Weekly Round UP Instead

I thought it was going well earlier in the week, 3 posts in 3 days and then bang....the block hit. Don't get me wrong, there's lots to write about. Too much actually. I mean, I'm on the hunt for not one but two new coats. I've a new pair of grey jeans to style, and don't get me started on the Mango order. I normally plan my posts on the dog walk but honestly I'm flitting from coats to dresses to footwear at the rate of knots. My head has the makings of the sequel to Tolstoy's War & Peace. In fact I have enough material for versions 2, 3 and 4.

So, let me collect my thoughts together and I'll be back. In the meantime, I've been trying really hard to wear lots of past season clothes from my wardrobe. It's actually been quite refreshing! Here is a round up of my week.

My lovely old silk Zara dress worn with leggings and a new-ish Maison Scotch jacket. The daughter had 'borrowed' my better leggings. These are a tad too short and I spent the day pulling them down.

 I obviously slept in the boots and necklace as I wore them again the following day. With an old and much loved pair of faux leather brown leggings bought from Amazon of all places. These have got to be the best purchase ever. They're high waisted, keep their shape and are amazingly comfy. I'll give you the link here, but you mustn't laugh...they're described as sexy - lol. Worn with an oversized cream jumper from H&M.

I tried on this waxed parka in Marks and Spencer (link here). It also comes in burgundy and blue. This is one of the things currently swimming around in my head. Looks hideous online but much, much nicer in real life. I went back in on Friday and they're selling out fast. What to do????????

I played dress up on Thursday. Felt a complete plonker so didn't leave the house in the hat. I'll try again next week! (Popped in to Primark yesterday in Leeds and they had similar hats for less than a tenner I think). Same boots again worn with a Zara blazer from about 5 years ago. As much as I slate Zara for some of their shoddy workmanship, my jackets from there owe me nothing.

I turfed out a past season top from Wallis which I love. The sleeves are overly long, a luxury that I often don't have being of a lanky nature. Worn with grey leggings....oh and those boots!!!

Phew, a change of footwear,  5 year old tan boots that I've purposely never polished as I want them to look really old and worn in. It's taken a long time! Worn with white M&S jeans and black Me&Em slouchy top. Indoor photo as the weather was vile.

And finally today, a gilet from Per Una last year, Ash wedges from 2 years ago and a burgundy top. The faux leather trousers are H&M which I wouldn't recommend. They're fabulously warm but after a couple of hours, travel south so I'm constantly pulling them up. Bag is Autograph from last year.

Looking at my colour palette this week, I can honestly say that I'm embracing autumn! I captured this photo on the iPad from my garden the other evening so it's not great quality but it was quite spectacular.

And this morning...(the colours will get better and better as the days go by).

I love autumn. Do you? Right off to sort my head out.

Donna x

An Alternative To Skinny Denim Jeans

I wear skinny denim jeans most days. It's no secret and well documented. They're easy wear for a lazy moo like me. But occasionally I want something a little bit different hence the mammoth black trouser search back in August. I'd been pondering this point further when coincidentally, Gemini got in touch asking if I would have a look at a new arrival from the Sandwich collection. These...

Folk Printed Trousers in Nearly Black

Absolutely! They might be just the thing I'm looking for. Described on the website as a charcoal with a golden brown pattern, I'd agree with that although the colours are so subtle, the pattern could be taken for grey so lots of outfit options (tick). The waist band sits slightly below the waist which is still acceptable to my aversion to low rise trousers and the cut is a cross between a straight leg and a skinny. I ordered a size 10 (I'm in between sizes so size down if you are the same). There's a good length on them, I tucked them up slightly for a shorter leg.

This is what I plan to wear later this evening when I meet friends for drinks. It's a casual affair but I always wear a heel. It's in my DNA.

So I've gone for a cream loose fit jumper, black cage shoes and clutch and a big chunky berry coloured necklace.

A close up of the pattern. Nice isn't it.

Yes I know my drive needs weeding!

Natural style personalities (find out more here)  i.e. ladies who feel at home in jeans and t-shirts can wear them and feel totally comfortable as fundamentally they are jeans but look like trousers. They can be so easily dressed up for a smarter look when the occasion arises. You'd probably get away with wearing them for all but the smartest of Christmas dos.

I love versatile clothes, things that will work across the seasons, day and night and these trousers fulfil that brief. Styled here with a faux fur jacket, pink shell top, stone bag and black shoe boots. An outfit I plan to wear to visit my daughter over in Leeds - for some reason, I always feel cold over there.

As with all Sandwich clothing, I would expect these to last many seasons without the inevitable fading that you see with cheaper black jeans.

Very happy indeed, thank you very much Gemini.

Next time I'm back in skinnies and I have a bit of a dilemma. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Donna x

These trousers with gifted by Gemini for me to review. I will only ever feature things on my blog that I absolutely love.


A Breton Bargain And A Wax Jacket Plea

Quickest post ever from me...

Wandering around M&S last night as you do when the youngling is at football practice and I happen to chance upon the stripy jewelled breton top from the Autograph range reduced from £55 to £19.90. There were tons of them in my local M&S. Either it's a rubbish fit or the little elf that puts in the orders, was somewhat over zealous!

Anyway, I can't find it online at all but there were more than plenty in store. I've seen this particular top splashed all over the fashion magazines and blogs so you might catch yourself a bargain.

Now it's your turn to return the favour, anyone seen a parker or warm-lined wax jacket with a huge cream fur hood? Please do share.

I tried the M&S wax jacket on last night which is much better in the flesh than online. 

Here it is online in khaki. I wouldn't have given this a second glance. 

It so isn't shiny, more waxy in real life and the hood isn't as ginger. Not loving the models styling either.

I'm wearing a size 10, roomy enough to wear with a sweatshirt.

And in the burgundy which is much more of a true representation.

Slightly better on the styling front, I hope she's got some chunky biker boots on.

 I quite like the burgundy although I had my heart set on green or navy (this one comes in navy too but I didn't try it on).

I know there are tons out there but I can't find one that is really warm with a ginormous cream fur trimmed hood. Not a lot to ask for is it?

Donna x

Sweatshirts With Detail...It's There For A Reason, Not Just To Look Pretty!

Did you embrace last years sweatshirt trend? I did slightly, buying three in cream, pink and pale grey. I'm not overly sold on them as they can emphasise my top half in a bad way (hence I have my arms crossed on the photo below). I need some detail to break up the expanse of material; embellishment, (subtle) slogans fabric panels. They're still available in abundance on the High Street this season. They keep me warm. So I will embrace, I will.

For me, a fitted sweatshirt needs to sit at just the right length for it to look current. Too long and it reminds me of going to the gym (god forbid) and too short, well, we're getting into crop top territory. The perfect length for me sits just below the waistband. It means I can wear it layered under a blazer without the need for a coat on warmer winter days.

I've ordered this one from Uniqlo

Alphabetbags Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover £19.90

It's  a little brighter than I normally wear so I'm not completely sold.

And the cream version

This would have been my first choice but a) I have a cream one and b) I'm not sure about the coffee coloured writing.

I love this Varsity one from Mango and feel an order coming on....just hang on a minute whilst I spit feathers for missing the 30% offer last week. It comes in navy, grey and off-white.

M Sweatshirt £24.99

The colour of the next one really appeals to me, it's a little softer and more forgiving on my skin. It's from ASOS and of course I will be teaming with teeny-weeny shorts (not).

Sweatshirt in Burnout with Miami Print £25

Staying with ASOS (they have zillions), this Vero Moda one is a little more grown up with the textured panels and loose fit. How cool is the model's hair.

Vero Moda Fabric Textured Sweat £28

And from Whistles, love this! It must be an old one as it isn't on the Whistles website, this one is from ASOS.

Je Ne Regrette Rien Sequin Sweatshirt £75

It's got a bit of a Zoe Karssen feel hasn't it, even using a similar font. I actually prefer the Whistles one.

Zoe Karssen See You In Paris Sweatshirt £125

And finally a black one with a looser fit from River Island. A bit heavy for me but I love the black on black design.

Black Milan Live & Love Sweatshirt £25

Oh and by the way, do you remember the black Altuzarra sweatshirt that I ordered? It went back after all.

Practicing what I preach. Here I am today wearing an old ASOS beaded sweatshirt in light grey. This is so not my colour and I really need to wear lippy and blusher to stop me looking as if I belong in the morgue. Believe me in real life it ain't good.

Rescued with a navy pinstripe blazer, French Connection bag and Ash wedges.

A question for you.....are Ash wedges still in fashion? I know they're in the shops but I've had mine a couple of years now and I've fallen a little out of love with them. Any thoughts?

I've got an alternative to jeans next time.

Donna x