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25% Off 25 Styles At Hush

I love Hush, I love the laid back casual style that can be created using key pieces that work hard in your wardrobe.

I love Hush even more when there's a bit of a sale - now! There's 25% off selected styles, not a bad little saving.

I've been deliberating over this dress for several weeks, the thing that's puts me off is the dry cleaning tag. Urgh! An every day dress that needs dry cleaning. I know exactly what will happen. It will be worn, thrown in the wash basket and remain there for weeks nay months until I can be bothered to take it to the cleaners. But ohhh I love it.

Irish Shirt Dress in Everglade currently £59.25

And in Liquorice which is not dissimilar to my Zara silk dress that I've brought out of retirement and enjoying wearing again.

So, I couldn't resist any longer. I've ordered it in Everglade and if anyone out there has this dress and has hand washed it, do let me know.

I'm also drawn to the Rosie dress which is really cute although I fear will be slightly too short for me. But, if you look carefully, the model is wearing it with leggings as oppose to tights. Why that makes any difference to me, I don't know. It just seems to make the length a little more acceptable. Anyway, it's gone in the bag too - I'll report back.

Rosie Dress damson/navy currently £48.75

And in Mallard/Black

I was also sorely tempted by the cocoon cardi, a cosy layering piece.

Cocoon Cardi in Beige currently £56.25

And in Dark Grey

And in Grey Marl

This next cardi would have gone into my basket but as I currently have orders out with M&S, House of Fraser and Mango, I thought better of it. The hubby is off work and you can guarantee that deliveries will be made when he's around. Cue: Spanish Inquisition.

Cardigown in Grey Marl currently £71.25

Perfect for layering over jeans and long sleeve (I'm nesh) t-shirts now and then relegated to lounge wear when I'm bored stiff of it which actually I think could be a long, long time.

I've been looking for alternatives to denim skinnies and these trousers would seem to fit the bill nicely. Charcoal is such a great neutral colour for building up a capsule wardrobe.

Zip Cargo Trousers currently £59.25

I really love the styling of this outfit. In fact, I have all the key pieces (other than the cargos) to recreate it. I will resist, I will resist.

You can easily recreate the Rosie dress above using this skirt and a jumper. Actually it's probably a more sensible option as different colour jumpers could be worn to give a different look.

Quilted Short Skirt £33.75

And finally, I'll leave you with this image. OMG I adore this outfit so much. Why do Hush always create outfits that I want to copy to the letter instead of making them my own. Only Hush does that to me. The shawl which also comes in cloud (beige) is stunning. Last night I checked out my basket pretty darn quick to prevent me from adding anything else. Why didn't I add the shawl grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Lace Stitch Shawl in light grey marl currently £36.75

If you want to take advantage of the discounts, you had better get your skates on as the offer ends tomorrow. There's a code - OCTEVENT but I'm sure my discounts were taken off at the checkout without entering it. Whoops, I had better check.

I'm off to Leeds again today to visit the daughter. Honestly, I see her more now she's at Uni than when she lived at home. Shopping may be on the cards but we'll be restrained as the husband and son are in tow.

Donna x

16 comments on "25% Off 25 Styles At Hush"
  1. I really want that grey cocoon cardi now Donna!! Enjoy spending time with your daughter:)
    ~Anne xx

  2. I can recommend that quilted short skirt, I bought it in the last 10% off promo, and it's fabulous. It's deffo a skirt for over leggings though if you're a tall person!

    The dry - clean thing is a pain in the bum, isn't it? I oftrn chance a handwash in the machine, but it's a big chance to take on a higher-priced item...

    Enjoy Leeds!

    Becky x

    1. Thanks for that Becky. I'm desperate to find out if someone has hand washed the dress z

  3. I love Hush but I can't handle the prices!

  4. I have both the Iris and the Rosie, sadly bought before the 25% off offer kicked in - sob!
    I had to have Iris taken up 1.5 inches and Rosie is not that short on me but I am only 5ft 2'. I love them both but they do crumple like crazy, especially the Iris. Not sure if she could be taken on hols as would turn into a scrumpled-up paper bag in the suitcase. I also have the cocoon cardi and it's very big and long on me - almost to the back of my knees. Not sure I would buy it again. Lovely soft wool though.
    I am so tempted by the quilted short skirt!

    1. I'm sure they had a dress pretty similar to the Iris last year in nude. It too was a heavy weight fabric. Not sure I'll cope with the creasing - will have to see. Have you hand washed yours at all? x

  5. I also have the Iris dress - although haven't worn or been brave enough to try handwashing it yet, though. I'll be interested to hear whether anyone has or whether it really is dryclean only.

  6. Not you too! I saw those cargo skinnies on Kat's blog as well today and now I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's the fabric of the dress? I tend to throw a lot of stuff into the handwash cycle on the machine to be honest! It generally survives.

  7. I have just made my first Hush purchase thanks to the OCTEVENT 10% off! I have gone for a dress, not one featured here....I shall keep you posted ;0) xx

  8. I love the cardigans Donna and now can't wait to see what's in your other orders! x

  9. i have my eye on the teal shirt dress.. so so pretty!! can't wait to see your buys!XX

  10. I lve Hush too. I only have a couple of things from there but I lve them! Gorgeous picks, Donna. Lynne xx

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