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An Alternative To Skinny Denim Jeans

I wear skinny denim jeans most days. It's no secret and well documented. They're easy wear for a lazy moo like me. But occasionally I want something a little bit different hence the mammoth black trouser search back in August. I'd been pondering this point further when coincidentally, Gemini got in touch asking if I would have a look at a new arrival from the Sandwich collection. These...

Folk Printed Trousers in Nearly Black

Absolutely! They might be just the thing I'm looking for. Described on the website as a charcoal with a golden brown pattern, I'd agree with that although the colours are so subtle, the pattern could be taken for grey so lots of outfit options (tick). The waist band sits slightly below the waist which is still acceptable to my aversion to low rise trousers and the cut is a cross between a straight leg and a skinny. I ordered a size 10 (I'm in between sizes so size down if you are the same). There's a good length on them, I tucked them up slightly for a shorter leg.

This is what I plan to wear later this evening when I meet friends for drinks. It's a casual affair but I always wear a heel. It's in my DNA.

So I've gone for a cream loose fit jumper, black cage shoes and clutch and a big chunky berry coloured necklace.

A close up of the pattern. Nice isn't it.

Yes I know my drive needs weeding!

Natural style personalities (find out more here)  i.e. ladies who feel at home in jeans and t-shirts can wear them and feel totally comfortable as fundamentally they are jeans but look like trousers. They can be so easily dressed up for a smarter look when the occasion arises. You'd probably get away with wearing them for all but the smartest of Christmas dos.

I love versatile clothes, things that will work across the seasons, day and night and these trousers fulfil that brief. Styled here with a faux fur jacket, pink shell top, stone bag and black shoe boots. An outfit I plan to wear to visit my daughter over in Leeds - for some reason, I always feel cold over there.

As with all Sandwich clothing, I would expect these to last many seasons without the inevitable fading that you see with cheaper black jeans.

Very happy indeed, thank you very much Gemini.

Next time I'm back in skinnies and I have a bit of a dilemma. I'll tell you more about it soon.

Donna x

These trousers with gifted by Gemini for me to review. I will only ever feature things on my blog that I absolutely love.

11 comments on "An Alternative To Skinny Denim Jeans"
  1. Love them! I have a pair of grey skinnies from Sandwich that I bought in 2011, have worn to death and they still look like new. One of the best 'euro per wear' ever and worth every penny. Love your outfit for tonight .. brave with your bare feet though!
    Now off you go and weed your driveway, LOL xxx

  2. Love them on you Donna! You look gorgeous all dressed up for your night out but just as gorgeous in boots! Love the fur too! Ax

  3. These look lovely on you Donna fab dressed up or down x

  4. What a superb alternative to a plain old skinny Donna! Love the pattern and they look so versatile for both day and evening looks!! Onto a winner I say! xx

  5. Love that first outfit. I always thought of Sandwich as a bit stuffy, but those trousers are gorgeous!

    Becky x

  6. I do get fed up of plain old skinnies, and these look a great alternative especially for a dressier look! Love how you do them with heels too! xx

  7. Oh that's so funny - I went back to read up on your style personalities and the "natural" must have been written with me in mind!

    And you really do have the legs for those trousers - they look fab on you.

  8. These look fantastic on you, Donna. Sadly, I do not have legs like yours and I would look ridiculous in these! Lynne x

  9. They look great on you Donna and love that they look just as easy to wear as a pair of skinnies!
    A x

  10. oooh they do look good. I love them

  11. They look amazing on you, reckon they would be pretty versatile too to dress up or down! Fabulous choice and spot on styling xx