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H&M, A Great Place For Good Old Basic Wardrobe Staples

I love receiving my usual seasonal catalogues from Hush, Baukjen, Me&Em, Mint Velvet, The White Company and Atterley Road (you can tell my age can't you). But, I also love receiving the H&M one too. It might be addressed to the daughter, I don't remember, but whatever, I always take it out of it's cellophane wrapper, ponder, mark the pages and then pass it on. I loathe the actual shop and avoid it like the plague but online shopping is a different matter altogether. There's always parcels going backwards and forwards. We have that kind of relationship me and H&M.

So here are my top 6 basic wardrobe staples from the current range. Things that will work day and night. I won't buy anything unless it works with several outfits, says she who has a 'difficult' jacket in her wardrobe and only one top that actually goes with it.

The Slouchy Knit
Fine Knit Jumper £14.99

I have this in a beige in the slightly longer version which is no longer available. I have to confess that when I first opened the parcel, I thought they'd sent me a 'dud' one with two fronts stitched together. You see there's a little v at the back too which is kind of cute but a little drafty. It's thin enough to wear under jackets, slouchy enough to pop a shirt on and can be worn dressy with a pair of heels and black trousers. Also comes in light beige, navy and black and white stripe.

The Boxy Knit
Knitted Jumper £14.99

I can't tell you how much I love this colour, claret, burgundy, ox-blood whatever, it's a stunning shade for this season. The boxy shape is great for breaking up a long body if layered with a longer v-top or white shirt. I haven't seen this in the flesh but it's pretty much a standard H&M sweater in an on-trend colour. So, again dress down with jeans or up with a smart white shirt, black or charcoal cigarette pants and a pair of pointed stilettos. Keep you warm in the pub on a Friday night!

The Wear It Any Time Jacket
Short Jacket £29.99

If you're exploring the world of jackets, you can't go wrong with H&M. Some may scoff but every jacket I've bought from there has been well made and stood the test of time. 

This jacket would work really well on mousey or blonde haired girls particularly if you want to achieve the tone-on-tone look. I'm thinking greys or darker beiges or even nude pinks. For ladies with a stronger look (dark or grey hair) you'll probably need to add a deeper colour...berry, black, navy for a bit of oomph. And red-heads might want to add orange, coral, forest green or brown. I'd wear this jacket with jeans and boots, black trousers, thin knits, denim shirt. The possibilities are endless.

A Lace Top 
Lace Blouse £29.99

It's not only a summer piece. Just because it's winter, I won't stop wearing mine. I'll layer it under a jacket and wear a scarf. A good all year round piece that looks sensational with distressed denim.

A Versatile Dress-Thingy!
Short Dress £24.99

I'm guessing the model on the website is a giraffe so on us mere mortals it will be slightly longer. Wear with tights and stilettos, pleather leggings or even jeans. And of course, bare legs and flat sandals in the summer. I'd probably wear this more on an evening as the black lends itself to dressy but it also comes in teal (currently £12). I actually want to cry as it also came in blush, cream and grey all reduced to £8. Obviously all sold out. Don't click on them, you'll cry too! 

Sucking Everything In High Waist Leggings
Leggings £9.99

I know, they look vile don't they so we will have to use a little imagination. Of course any 'lay-dee' will ensure both front and back bottoms are covered. In fact, I like an extra few inches on top of that too...just for insurance purposes. I didn't wear leggings at all last year but will be embarking on this territory again. You may as well get high waisted, no one will know that they cover your naval and of course you get a great silhouette under clothes, smoothing out lumps and bumps like you'd never know. Would look great with the dress above as well as slouchy (long) thin knits, a blazer, ankle boots and bobs your uncle. Well not quite on Bob - it's a figure of speech.

So there's my top 6 basic picks from H&M. No patterns, very little colour but bloody good wardrobe staples.

And to prove that I actually do love H&M, here I am earlier today wearing a marl-pink sweatshirt and navy blazer (sadly no longer available).

Are you a H&M fan? 

Donna x

13 comments on "H&M, A Great Place For Good Old Basic Wardrobe Staples"
  1. I love H&M! When I started reading this post, I was thinking I hadn't bought much there this season but after a quick tot up I have actually bought 4 things for A/W. I don't tend to buy too much online as it takes forever to be delivered and returns have to be posted back to Sweden which mean refunds take an age! I would order more if I could return to store! They are great for basics and bang on trend items you don't want to pay the earth for! xx

  2. I do love h&m but like Michelle says ordering online is a nightmare. ...you could have gone up a dress size by the time they arrive! My latest in store purchases have been a recent discovery...don't know why it's taken me so long to find them, but their organic conscious collection t - shirt s are just brilliant!
    Helen xx

  3. I love H&M but I'm the opposite of you, I just can't get on with their website, it drives me bonkers trying to search for things!!

    I'm on the hunt for high waisted leggings so I'll give these ones a shot, hopefully they won't be thin & see-through ;). I love your comment about covering your front & back bottoms!! Even on really teeny tiny women, I hate seeing leggings with short tops, long tops all the way!! X

  4. I like it when the big catalogue arrives at the start of each new season. What I don't like is then logging on to find the one or two items I want to order are on a 3 month delay...! They take ages to deliver as well but I can never find anything from the book instore. Hmm. I buy the odd thing here & there, I used to shop there much more 10-13 years ago when I was at uni.

  5. The online facility doesn't extend to Ireland (boo!) and I also loathe their store. I do venture in occasionally, but I never see anything decent .. it all seems cheap & nasty so I tend to hurry out again. Shame :(

  6. Yes I would say I am. I picked up a couple of bits in Spain and now you have me lusting after that lace top, it's gorgeous and my hot flushes mean I need lightweight knits x

  7. I love H&M, such good clothes and prices.
    I love that pinstripe blazer, I would like one!

  8. H&M has become my wardrobe staple Donna! All my last few purchases have come from there! They only opened in the Spring here & I don't know how I coped with out them before that! I've tried that lace blouse on twice a loved it but just haven't bought it! What a numpty! There are always some great finds in store that aren't available online! Ax

  9. I am Donna - have been for years now! Always find something I'd like in there - day wear and evening wear (not that I buy or need so much of the latter these days!). Love the look of those leggings - must take a look next time I'm in H&M (which I reckon will be pretty soon!) xx

  10. I love H&M too but I'm the opposite to you. I hate their deliveries from online orders, it takes forever so I prefer to have a root around instore and I always come away with a few gems. I hotfoot it to my local H&M as soon as the catalogue hits my doormat as the stock never hangs around. Looking fab as always, Donna. Lynne x

  11. I am with you on the H&M shop v website. I find that 'virtual' shopping is far more pleasurable. You have reminded me that I have a pinstripe blazer that I must get out of hiding. H x

  12. I need that slouchy knit in the first pic!
    Abbi x