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Sweatshirts With Detail...It's There For A Reason, Not Just To Look Pretty!

Did you embrace last years sweatshirt trend? I did slightly, buying three in cream, pink and pale grey. I'm not overly sold on them as they can emphasise my top half in a bad way (hence I have my arms crossed on the photo below). I need some detail to break up the expanse of material; embellishment, (subtle) slogans fabric panels. They're still available in abundance on the High Street this season. They keep me warm. So I will embrace, I will.

For me, a fitted sweatshirt needs to sit at just the right length for it to look current. Too long and it reminds me of going to the gym (god forbid) and too short, well, we're getting into crop top territory. The perfect length for me sits just below the waistband. It means I can wear it layered under a blazer without the need for a coat on warmer winter days.

I've ordered this one from Uniqlo

Alphabetbags Sweat Long Sleeve Pullover £19.90

It's  a little brighter than I normally wear so I'm not completely sold.

And the cream version

This would have been my first choice but a) I have a cream one and b) I'm not sure about the coffee coloured writing.

I love this Varsity one from Mango and feel an order coming on....just hang on a minute whilst I spit feathers for missing the 30% offer last week. It comes in navy, grey and off-white.

M Sweatshirt £24.99

The colour of the next one really appeals to me, it's a little softer and more forgiving on my skin. It's from ASOS and of course I will be teaming with teeny-weeny shorts (not).

Sweatshirt in Burnout with Miami Print £25

Staying with ASOS (they have zillions), this Vero Moda one is a little more grown up with the textured panels and loose fit. How cool is the model's hair.

Vero Moda Fabric Textured Sweat £28

And from Whistles, love this! It must be an old one as it isn't on the Whistles website, this one is from ASOS.

Je Ne Regrette Rien Sequin Sweatshirt £75

It's got a bit of a Zoe Karssen feel hasn't it, even using a similar font. I actually prefer the Whistles one.

Zoe Karssen See You In Paris Sweatshirt £125

And finally a black one with a looser fit from River Island. A bit heavy for me but I love the black on black design.

Black Milan Live & Love Sweatshirt £25

Oh and by the way, do you remember the black Altuzarra sweatshirt that I ordered? It went back after all.

Practicing what I preach. Here I am today wearing an old ASOS beaded sweatshirt in light grey. This is so not my colour and I really need to wear lippy and blusher to stop me looking as if I belong in the morgue. Believe me in real life it ain't good.

Rescued with a navy pinstripe blazer, French Connection bag and Ash wedges.

A question for you.....are Ash wedges still in fashion? I know they're in the shops but I've had mine a couple of years now and I've fallen a little out of love with them. Any thoughts?

I've got an alternative to jeans next time.

Donna x

13 comments on "Sweatshirts With Detail...It's There For A Reason, Not Just To Look Pretty!"
  1. Wash your mouth out! How can you have fallen out of love with your Ash wedges??? I ADORE them! They've been on my wish list forever, but somehow, whenever I have the money to buy them, something else more important is needed.
    Also really liking that Vero Moda sweatshirt - planning a little trip to check out their coated skinnies, so may have to look at this too! x

  2. I love a sweatshirt! I also love Ash wedges! In fact, I'm sat here in a JCrew camo sweatshirt that was a sale bargain last season (thanks to Eve at AWO I managed to get one at something stupid like £26) and you've just reminded me that I have a pair of khaki canvas Ash Thelmas upstairs in the back of the wardrobe. Why am I not wearing them together??! So you've done me a favour and given me a new outift idea. Thanks!

    Becky x

    1. ps any ideas on Uniqlo sizing? I love that blue sweatshirt and at that price I may just have to go for it!

  3. I'm really embracing the sweatshirt this autumn, my fav the whistles, but some great choices here.

  4. I really love sweatshirts Donna & think the top one you've ordered so cute! Will look great with a denim or striped shirt underneath too! I have a grey embellished one from last year & a new black quilted one with pleather trim which I wore today & love! I would love a couple more too! Great outfit & yes to the Ash Wedges they are still amazing! Ax

  5. Love a good sweatshirt Donna! I think it's about time that I caved and purchased the M one from Mango, my daughter saw in store and begged me to buy it.....she was thinking mum, I was thinking Michelle xx

  6. I love a good sweatshirt, they just add a dose of slouch (in a nice way) to a look! Love that first blue unique one....definitely cheer up a dull day! Helen xx

  7. I do love a little slogan sweatshirt but nothing too vulgar on the front or too teeny bop. I also shy away from rock band t-shirts from the past for fear of looking like I'm trying to hang on to my youth there. For instance, I keep wanting to buy a Ramones tee/sweatshirt but I never listened to them so why would I wear anything with them on? Let's see how you get on with the Uniqlo ones - it's a cutie.

  8. Love the Mango varsity M ones Donna....must take a look!
    ~Anne xx

  9. The mango one is my favourite, I am going to buy it for my daughter as we all call her Mable.

    X x

  10. I hated Ash Wedges from the moment they first come out. Ditch them and imagine how much better that outfit would look with Chelsea boots or similar. They remind me of footwear a nurse would wear in Poland about 30 years ago, I don't know why!

  11. Lovely sweatshirts that you have featured! I overloaded on them last year and still love them but don't need any more! Re the Ash, am wondering the same thing about my Bowie wedge trainer ones, although still like them
    A x

  12. Love them Donna ( you knew I would don't you!) - the Mango in navy all the way for me! I have a grey logo sweatshirt which I bought last year from H&M with a large red capital 'R' on it - I love it but my son asked me why I was wearing a Pokemon Team Rocket sweatshirt!! xx