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A Blogger's Fest At Gemini

Dear Donna

Please come to our shop and play dress up for the day. We will make you look pretty.

Love from 

Gemini xx

Obviously much more professionally worded than that but oh yes, I'm good at reading people's minds  and I knew exactly what those people at Gemini wanted.......basically for me to run havoc through the shop, stroking and touching, cooing and caressing and trying on anything that took my fancy.  Errmmmm yes please!

For those of you who don't know, Gemini is a ladies clothing retailer based in Stratford-upon-Avon stocking brands such as Sandwich, French Connection and Great Plains. But fear not (for I think you may after seeing some of the items below, want to check them out for yourselves), if you aren't in travelling distance, Gemini has an excellent online presence here.

So, off I trotted to Gemini along with my blogging pal, Fiona over at Avenue 57 for a day of pure indulgence. I told the husband it was work, very hard work. Mwahahahahaha.

We were greeted by Elizabeth and Holly who whisked us off to Space NK and Matthew Curtis  for hair and make-up to humanise us after an early start.

And then it was back to the shop. Now imagine a wine connoisseur being given the run of St Emilion vineyards wine cellar or a teccy allowed to run the corridors of Apple Inc headquarters....do you get my drift? Well that was us yesterday. The girls had pulled out a selection of party clothes for us to try along with the most amazing footwear. I loved everything!

Check out those burgundy boots.

So more to follow about the actual outfits that we chose and professional shots next time. Here is a selection of behind the scenes shots.

And a taster of what I tried on

Great Plains Mariinsky Embellished Dress

Unisa Shoe Black Suede Ankle Boot

Great Plains Treasure Hunt Sequinned Top

Great Plains Sequin Drop Knit Top

French Connection Imperial Wool Coat

I'll do a proper show and tell next time suffice to say that I loved everything. There were even one or two surprises - ankle boots, bare legs and a mini(ish) faux leather skirt combo and a discovery of a brand that is my new obsession - INWEAR.

By the end of the day, we had tried on and photographed more outfits than I can remember and even had chance to chat to the owner, Claire who is absolutely delightful. Her passion for the business is as strong now as it was almost 30 years ago.

We finished off with a gorgeous champagne cream tea at a local eatery and a fabulous Gemini goodie bag.  Cheers Fiona and thank you everyone at Gemini for an incredible day.

Gemini by day and night and a Christmas scene on my way back to the railway station

If you're not too far away from Stratford-upon-Avon, the shop is well worth visiting, it's an absolute treasure trove of beautiful clothes and I witnessed several very happy customers being given the full-on shopping experience. It appears that VIP treatment isn't just reserved for us bloggers, it's the norm at Gemini!

The website is also well worth a browse as Claire and her team work really hard to ensure that the brands they stock appeal to the clothes conscious 40 something woman - me actually!

I'll be back soon with some much better photographs of the outfits.

Have a great weekend.

Donna x

13 comments on "A Blogger's Fest At Gemini"
  1. What a fabulous 'hard working' day we had! :-)!
    Oooh the stock - fantastic range to suite any taste/age
    Oooh the staff - how friendly in a nice way not smarmy?
    Oooh Claire the owner - how genuinely inspiring and passionate?
    Oooh how good did the team do to make us look amazing?
    Oooh the cream tea - delicious

    1. And the company??????? Oooooh. But I agree with everything else too x

    2. the company deserves more than just an oooooh!
      it deserves a double ooooh and then oooooh again :-)
      Roll on Feb

  2. That looks like the best fun ever ... and how glamorous and fab do you both look? And I haven't even seen the professional photos yet!!! Sounds amazing and the clothes look truly gorgeous. Looking forward to the next instalment x

  3. How could a girl resist an invite like that? Love the Great Plains pieces and the Unisa boots too.....p.s. you both look pretty damn glam! Helen xx

  4. Wow, you look as though you had an amazing time, I can't wait to see more pictures!

    Becky x

  5. What a fabulous day, Donna. It looks so exciting! Lynne xx

  6. This is my idea of heaven.....getting pampered and dressed up! How lucky were you both!!! Looks like you had a superb day and Gemini absolutely looks and sounds worth a visit!! xx

  7. You had me at scones and champers.
    Wow, what a fabulous day - both of you look amazing, I love all the pieces you have on and the ones you have shown. Those burgundy boots are amazeballs.
    I don't know these labels except for French Connection so am off to have a good old google of everything.(see you at the top of the rabbit hole in an hour, you know how that goes!)
    Think this kind of Gemini day out is far more wonderful than going to a spa-, don't you?

  8. Donna you lucky girl - sounds amazing! Can't wait to see more pics! Had to laugh (and gasp!) at your comment on my latest post - one lipstick! Just one! What's up with you girl?! xx

  9. What a fab day and ye look stunning!!
    ~Anne xx

  10. Wow - what an amazing day! Just wish I could have joined you - the photos look fab too...hair and makeup is STUNNING! Can't wait to see more pics Ax