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A Green Parka And A Bit Of Nostalgia

I'm a bit late to the game on the parka front. It's not that I don't like them, quite the opposite actually. I just know that me being me will always find something a little smarter to wear in my wardrobe. That is until I saw this...

I have these boots, I could do this! Hmmmmm maybe not off-the-shoulder style.

And this....

Swap the white vest top for a thicker knit.

And this....

I adore this dress!

Bingo! The penny finally dropped. I can do smart with a parka. It could sit in my upstairs wardrobe with my smarter coats and jackets as oppose to downstairs with the dog walking coats. Couldn't it?

So my search started in earnest. A failed shopping trip last week didn't deter (other than the M&S one, I'll come to that later) and so I turned to the internet.

In my mind I wanted a khaki green, fish tails back and front, the ability to nip the coat in at the waist and a big cream furry hood. In fact not dissimilar to the original Mod parka of The Jam era minus the battered look and badges of course!  I was at secondary school then and I distinctly remember how smart the boys used to look in their stay press trousers (regulation black or burgundy) which had to be just the right length to show off pristine white socks, Dr Martin shoes (replaced by DM boots a couple of years down the line) and parkas (replaced by Crombies in the Madness era). It's all kind of jumbled in my head now but I know that parkas came first!

These are the 4 parkas I chose to order and as contrary as I am, none of them fulfil the self-imposed parka brief.


Marks & Spencer Faux Fur Trim Waxy Parka £89

Strictly speaking not a parka and as I said in my previous post, this jacket is so much nicer in real life. It's more of a wax glimmer than a shiny-shine if you get what I'm saying. I really like it when I tried it on in the shop but after ordering it and trying it back on, I wasn't so keen. It all felt a little bit too anoraky as oppose to the parka-vibe that I'm after. But, it's a fab warm coat and is probably the most waterproof of the 4.

A gormless picture....

Miss Selfridge Khaki Borg Lined Parka £95

The problem with this one is that the arms are only very thinly lined as oppose to the body which has a lovely fur lining. It also doesn't have the fish tail bottoms that I am after but ohhh it's a lovely coat and fitted really well. There's a drawstring at the waist to give it some definition. Shame the hood isn't all cream though but at least the streaky fur matches my hair(!)

Warehouse Detachable Contrast Pocket Parka £90 Now £63

At last, proper fishtails. I loved the shape of this one. Slightly oversized but in a good way (the drawstring at the waist helped keep everything in proportion). And I really loved the bleached out khaki colour. But honestly, it was so thin. I expected the detachable lining to be quite substantial - it wasn't. So it's either layer up in winter or freeze.

Label Lab Wool Mix Parka £125 now £85

So I thew in a wild card with this one. It's a boucle fabric with a funny flap thing across the top. It actually looks ok when the coat is unfastened. Love the fish tail bottom at the back. It's surprisingly warm too. However, the fit is somewhat weird. It's quite tight at the top and balloons out in the middle leaving me resembling something from the Teletubbies.

But I adored the shape from the back

So, which one did I choose if indeed any? Well, none fitted my brief fully and to be honest it's just a parka so I really couldn't be bothered to spend any more of my life looking for the perfect one. In the end I chose the Miss Selfridge one purely for how warm it is and the fact it does actually resemble a proper one. And here it is styled properly today.

My only decision now is, is it an upstairs or downstairs coat? Do you own a parka and have you up-styled it or do you keep it strictly for casual wear?

Next time I have a show and tell from Mango and Hush.

Donna x

14 comments on "A Green Parka And A Bit Of Nostalgia "
  1. Oh for God's sake. There I was, happily hating parkas, thinking they are strictly 'downstairs' coats, really NOT getting their popularity ... and then you go & post a picture like that! With your pleather skinnies (or leather?) and looking all lovely & stylish. Ugh! I'm going to have to reassess my opinion now!!!

  2. Oh, so many parkas so little time...I am a huge parka fan, I'm just so fussy about all the little details. I am loving the thickness of the fur on that hood though (it's the rubbishy little rats tails that are supposed to pass for faux fur that really annoy me), and it looks amazing the way you've styled it today! I'm happy for now, as I have my Banana Republic black parka for Winter and a lightweight Zara khaki number for when the weather's warmer. I just know it'll only take a few more pictures of parka fabulousness to get me hankering after just one more, though!

    Becky x

  3. It looks lovely on you and is a fab Parka. I do both with mine but am desperate for a new one which is a tad longer and fishtails x

  4. You have had to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince parka Donna, I think you have absolutely chosen the right one though! I definitely love the style of the Miss Selfridge one the best! xx

  5. I love this and was my favorite as I was reading - so glad you chose this one! I just nabbed the oversize TopShop one that Michelle has from last year - I managed to find it on eBay and I LOVE it!

  6. You chose right! The Miss Selfridge one looks great.... all the right proportions and the right criteria for you too! Helen xx

  7. Before I saw them on you I liked the Label Lab the best then as I was scrolling down, it was definitely the Miss Selfridge one on you, great choice x

  8. I liked both the miss Selfridge and the Warehouse one. But if the warehouse one is thin then that defeats the object so you chose well ( grasshopper)

  9. Great post Donna - I have the warehouse one firm last season and I agree that it's not as warm as I thought it would be but it was perfect for last winter which wasn't As cold & I wore it loads over the spring/summer without the lining & fur. Having said all that, I do like the miss s one too & I adore how you've styled it! You've got me questioning upstairs or downstairs too (mine's currently down!) xx

  10. The Miss Selfridge one is BY FAR the best one on you. The others looked too big for you.

  11. You chose well! I have three and I love them! I wear them for work, casual and even the dog walk! Love how you've styled yours, Donna. Lynne xx

  12. I really like the Miss Selfridge option anyway Donna - looks great on you. I really want one but is it worth hanging on for the sales? Won't be that long now! xx

  13. I like your' final choice. I use mine mainly for the more dressed down look because it has an oversized look. You watch I will be wearing it to our Winter Ball next! H xx