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How Do You Wear Your Oversized Scarves?

It was a scarf kind of day today which came as a bit of a shock. Well given that I didn't venture out of the house yesterday at all and, Saturday was mild to say the least, I was ill prepared which sent me dashing back into the house for a scarf. The biggest scarf I could find. I guess you would class it as an oversized little number wouldn't you.

It was from Numph (there's an umlaut over the u but I don't know how to do it on the keyboard) about 12 months ago. Sadly no longer available because it really is a wonderful thing. The colours lend themselves to many different neutrals; black, charcoal, brown to name but a few.

Here I am having a rare dressed down day, flat boots and everything, wearing my Numph (with an umlaut over the u). I think oversized scarves works best if you hook at the front of your neck and do the twist at the back - it kind of helps me look a little less of a pinhead.

Jeans Here Denim Shirt Similar Jumper Similar (bargain) Boots Similar 

So what else is out there at the moment in the oversized department? I'm not going to touch the plaid scarves as they've been done to death and quite frankly I'm a bit bored of them. I bought one way back in September, wore it once, saw 2 girls in the same design and promptly gave it to the daughter who loves it. She is so less fickle than I.

ASOS Oversized Leopard Scarf £20

For ladies who love black and leopard print, this is the scarf for you. It's actually black on pale grey and the fabric is described as a light knit. Looks more like a linen blend to me. Can't say I'm wild about the coat that it's layered over but I really do love this.

ASOS Oversized Grid Check Open Weave Square Scarf £18

Wow, this is huge! It's grey with a white GRID CHECK not plaid so I can slip this one in. I'm wondering if the grey has a slight green hue to it looking at this picture which would make it even more lovely. Now this one is a square so a little bit more difficult to wear as there's more fabric around the back of the neck.

ASOS Oversized Open Weave Square Scarf in Tobacco £16

Warm skin ladies and red head alert! This would look sensational against your skin tone and how fab with the leopard print jacket too. I'm really drawn to texture and this is just the most gorgeous weave.

Zara Double Layered Scarf in Mid-Camel £19.99

One for our fairer skins so ladies with blonde or mousey hair would look fabulous in this camel one from Zara. Love the tasselled ends. If you have a more dramatic look i.e. dark hair you can still do this but layer with a dark colour underneath as in the photo. Grey haired ladies and those with a cool skin tone, I'd probably say go for the blue version of this.

Zara Wraparound Striped Scarf in beige £19.99

Ditto above but fear not as it also comes in khaki if you need that extra depth.

Urban Outfitters Chunk Fair Isle Scarf in Ivory £40

Seriously good and when you're bored with wearing it as a scarf, make a dress!!

Urban Outfitters Blanket Scarf in Blue £28

Something a little more colourful is this blue one again from Urban Outfitters. I'd quite happily receive this from Santa on Christmas Day.

Monsoon Inca Blanket Scarf £19

As if we wear our scarves like this? Because we don't move our shoulders at all so the flick over the arm will stay in place. Right? I know really they're only trying to show us the pattern which is really rather nice and would make any boring outfit a little bit special.

Gap Wide Rugby Stripe Scarf £29.95

And don't forget to look in the men's section. This is a wide one, probably not as long but would still work.

Gap Chunky Fair Isle Scarf £29.95

Fish out an old cream jumper, add this scarf to give it a whole new lease of life. I like the fresh, crisp pattern on this one - it feels very festive!

Gap Holiday Wide Stripe Scarf £29.95

Hedging your bets with this one, there's probably every colour you could think of.

I do think there's something about a chunky scarf tied around the neck as oppose to left dangling. It looks slightly....trendier....is that a word I can still use? Mind you, there is a lot to be said about leaving a scarf long, it really helps elongate the body resulting in a taller and slimmer silhouette. So how do you wear yours? Do you have any tricks or tips you can share with us. Do tell...

And with Christmas galloping towards us at break-neck speed, I'm thinking what a nice little stocking filler for meeeee.

Speaking of Christmas, has anyone put their tree up yet? The husband mentioned it on Saturday and was met with a filthy look. He didn't suggest it again.

Donna x

11 comments on "How Do You Wear Your Oversized Scarves? "
  1. Um, definitely no tree up yet ... what's he thinking!!! Do you know, I have a shelf up my wardrobe with scarves on and grabbed one this morning. It so wasn't thick enough and more for decoration and your blog has just reminded me my thicker ones are in a tote under the bed - how could I have forgotten?!?! Thanks for the reminder. Oh and I just literally throw mine on whilst running out the house after the little ones. Must make more of an effort! x

  2. Love your scarf Donna, it's definitely been scarf weather today!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. Some great scarf options hear! But I do love the urban outfitters one!! Xxx

  4. Scarves have got so big lately that I seem to just end up wrapping them round and round until I run out of material! I really couldn't justify another, having bought at least four in the last month or two - four that I absolutely didn't need - so I am trying not to look too closely at your picks in case of temptation, but I do like your version of 'dressed down'. You look a lot smarter than I do most days, even when I'm trying to dress up!

    Becky x

  5. Looks as though I am going to be in need of my huge blanket scarf today as we've been forecast just 6 degrees...freezing! Love the ASOS grid check scarf! You look great dressed down xx

  6. Looks just what I need at the moment Donna - can't stand the cold! Also like the Gap rugby striped scarf - great colours! Our Christmas tree won't go up until mid December - it's real so wouldn't last if it went up any earlier! xx

  7. I bought great oversized Astec style scarf from H&M recently and you've inspired me to wear it! I might get it out tomorrow actually. Thanks, Donna. Lynne xx

  8. Oh dear God, it's way too early for the tree!!
    What a lovely selection of scarves, but (petulant tone) I like your one best! I wear mine all different ways, depending on my mood - but I think you're right. Fully wound around the neck does seem to be a bit trendier!

  9. I love yours, what fabulous colours. I think our oversized scarves are borderline getting too big. We're on the cusp of making ourselves look daft (think Lenny Kravitz)!
    This is beautifully done though :-)

  10. Think you've got it perfectly. I love that umlaut scarf, all those colors are so unusual and yet perfect together.
    It never gets quite cold enough for scarves here but I have a few of them. I do have a huge Blackwatch tartan one I got from Old Navy, though i think I would wear it more if it was better quality.