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Layering Up, Winter Is Coming

I've been on the hunt for a couple of winter dresses to replace my old ones. Mind you, I dragged one out of the wardrobe this morning and it didn't seem half bad. I'm sure the debobbling fairy has been (or my eyesight is getting worse).

I'm a bit of a wuss where the weather is concerned and hate being cold so I layer all my dresses with a long sleeve thermal and tights. No one knows, no one cares. It does mean that the actual dress needs to be on the loose side though as I end up looking like an over stuffed sausage.

I've been stalking the Iris dress from Hush for a while now after seeing this image.

Irish Shirt Dress £79

Not strictly a winter dress but hey, the model is even showing her layering under-garment. Worn like this with a jacket and I'd be as happy as Larry. Except that I wasn't banking on this...

As soon as I opened it, I realised it's the same dress that I ordered last Christmas in a shell pink. Oh the creases, they would drive me nuts. Look, I'm sure a good iron would sort it out but for me, it's in the standing up category of dresses. No driving, no sitting for fear of creasing it. I can think of 3 occasions a year that I would wear it where driving and sitting are not involved. Don't let me put you off though, it really is a lovely dress and it broke my heart to return it. It also comes in a chocolate brown not dissimilar to my Zara one which I love to bits.

I faired better with the Rosie dress which is a perfect combination of damson and navy.

Rosie Dress £65

As you would expect, it's lovely quality. My problem area is around my tummy so anything with pleating in this area is a no-no. However, the fact that it's a mock skirt means there's no waistband so it actually starts a little further down - there's no extra bulky fabric around the middle. Genius!

Here I've teamed it with my Gerry Weber jacket from Gray & Osborn, Midnight Ash Jalouse boots and an old ox-blood Karen Millen bag.

This one's a keeper!

I also spotted a knitted dress in Mango which seemed to be the perfect shape.

Ribbed Sleeve Dress (now a bargainous £12.99)

I love the length, the open neckline and the ribbing on the arms which gives it a slightly more luxurious feel.

Worn with a Per Una faux fur gilet, Next ankle boots, brown Falke tights (here)  and tan shopper. I think the beige will work equally well with navy, grey, black, green...the options are endless. Alas for this price, I'm not sure that the durability will be endless as well.

I also ordered it in the dark grey

Which is a keeper. Charcoal (or dark grey) is a great alternative to black and is a little kinder on the skin. I haven't decided how to style this one yet but I'm sure I can think of some many combinations.

And finally, the forest green which is such a fantastic colour. I love it so much. It's actually in the Soft palette and I don't have anything in this shade at all.

Now tell me, does the green look shorter than the other two? No? Well why is it 2.5 inches shorter on me. A quality control issue me thinks. It was more of a long jumper so sadly it's gone back. I'm not in the market for jumpers this month. If green isn't your thing then the dress is also available in black and vigore red assuming that is they're as long as the first two.

I ordered the Varsity sweatshirt at the same time as the dresses but didn't bother trying it on when I saw what was printed on the back.

Why do Mango do this? It kind of ruined it for me. Anyway, if you don't mind advertising the company, here is the sweatshirt.

And if you look closely, you can see the logo on the back. Obviously I didn't look closely enough.

So, I'm quite happy with my Rosie Dress and the two from Mango. They will give me lots of options in my wardrobe as oppose to wearing skinny jeans everyday.

Are you a dress girl in winter or do you keep them strictly for the summer months?

Donna x
9 comments on "Layering Up, Winter Is Coming"
  1. I love a great knitted dress - have you tried the roll neck one from Uniqlo? That has ribbed arms too and I am very tempted:)

  2. I am on the look out for some Winter day dresses....so thanks for doing the leg-work ;0) I ordered the Mango camo sweatshirt in the 30% off but I didn't even take it out of the wrapper as I could the quality of it was diabolical!! xx

  3. You look lovely in your outfits Donna although I am not a fan of dresses in winter for myself, I think my calves look too shapely in tights lol but obviously you don't have that problem. I would be mad if a dress from Hush turned up looking like that, you expect creases but not for something to look as though it has been screwed up x

  4. Ooh I love the sweater dresses from Mango, I really need to invest in those....thanks!! :) x

  5. I'm very lazy all seasons when it comes to dresses Donna! In Winter it's the whole tights thing, always feel too trussed up! However - love the way you've styled yours and I really like the Mango charcoal grey dress - that's my kind of dress if I have to get trussed up! xx

  6. I agree, I dont want the logo of their clothes on the outside! But loving the grey mango knit dress! xx

  7. I agree, I dont want the logo of their clothes on the outside! But loving the grey mango knit dress! xx

  8. I'm normally exclusively in tights & dresses during winter but it's all different this year with breastfeeding. I've finally come over to the skinny jeans side of the room and will have to leave my dresses for next year!

  9. Ooohhh, I can't bear logos on clothing! Love the Mango jumper dress - I featured this recently too. Looks fab with your gilet, Donna. Lynne xx