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Warehouse Woolies

Radio silence from me - I'm sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes. We're having work done to the house and I'm juggling builders and flooring people and decorators. How difficult is it to find a plasterer these days? Oh and don't get me started on light fittings. Evil things they are. Too dangly and I fear the husband will smack his head, recessed means pulling up the bathroom floor and those chrome twirly whirly spotlight things that resemble Sputnik. I cannot/ do not want to look at another light fitting EVER.

Anyway, all being well we will have both of our living rooms just about ready for Christmas although soft furnishings will have to wait until the New Year because I'm exhausted when it comes to housey things.

I was suppose to be shopping for rugs today when I found myself in Warehouse (as you do!). I only had a few minutes to browse but it was enough to notice a few nice pieces of knitwear.

This is a real contender for an alternative Christmas jumper and of course can be worn afterwards too. It's described as red online. Hmmmm looks more burgundy to me.

Red Jewel Trim Woven Front Jumper £38

It also comes in green, cream and pink. I'm preferring this one actually. Great with pleather leggings and heels on Christmas Eve for a dressed up look and then on boxing day with jeans and skater shoes (if that's your thing). I like the fact that the neck is quite wide which gives it a more feminine touch than one that is high cut. It also helps ladies with fair or mousey hair as it sits further away from the face so isn't so harsh on the skin. A dipped hem at the back (you can't see it on this picture) covers the bum - tick. And it's not clingy so more Christmas pudding for me - tick. Very tempted indeed.

Generally I'm more of a deeper grey kind of girl, more charcoal than marl but I'd make an exception for this one which is definitely middle-of-the-road grey. A slightly more masculine shape than the one above but given a pretty edge with the addition of lace.

Grey Layered V-Neck Jumper £42

Nothing says Christmas at all to me with this one which isn't a bad thing. I love the over-sized sleeves  and wide v-neck. Now if I were a skirt kind of girl, I'd be teaming this with the gorgeous burgundy leather skirt that I saw in M&S recently. Most colour palettes could wear this although I think a Warm (red heads and golden skin tones) might struggle as the colour may possibly look very flat against your skin.

Full on Christmas jumper this next one. It's called the grey kissing reindeer jumper - how cute is that! I'd buy it just because of the name. I wouldn't really, I mean I'm not that gullible....am I?

Grey Kissing Reindeer Jumper £38

To be honest, it doesn't scream Christmas jumper does it. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that you could safely wear it over the winter months without looking too much like a divvy.

I'm including the next one, not because I like it (although I don't dislike it either) but it reminded me of the Markus Lupfer Reindeer sequin jumper which is gulp £295

Grey Sequin Robin Jumper £42

And the Markus Lupfer Reindeer Sequin Jumper £295

Ok, so different animals, different colours but you know what I mean. So which came first the robin or the reindeer?

Oooh I love this...

Black 60s Bead Neck Jumper £40

The length seems to be spot on, the neck just at the right cut off and the added embellishment makes it that little bit more special (I bet my last dollar it's itchy though). I think I need to try it on. I'm not great with high necks at all BUT for some reason, black polo necks work, that is as long as I tie my hair back. So, I'm going against my style rules i.e. no high necks and my colour rules i.e. black isn't the best colour for me. Sod it, I'm going to try it. You might want to do the same!! Black skirt and heels, cigarette pants and loafers. I've come over all Audrey Hepburn.

Something a little more uplifting in yellow.

Yellow Textured Sleeve Jumper £36

The textured sleeves give it that little bit more interest. Sadly the smaller sizes are sold out online in this colour but still available in a marl grey here. Personally, I prefer the yellow. Most palettes can wear this unless you are very cool or sallow skinned. It won't do you any favours at all. Similarly ladies with grey hair.

I can't actually decide whether I like this one or not. I think the fact that it's described as a hairy pom pom puts me off.

Pink Hairy Pom Pom Jumper £38

I do like the colour, it's such a soft pattern (perfect for Light & Soft palettes) and I think if I were to try it on in a large size to fit slouchy it would be a perfect snuggle jumper for when it snows. Because it is going to snow this year you know.

So, just a few jumpers from Warehouse. I was a tad disappointed that I didn't find a chunky knit that took my fancy though. But there was so much more that I would have liked to have had a look at. It's one of those shops that I don't go in very often but am always pleasantly surprised.

I've been very neglectful with my photos - it's really embarrasing when there are workmen around! Here's a picture from the other day san-workmen.

The grey jeans from Tesco are still wonderful. Worn with an old Mint Velvet layering tee (I think that's what they used to call them). MV still has something quite similar here and I'd highly recommend. Gap oversized scarf (love, love, love this similar one from ASOS here), vintage fur gilet which you can just about see, Next ankle boots (similar here) and Fiorelli bag (not sure about the free scarf but this bag is nice here).

Are there any shops that aren't necessarily on your radar but you enjoy visiting now and again? Monsoon is another one for me as is Ted Baker.

I may have bought new boots today. When it stops raining I'll nip out to my car to get them. So exciting.

Have a good weekend.

Donna x

20 comments on "Warehouse Woolies"
  1. I have always loved Warehouse but haven't purchased in there for a while so it's about time I revisited! Some gorgeous picks...my favourite is the grey sweater with lace, just stunning! xx

    1. I really need to go back for a proper look, there was some fabulous stuff Michelle x

  2. I love Warehouse too Donna, must look at that grey sweater:) Good luck with the house renovations!
    ~Anne xx

    1. It's really pretty isn't it. As we speak I'm inhaling oil fumes that the tiler has used to seal the tiles. Put me right off my dinner it has tonight x

  3. Lovely picks, Donna. I just ordered a couple of festive jumpers from M&S with their 20% discount which I'm looking forward to receiving. Love you in that outfit! Lynne xx

  4. Oh I feel your pain with the house stuff - I can never get photos these days as there's always some plumber or carpet fitter slagging me off! Love the warehouse burgundy top - one of my fav colours x

    1. I'm loving all the burgundy around at the moment - it's one of my favourites too x

  5. The black beaded jumper is beautiful, and I love what you've done with your hair in that photo!

    My off-the radar shop is Wallis. I can't get on with their website, but I see their stuff on other people and it looks great. I must get in and check it out in the flesh more often!

    Becky x

    1. Oh thanks. I've been growing out my fringe for what seems like 27 years although it's probably only 6 months so it's getting gripped back regularly at the moment x

  6. Fabulous picks Donna, loving the yellow sweater, I haven't had a good nosey round Warehouse for a while, will have to have a look now.. Xxx

  7. I love that second jumper with the lace trim, just perfect! A super selection all round. Good luck with your own home rennovations, it's a bit stressful isn't it? And so many choices that involve so much money!! Our plasterer lives next door at least, so he can't run far..

    1. It seems to be quite popular that one. House renovations budget? What budget? That went out of the window at the end of week 1 x

  8. There is nothing worse than having builders 'in'! I So a v good excuse to shop instead.....I am really into Warehouse again, love that grey sweater with the lace, and the black is a goodie too! Helen xx

    1. I really fancy the black one but would need to try it on being a high neck. I'll be glad when their tools are packed away and they're all gone x

  9. The black is my favourite Donna but sadly the neckline wouldn't suit me. You look fab in your outfit and that bag adds a gorgeous pop of colour xx

    1. Ditto Sharron. I have to be really careful too but black seems to be the best colour for me in high necks x

  10. Replies
    1. I've used it a lot this last few months but it's a devil to get in to in a hurry when the phone is ringing lol x