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Celebrating Christmas With Gemini

Remember this post here. Seems ages ago but it's actually only 2 weeks. Yeah yeah, excuses, excuses. It's been pretty horrendously busy in this household, what with the central heating giving up the ghost, ill youngest child, return of the eldest from Uni along with NINE loads of dirty washing, tripping over decorators and builders, the usual Christmas shenanigans including the most horrendous tree that the husband deemed suitable (think monkey tree) and is yet to be trimmed. Anyway, I feel as if I'm getting my life back....ever so slowly.

So, here is part 2 of my Gemini visit ie. the professional photos. 

If you recall, the theme was party wear and Elizabeth and Holly did a fantastic job selecting lots of delicious clothes for Fiona and I to try on of which a selection is below.

A New Years Eve Party Outfit

OMG I love this outfit. I really should have bought it. The sequins are quite muted which gives the top an expensive feel and the little shoe boots remind me of spats - I've always had a thing for spats. Probably watched too many old films when I was growing up. The leggings are divine - fitted like a dream and were so comfortable. In fact the whole outfit was comfy. A great choice for a New Years Eve party maybe??

A Christmas Date With The Other Half Outfit

Bit of a cheesy grin there Donna! So let's ignore that and concentrate on the outfit. This is one of those wise purchases where everything can be worn with other things. The blazer would work equally well with jeans for example. Both Fiona and I crooned over the boots - they are lush! I fell out with Teal a couple of years ago. The High Street was awash with it and I simply got fed up. Teal is one of those magic colours that every colour palette can wear - it's a safe choice. I think there's something really fresh about it teamed with leopard print so now teal will be welcomed back into my life. By the way, we must have done something right as a customer bought this suit and a matching dress that Fiona had on - I'll bet she'll have them in her wardrobe for years to come. Timeless pieces. 

A Smart Christmas Dinner In Town Outfit

You know when a dress fits as if it has been made for you? That. I'm not a huge lover of black (says she sat here in a black polo neck jumper and trousers today) but the lower neckline and added sparkle really helped a mousey girl pull this off. The dress is a shift style which skimmed my silhouette - so much more flattering these days. Now, let's talk about the jacket. The softest buttery leather you could imagine. Ok, it's an investment piece but you really can tell. River Island has had a similar cut jacket for the last couple of years but it kind of hangs off my frame. A rectangle needs a little bit more structure. This one has structure and yet looks fluid and soft. That's what you're paying for. The bag shoes and bracelet are only available in the shop so you must visit!

A Christmas Ball

Bit of a different one this for me, it's a proper grown up dress. I think it's one of those dresses that looks better in real life. Very flattering, great structure for holding in those wobbly bits but without being uncomfortable. Sadly, I can't link anything as the Bernshaw Hepburn dress and Hogl black heels are only available in store.

A Girlie Shopping Trip That Turns Into A Party Kind Of Outfit (yeah, you know the one)

Bit of a fun one this. I'm not adverse to wearing a shorter hem line but I'd normally do boots and tights in the winter so a bit of a departure from my normal style. And I tucked in too! Glad I tried it. The coat is really gorgeous, the colour is more rust than it looks on the photo and would look amazing on anyone with a warm skin tone. Another win-win from Great Plains for me is the Snow Queen (fab name) blouse. So pretty and would look lovely under a blazer with jeans when the weather warms up.

A Boxing Day Family Party (Or for me....An Annual Christmas Curry Night With Friends Party)

Look, I didn't choose these photos and I haven't got a clue what I'm laughing at but it must have been kinda funny right? I actually ordered this so-easy-to-wear jumper after I returned from my Gemini visit as I knew I'd wear it lots. It's a nude pink colour with silver sparkly bits - perfect for the party season without going overboard. So, I wore it last weekend in London and on Saturday night for a visit to the curry house in the village with friends. No worrying about muffin tops so there was extra bhajis for me then. Thank you very much. Ok so I've just sold this to you haven't I.....it's now out of stock (sorry). Moving swiftly on to the Lola Denim Jeans which thankfully are still in stock. Slightly coated so ideal for dressing up (and very comfy - the rise is higher than it looks in the picture). The boots are less dressy than the others featured with a block heel and feature zip - I liked them very much!

And that's it. What a lovely way to end this year with a fab visit to Gemini. Thank you so very very much to Claire and her wonderful staff. If you haven't already sorted out your Christmas outfits, I hope this post has given you a few ideas. I was thrilled to be let loose on Great Plains which I've admired for sometime - it's the sister brand to French Connection which I didn't know. And, I also discovered InWear which I'm eagerly awaiting their spring collection.

Off to a ball on Thursday evening, the dress is sorted (phew) and I won't be buying anything new (phew from the husband too).

Have a good week

Donna x

11 comments on "Celebrating Christmas With Gemini"
  1. Oh happy memories and I can't believe it was only 2 weeks ago! Fabulous choices of clothes and you totally rocked in all of them. You can go from dress and elegance to faux leather and funky style - so versatile.

  2. Woweeeee! Look at you!! What a gorgeous model you are. Now go straight back (is it far?!!) and purchase outfit number one. It's made for you - I can't believe you haven't caved already xx

  3. You look amazing.....love all the outfits, but especially the second one! Helen xx

  4. This is every girls dream no?! Playing dress with all these gorgeous clothes is my idea of heaven. You look stunning Donna! It's a close call but I think my favourite outfit is the first one! Love the pic of you and Fiona.....you both look so glamorous! xx

  5. Outfit one gets my vote too - fabulous! Love those leopard boots too. I reckon I could do some serious damage with the credit card if I was let loose in there!

    Becky x

  6. You look amazing Donna - the first outfit is my favourite, love the top - gorgeous colour and the leggings! xx

  7. Fab outfits, Donna. I love them all. You look great in the grown up dress! Lynne xx

  8. Wow, gorgeous outfits! I really love look #1 and #5! xxx

  9. You two look fantastic! Can't decide which is my fave...maybe the first one.

  10. LOVING that sequin top, after reading your posts, i have become obsessed with brown, but in the main it's all a bit dull, brown sequins really talks my language. And you look great, you might find a few of the laughing pics a little cheesey now, but in 10 years you will love them. what a lovely memory to have!

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