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If I Had A Christmas List....

Or should that be, if anyone (that's aimed at the husband by the way) bothered to ask me before the 24th December if I had a Christmas list, this is what it would look like....

Modalu Austen Crossbody Bag

I do love Modalu. Very understated, very well made and at £99 this one doesn't break the bank. I have high hopes family! (Actually, I ordered it myself but I promise there's been no peeping).

Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews Watch

I'm in need of a brown watch and I love everything about this. The oversized face, the antique brown leather and the simplicity of the whole thing. Oh and the price, it won't break the bank at £159. But it doesn't stop there. The watch has been designed to incorporate interchangeable straps so come summer, I shall (she says confidently) be sporting this one.

Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford Strap

There are many to choose from but I'm not sure how easy they are to change....that's what husbands are for right? They come in at about £45 each.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 

So you spray this on in the morning and are still sniffing it way beyond lunch. It's a laster! This is obviously the better value at £82 for 100mls but you can purchase 30mls for £40

The White Company Winter Signature Candle

I do love a candle in winter and this one is delicious. Mind you I'm also partial to the cheap Glade ones from the supermarket that come in a variety of winter scents: berries and spices and snow(!) and winter fruits. Glade in the week, posh ones at the weekend. Full of class I am.

Alice Hannah at Next Tuck Stitch Pom Pom Hat 

I thought I wanted cream but I've got a cream one. Trouble is, it's got a cream pom pom and I wanted a contrast. Detail schmetail. And then I saw this one which is actually a really good colour for me. A £20 stocking filler maybe??

Tangle Teezer The Original

Ok so I'm not wild about the purple but any is better than black. You see, the son has a black one and he insists on keeping it in MY dressing table where MY black one resides. I use a smidgen of volume lift on my hair, he uses great big hunks of whipped wax which apparently is great for defining and creating all manner of weird and wacky styles. I'm fed up of picking his up and looking like Toyah Wilcox on acid so out with the black tangle teezer and in with a bright blue or green or purple or even a foil coloured one (Roe11 in Macclesfield have them if you're looking daughter). And no compact ones for me either, I like a nice big surface area.

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner & Notebook Diary (A6)

This has got to be the best diary ever and for less than £15. It comes in a variety of colours although I'm fancying taupe next year as it matches my kitchen (sad, yes but it does live in there most of the time). Each double page has a weekly planner on the left and a notes page on the right - perfect for my to do lists. I've tried electronic diaries but always, always revert back to paper. There's a removable address section in the back which is clever as it means you don't have to rewrite every year.

Of all the fabulous colours and I choose taupe!

Next Long Cardigan in Camel

I think I'd really rather have a merino wool one but can't find camel in a long knit so this one will have to do. I shall do more research tonight and may replace this later.

Nothing ground breaking on my list this year but having a birthday in November makes it a struggle to think of things.

Anyway, I'm off to hunt out fingerless gloves, scarves, onesies and the likes. Our central heating boiler decided to die a death tonight. It took us 35 minutes to get through to the emergency line and they said someone would come out tomorrow morning. Probably to tell us that it isn't working. And then a part will have to be ordered which will be out of stock so I'm anticipating a stressful few days.

Here I am at the weekend in London with my mum and auntie. It was cold there too! I did mean to do lots of outfit shots but keeping these two in check was a full time job and I forgot. We saw lots, ate lots, drank and laughed lots too.

My first photo-bomb...

Next time, I'll tell you about part 2 of my day at Gemini 

Donna x

7 comments on "If I Had A Christmas List...."
  1. Some of your gifts would be on my wishlist too! I normally always have that White Company candle but haven't bought one yet this year and always happy with the Jo Malone, I love that fragrance but only wear it in summer xx Love those pictures btw x

  2. Ooh I do love that hat. And handbag. V nice. Can tell your kids aren't smallies anymore or else a handy frozen or kitty sticker would easily distinguish the tangle teezers!!

  3. The very same Daniel Wellington watch is the top of my wishlist too...love the fact you can change the straps!! Some fabulous gift inspiration Donna! xx

  4. Oooh your coat is gorgeous - I love that!
    I think you should leave this page open for your husband to see!

  5. Gorgeous picks, Donna. I love the watch and of course the Jo Malone perfume. Perfect! Lynne xx

  6. I just love love love that watch, perfect in every way. We have very similar lists!! I am so with you on the winter candle vs glade...I am a little bit partial to the Christmas glade one (have it in my bathroom and love it!) looks like you had fun in town, hope Santa brings you all you wish for! Xxx

  7. Lovely picks! I actually bought myself the Leuchtturm in bright pink and managed to get it for less than £10 in TK Maxx! xxx