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My Christmas In Pictures

The days, nay weeks have fuzzed into one and I can't quite believe we're already knocking on the door of 2015. And so, as I begin my annual campaign of badgering the family to take the trees down before the 6th January, I've taken time out to look back over the last few weeks. And as usual, I realise that the camera didn't come out once and my offerings on the iPhone are limited!

I got to wear my new coat on a Christmas trip to London and Oxford. Oh boy was it cold on that open top bus tour (who actually does an open top bus tour in December?).

The dog wanted to be in on ALL the action, including my new sparkle jumper shot taken 20 seconds before we went out to meet friends.

The final workmen departed and we lit our first fire in the new super sized wood burner.

One of the trees went up. My Nordic one - nothing remotely shiny allowed!

We met family at The Belfry in Warwickshire (half way meeting point) for our annual Christmas lunch where we actually realised that for the first time, the 19 year old and 13 year old are the same height.

I wore my Joe Browns dress for the first time for a party at Tatton Park in Cheshire.

The dog practiced being a turkey.

More family times with our Christmas jumper party (except I didn't wear one - I was punished on Christmas day and made to wear a vile Primark creation - no photos please)

Which ended in chaos as usual.

As chairman of our town's football club, the husband recorded a festive message (there were several many outtakes). And you really don't want to see what he's wearing on his legs - lets just say he came straight from the gym and leave it there. (Link here if you're interested)

Santa hides the presents well in our house, my bathroom! 

Off to bed we went leaving small offerings for the big man. Sadly we didn't think Rudolph would appreciate prepared carrot batons (whoops, I forgot).

And so came Christmas morning. This was necessary to stop the daughter from sneaking in when she arrived home in the early hours.

Even Mr Bojangles got some presses

Not that he's an attention seeker or anything. He sat right on top of Frustration.

The daughter set the table but apparently my napkins are too floppy.

And my mum wearing festive red selected our lunchtime champagne (with gold bits).

Too much Harry Potter me thinks!

And so on Boxing Day we went to the football. I'm suppose to look at least half respectable. Sod that, warmth was the order of the day.

And then the fun really started. At the end of the match, the rain had turned to sleet and knowing how bad it is going over the tops of the Peak District, we knew if we were to get to my mum-in-laws, we needed to set off NOW. So quick dash home for the dog and off we went. As we drove higher into the hills on the road fondly known as The Cat And Fiddle (also known as the most dangerous road in England, I kid you not. Google it if you don't believe me), it got worse and worse.

Not too bad here

Fallen trees in the middle of the road don't help.

It was going so well, our car performed very impressively slaloming around abandoned vehicles until we hit gridlock about 20 minutes from our destination. Forty cars scattered on a hill. We weren't going anywhere so the engine was turned off. And after 5 minutes the windscreen was covered in thick snow.

It's ok piped up the daughter, I've got an emergency kit...a spade? Nope. A blanket? Nope.

Erm thanks Ash.

Lucky for some, we had all come to a halt right outside a Travelodge. I was determined not to use their overnight facilities. Well, I had a wee but that was it.

Angels appeared in the guise of Land Rovers who I can only assume are local people and started towing cars up the hill. And so we were off once again, it took us about 8 attempts to get up the hill but we did it!!!! And then it was a pleasant ride to our ultimate destination which looked so pretty. Mind you it took us over 4 hours (normally it's a 75 minute ride).

And then the photos dried up (phew I hear you say) but we went on to Bristol to watch the football, stayed in Wiltshire with family and came home. The purple tree has decided to shed all it's needles and I've surreptitiously started moving all the table decorations upstairs. Roll on the New Year. I'm exhausted!

Mind you, I will admit to missing these little fellows on the gates. They've been with us ever since we moved into this house so that's 8 years now but I doubt they'll last another Christmas.

So we're off to Grimsby tomorrow (yep footie again). I'm expecting exceedingly exceptional fish and chips. Let's not talk about the low-carb diet we're all starting. That's going to have to wait until the 2nd.

I hope you've all have a fabulous Christmas. Thank you so, so much for taking an interest in I Won't Wear Sludge Brown. Enjoy this evening and a Happy New Year to EVERYONE.

I'm having a bit of a shake up on the blog in 2015. Now, now don't get too excited.

See you on the other side.

Donna x

18 comments on "My Christmas In Pictures"
  1. Ah Donna what a brilliant round up into your Xmas and home life too! The exploits of the road trip made great reading. ...but not much fun for you guys! Have a fab New Years Eve...and catch up in 2015!! Much love Helen xx

  2. Great photos! Love your Christmas trees and your home is gorgeous! All the best for 2015. xxx

    1. Ahh thanks so much Helen and all the best to you too x

  3. Great round up, Donna. Love your photos. I'm looking forward to your shake up too! Lynne xx

    1. Lol, I think the first thing I need to do is remove my festive picks of Christmas jumpers running down the side of the blog Lynne x

  4. Wow, Donna! I've driven the Cat and Fiddle plenty of times and had a few hairy moments in daylight and good weather - it's the last place I'd want to be in a blizzard! Glad you made though, and I'm looking forward to reading more in 2015. Happy new year!

    Becky x

    1. We were actually quite taken aback that it was open Becky - it's a shocking road isn't it. Happy New Year to you too x

  5. Great pics Donna! You did well to get home in all that snow - so glad it's almost gone - couldn't get to the sales because of it! Happy New Year to you all! xx

    1. And that's not on at all is it Jenny. How dare snow get in the way of shopping. Happy New Year to you too x

  6. Happy New Year Donna, love your round up of your Christmas break...and yes, the Cat and Fiddle is a horrendous road in bad weather...we drove over it in fog a few weeks ago but snow is so much worse!! looking forward to many more posts in 2015 x

    1. Happy New Year to you too. I'm kind of looking back on our adventure fondly now but at the time I thought we were going to have to camp out x

  7. I see from the results it was worth the trip to Grimsby! Busy old time over Christmas for football isn't it. I'm a Leeds fan so it's been SHOCKING. Dad took himself off to Reading at the weekend, spur of the moment (they weren't playing Leeds, they're just local to us) I hate footy in winter, far too cold to be sat still, id rather go for a run ;-)

    1. Whoop whoop it was indeed a win - still in play off positions. We used to live in Leeds and the hubby follows their fortunes(?) still. Grimsby was actually quite pleasant today, must be the sea air warming our bones. Running? Oh yes that thing where you move your legs. Must try to get back into it x

  8. Great post! So enjoyed reading this Donna! Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks your support in my new venture xxx

  9. Fabulous photos!!
    Happy 2015 to you and cannot wait to meet again in March

  10. Happy New Year Donna to you & yours! It all looked so wonderful apart from that terrifying road trip! x